Are Shiba Inu's Good Pets

Are Shiba Inu’s Good Pets?

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Shiba Inus Are great dogs, but they might not make the perfect pet for everyone, which is why it is so important to do your research and ensure that you know everything there is to know about the dog that you are bringing into your home. 

There are lots of things to know about Shiba Inus, especially when it comes to their striking personalities, and you should be aware of these things, so you know exactly what to expect.

This will also help you to prepare for life with a Shiba Inu. 

In this article, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the subject of owning a Shiba Inu, so you can find out some of the things that you have been wanting to know more about.

Do Shiba Inu’s Like to Cuddle?

Shiba Inus can be quite affectionate at times, but only when they feel like it and it is on their terms.

They are often described as being like cats due to their behavior and independence, and most Shiba Inus will not volunteer themselves for a cuddle or sit on your lap like other dogs.

However, they will show affection if they are in the right mood. 

Most Shiba Inus do not like to cuddle and they don’t typically require your attention for long periods of time, but there are some of this breed that won’t be this way.

Some Shiba Inu’s will be very loving, caring, and affectionate, but this is not a common trait for this breed.

Generally, these are really independent dogs that prefer their own company rather than the company of their owners.

If you decided to bring one home with you, you would quickly learn how they can be great companions, but they are also easily distracted by the simplest of things.

They will stop paying attention to you if something more interesting comes along. 

However, even though they are not the cuddliest of dogs, they are not bad dogs to own. They are simply just a little bit different than most dogs, and they enjoy their own company.

They will show you affection, just in other ways than cuddling and on their own terms. This doesn’t mean that they love their owners less than any other dog breed, they just show it differently. 

There is no way to make them want to cuddle, or train them to want to do so, and even if they do give you an occasional cuddle, it won’t be long before they want to be on their own again.

The level of affection that you get from them will depend on their personality. Some Shiba Inus will be more obviously affectionate than others, who are more likely to show affection more often.

Some signs of affection that they may show include getting excited when you come home, leaning on you, following you around, and giving you their toys.

Are Shiba’s High Maintenance?

Yes, Shiba Inus can be very high maintenance, and they can be quite challenging to raise and train.

They are both bold and high-spirited dogs that have high prey drives and quick reflexes, and they will typically pursue anything that moves. This is why they generally need to be kept on a lead when they are going for a walk. 

These dogs require secure fences as you cannot put it past them to try and escape when you turn your back.

They have agile jumping, climbing, and digging skills, and if your garden is not secure, then they might not be where you last left them when you return. 

They are also very dominant and clever, which often keeps them 3 steps ahead of their owners, and they can try to manipulate through the use of intimidation.

When they are not happy, they can also produce a loud screaming sound that can easily catch anyone off guard. 

Shiba Inus can often have a stubborn steak and they also have a mischievous sense of humor. They work the best with owners that have the ability to be firm, confident, and consistent.

They like to approach people on their own terms, and they are not fond of being grabbed at or held tightly, so they might not be the right dog for you if you have young children.

They can become quite possessive of their toys and food, and anything else that is considered to be their property.

They need to be kept busy and presented with many opportunities to get rid of their excess energy and keep their minds distracted. Otherwise, they can easily become bored, which can often lead to destructive behaviors.

They need extensive exposure to both people and other unusual sights and sounds as they can easily become defensive or suspicious. 

Finally, these dogs have a strong temperament, and they are very bright. Their independent minds mean that they have very little desire to please you, and their willfulness can often lead to manipulative behavior.

They like to be the boss of the house, and they may even display behavior that would insert their dominance. However, you must show them that you are the boss through consistency and training. 

Can Shiba’s Be Left Alone?

Shiba Inus can be left alone and they are happy in their own company until they eventually get bored.

These are independent dogs that can be left home alone for up to 6 to 8 hours, but you would need to get them used to this kind of separation.

They will also need lots of exercise if you plan to leave them on their own for long periods of time. They will also need to be provided with a suitable place to relieve themselves. 

It is not recommended to leave your dog alone for this length of time on a regular basis as they can easily get bored. They also need to be able to relieve themselves, and anything can happen over such a long period of time.

Ideally, they should not be left alone for a few hours at a time if this is a regular occurrence.

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