Best Dog Food For Beagles

Best Dog Food For Beagles

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Dogs are my favorite people – Richard Dean Anderson

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but if you want a hound that’s going to be your best friend, get a beagle.

Charles Schultz captured the essence of the breed perfectly with his world famous creation, Snoopy. Smart, inquisitive, loyal, friendly, and with a lust for life that’s only equaled by their love of food, beagles are the perfect family pet.

Beagles may have been bred to follow their nose and chase a scent for miles and miles, but the thing that they like to do more than anything else is to spend every waking moment of every single day in the company of their owners.

A symbiotic relationship made in heaven, when you own a beagle, you become the center of their world and the sole focus of their attention and they end up becoming a much-loved companion, friend, and member of your family.

Because your beagle is your best friend, you’re always going to want him to be happy and to live the best possible life that he can, and the best way to win a beagle’s heart is through his stomach.

As much as they love to play and cuddle, they also love to eat.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best dog for beagles so that they can indulge in one of their greatest passions, and you can be safe and secure in the knowledge every mouthful they consume has been created to ensure that they can live their lives to the fullest and enjoy all of the time that they get to spend with their favorite person in the world; you.

So without further ado, let’s find the best dog food for your beagle…

Best Overall: Taste of the Wild High Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild High Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild is all about getting back to the basics of nature and feeding your beagle with the sort of proteins that would have been part of his everyday diet if he was still roaming wild and free instead of enjoying all of the comforts of home.

The primary ingredient in all of their recipes is protein, and they use unique sources of it like venison, buffalo, and wild boar to create the sort of tastes that your hound will always crave. 

Using bison and venison as its mains ingredients, this protein-rich food has an optimal amino acid profile that’s designed to help your beagle lean muscles flourish and fill him with the sort of energy that he’ll need to meet each and every single day head-on.

With added vitamins, minerals, and omega oils to keep your best friends skin and coat healthy,  Taste of the Wild also includes species-specific probiotics that aid the digestive process and ensure that your beagle’s stomach is untroubled by any of the things that might slow him down. 

As Taste of the Wild believes in keeping their recipes as natural as possible, their food is absolutely additive-free and doesn’t include any additional bulking or packing agents like corn, soy, or wheat. 

The Taste of the Wild way is all about ensuring that your dog can thrive on the same sort of meat-rich diet that nature intended him to. 


  • A family-owned and operated firm that makes all of its dog food right here in the USA from ingredients that come from tired and trusted sources, Taste of the Wild is a brand that you can trust to deliver the sort of food that your beagle will adore. 
  • Taste of the Wild doesn’t do things the easy way, and they use all sorts of delicious proteins that even the pickiest of beagles won’t be able to ignore or turn away from. The only problem that you might have is trying to persuade your hound that one bowlful is enough. 
  • Grain-free, it’s been formulated to prevent any possible allergy flare-ups and has been boosted with all of the vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that your boy needs to thrive and stay healthy and be happy.


  • There were rumors that the FDA had linked Taste of the Wild with canine cardiac problems, but they were just that, rumors. However, some loyal Taste of the Wild customers are concerned that the brand might have changed their recipes as their dogs don’t seem to be enjoying it as much as they used to. While Taste of the Wild has neither denied nor confirmed this, the fact that some customers don’t think that it’s as good as it used to be, might be worth considering before switching your beagle to a purely bison based diet. 

Runner Up: Royal Canin Beagle Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Beagle Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

If there’s one thing that Royal Canin does better than any other brand of dog food, it’s formulating breed-specific foods that are made to ensure that every dog leads the healthiest life that they possibly can while enjoying the tastiest food that they possibly can.

It’s a win-win situation and the reason why Royal Canin has been high on the list of every dog owner’s go-to list since they were first established by a French veterinarian more than fifty years ago.

This beagle specific dry food is packed full of all of the things that your adult hound needs to be the best that he can be.

The kibble has been purposely designed to encourage your beagle to chew slowly so that he can thoroughly absorb all of the nutrients, fatty acids, and proteins that Royal Canin is full of.

And because it’s been formulated just for beagles and Royal Canin to know how much they love to eat, it also contains an exclusive blend of fiber that was created to make your beagle feel full.

It’s a feeling that they’re no beagle is used to, but one that you’ll appreciate as much as they do, as their continual search for snacks will come to an end if they’re fed on a diet of Royal Canin. 

One of the biggest issues that every beagle owner faces as their pals get older is the ongoing struggle to keep their weight under control, and Royal Canin understands how difficult it can be.

That’s why their food has been created to contain the ideal number of calories to ensure that your hound stays at its ideal weight. It’s science in its purest form working hard for the benefit of beagles everywhere. 


  • With over half a century of experience in creating breed-specific dog foods, Royal Canin has become a brand that dog owners the world over trust implicitly. 
  • The kibble has been shaped and made to slow your beagle down and make sure that they chew every mouthful slowly and savor the taste as Royal Canin’s food gets to work and convinces them that they are, for the first time in their life, actually full. 
  • As well as being packed full of all of the things that your best friend needs to ensure that his muscles stay lean, his skin and coat are always healthy, and that he has all the energy that he’ll ever need, Royal Canin is also calorie-controlled to make sure that he always maintains an ideal weight. 


  • Royal Canin doesn’t subscribe to an all-natural philosophy and as such isn’t grain-free, so if your hound has food allergies, it might be worth talking to your veterinarian before signing your boy to an exclusive Royal Canin contract.
  • And it’s not cheap either. Feeding your boy on Royal Canin will definitely leave a super-sized dent in your bank balance. 

Alternative: ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

Orijen have a simple philosophy that they rigidly adhere to.

Every mouthful of their food is designed to nourish your hound as nature intended and their biologically appropriate, grain-free food features an unmatched selection of red meats to create a diet that will fulfill all of your beagle’s nutritional needs at every stage of their life.

Drawing it’s fresh and raw animal ingredients from six different sources, namely ranch-raised beef, Boer goat, bison, Yorkshire pork, wild-caught fish, and grass-fed lamb, Orijen contains eighty-five percent animal proteins, fifteen percent vegetables, botanicals and fruit, and absolutely zero grain.

Made to mirror a dog’s natural diet, Orijen believes in doing things the way Mother Nature does and never deviates from the path that she walked before them. If it doesn’t come directly from nature, it has absolutely no place in Orijen’s dog food.

All of the ingredients that they use are sourced directly from people that they know and trust and are delivered directly to Orijen’s kitchen in their most natural and nourishing form.

They refuse to outsource and every stage of the food creation process, from cooking until it’s packaged and sent out, is handled by Orijen at its state of the art kitchen facility.


  • Orijen only cares about one thing, and that’s making sure that your dog is fed the way that nature intended him to be.
  • Completely natural and healthy, Orijen only knows how to do things their way, which coincidentally is the same way that Mother Nature does them.
  • Using their unique blend of six different protein sources ensures that Orijen is the sort of food that no beagle will refuse, There’s at least one ingredient in Orijen that every hound will love, so just fill their bowl, stand back and watch them suck every morsel up.


  • While Orijen follows Mother Nature’s dietary plan to the letter, their food can cause dietary distress in some dogs, which can manifest itself as either stomach problems, diarrhea, or both. If you’re going to feed your beagle the Orijen way, start small and keep an eye on your boy to make sure that he can cope with the diet before switching him over to it completely.

Alternative: Solid Gold Dog Food

Solid Gold Dog Food

The world’s first holistic naturally balanced dog food that relies on a completely natural blend of superfoods, Solid Gold was created to improve the health of dogs more than forty years ago and it’s been a favorite with owners ever since.

Solid Gold has remained true to their founder, Sissy McGill’s, vision and by refusing to compromise or deviate from the ideals she believed in, they’ve become a brand that hundreds of thousands of happy dogs are fed with every single day.

A low fat and low-calorie dog food that’s completely potato-free, Solid Gold has been formulated for dogs who need to control and maintain an ideal weight, which is why it’s perfect for beagles.

Containing a proprietary blend of twenty different holistic superfoods (including lentils, pumpkin, and broccoli), Solid Gold uses Alaskan pollock as its primary ingredient and source of protein.

Packed full of all of the nutrients, probiotics, fatty acids, and vitamins that your beagle needs to bounce through every single day, Solid Gold is both nutritious and delicious and made to satisfy even the pickiest pallet.

With a list of healthy ingredients that’s longer than most restaurant menus, Solid Gold is designed to whip your beagle into shape and make sure that he stays there.

Chunky may be cute, but being overweight is the number one health hazard that most beagles will face during their lifetime. But with a little help from Solid Gold, it’ll never be an issue that your boy will have to face.


  • Created using a combination of twenty holistic superfoods and a primary protein source, Solid Gold is all about a fusion of health and taste that more than forty years after it turned the dog food world on its head, continues to adhere to the innovative ideas and principles of its founder, Sissy McGill.
  • Designed to help dogs who are prone to pilling on the pounds to maintain a lean, mean frame and figure, Solid Gold is the ideal choice for any beagle who likes to consume more than his own fair share of food.


  • Even though beagles will eat almost anything that’s put in their bowls without hesitation, Solid Gold is a taste that might not please every beagle. Like a lot of things in life, it’s an acquired taste that just doesn’t appeal to every hound.

Alternative: Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food with Grains

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food with Grains

While he was famous for being a star of the big and small screen, the one thing that Dick Van Patten was most passionate about in life was dogs.

That was why he founded Natural Balance so that every single dog could benefit from a healthy diet that tastes good and ensures that their owners know exactly what goes into every mouthful of it.

By carefully controlling the number of ingredients in every recipe, Natural Balance focuses on the protein that your hound needs to keep his energy reserves full to bursting and makes sure that he’s always in prime condition and ready to embark on any adventure with you.

The only added ingredients that it includes are all of the vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids that your beagle needs to make sure that he greets every single day of his life with boundless enthusiasm.

Regardless of whether or not you were a fan of Dick’s acting endeavors, both you and your hound will adore Natural Balance.

Formulated to bridge the gap that all too often exists between taste and nutrition, this Limited Ingredient dog food will please even the most demanding beagle and keep him coming back for it time and time again. 


  • Created with the simple belief that “dogs deserve more” Natural Balance believes that every dog should be fed with healthy, nutritious food that’s as appetizing as it is good for them. 
  • The simple, straightforward and incredibly limited number of ingredients that go into making this food ensures that you’ll always know exactly what is in every bowlful of your beagle’s dinner and what he’s eating at any given moment. 


  • It appears that Natural Balance has recently changed most of their recipes which has led to a number of previously devoted dog owners and their four-legged companions forsaking their previous allegiance to the brand as the new recipe doesn’t seem to be as good as the old one used to be. 

Best Dog Food For Beagles – Buyer’s Guide 

Which Dog Food Is Best For My Beagle? 

While all of the dog foods on our list have been formulated to keep your beagle happy, healthy, and active, and any one of them would be an ideal daily diet for your hound, the one factor that separates them more than any other, is their price.

Work out what your budget is, stick to it like glue, and read through the list again.  With a budget in mind, it’ll soon become apparent, and obvious, which brand of food is the best one for your beagle. 

That said, if you were to ask which food we feed our hound, we’d happily tell you, and recommend without hesitation, Royal Canin’s breed-specific beagle dry food.

It isn’t the most affordable food on our list, but it is the one that’s been designed to ensure that your boy is constantly at the top of his game, and the empty bowls that our boy continually leaves behind are a pretty good indication of how he feels about it too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Beagle?

Beagles are small to medium-sized scent hounds that are similar in appearance to the much larger foxhound. Primarily bred for hunting hares and small prey, beagles are infamous for their incredible sense of smell and tracking abilities.

And it’s the breed’s inherent abilities that have led to them being used as detection dogs with various government agencies around the world.

Because of their single-minded determination to track whatever scent they’re following until they find it, beagles are also stubborn and notoriously difficult to train.

Despite the breed’s obstinate streak, they are loyal, friendly good-natured dogs who are popular as family pets.

They are also hardy and the breed as a whole has a lack of inherited health problems, which is one of the many reasons why beagles have become America’s fifth favorite dog.

Affable and fun, beagles love to be the center of attention in any household and make great family watchdogs as they bark at the slightest provocation and noise and have a highly usual bark that, at times, can sound similar to howling.

As they are pack animals, beagles are also prone to separation anxiety, which can cause them to be destructive if they are left alone for too long.

Beagles are also plagued by a unique condition called reverse sneezing which resembles coughing and can sound like they are desperately trying to catch their breath, and while it can be distressing the first time you see it happening, isn’t dangerous to the dog’s health or anything to worry about.

Even though the exact reason for, and cause of, reverse sneezing is still unknown, it’s just the breed’s way of drawing in a little extra breath through their nose and mouth.

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