Best Toys For Bulldogs

Best Toys For Bulldogs

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Bulldogs are a friendly and unique dog breed. They are of medium size and have a thick, low-slung body.

Their muzzles are short, massive, and thick, giving them a small snout but a largemouth. With broad shoulders and chests, and sturdy limbs you could say they’re the bodyguard physique of the dog world. 

If dogs had private venues and night clubs, bulldogs would be on the door.

So, when you are shopping for toys that will satisfy your bulldog, it can be a bit of a challenge, with big mouths and a strong stature, it can be easy for them to shred a toy to bits easily. Their big mouths also make them rather susceptible to accidentally slowing small pieces. 

Toy buying for bulldogs is no walk in the park, but we are here to help, having compiled a list, through thorough research and testing to ensure that your bulldog, gets the best quality toys.

Whatever you are looking for, no matter how aggressively your dog chews, or what their tastes in toys are, we have a wide variety of the best choices you can get for your bouncing bulldog. 

Need to Fetch?

In a bit of a hurry? Has your dog absolutely decimated their last toy and you need something pronto? Have you just been to a shelter and found a bulldog, giving them a new home, and need to stock up on toys so that when they arrive, they have a joyous selection to choose from? 

If you need something quick, we have got you covered,  we suggest for you, our top pick and the best overall, Nylabone wishbone.

It is a great suit for aggressive chewers, big mouths, and bulky bodies that may thrash around a toy and give it a bit of a hard time. It is very durable and best suited for small and medium-sized dogs- just like your bulldog. 

Unlike a great deal of toys, this one is also flavored, so your dog will continue to come back to it and boredom is unlikely to surface. 

Some of our favorite facts about this toy: 

  • It is not only fun but it also cleans your dog’s teeth while they play.
  • Its wishbone shape provides three chewing ends.
  • Made in the USA.
  • It freshens your dog’s breath.
  • Resilient build.
  • Does not break quickly, so will last you plenty of time.

Best Overall: Nylabone Wishbone Power Dog Chew Toy

Nylabone Wishbone Power Dog Chew Toy Review

Our favorite dog toy, the best overall, offers not only enrichment, playtime, and resilience but also flavor. You want a toy that your dog will not get bored of, something that they will come back to every time and enjoy for a long time. No one wants to spend money on a one-time use toy.

The Nylabone Wishbone dog toy is one of the best on the market, especially for Bulldogs as it is made for aggressive chewers and big mouths.

You won’t need to worry about fraying or accidental swallowing from your big-mouthed and enthusiastic Bulldog. This chew toy can engage and interest them while also withstanding vigorous biting.

Not only is it strong and well suited for this breed in particular, but it is also flavored, and this is one of the reasons it is at the top of our list. The hard plastic that this toy is made from has a natural chicken flavor, however, this toy is also available in other flavors too.

This flavor will help to keep your dog interested and coming back for more, it keeps them chewing on the toy rather than chewing on your valuables, like your chairs, shoes, and clothing.

It is offered in two different sizes, Small + Regular is best for dogs that are around 25lb’s in weight and then Medium+ Wolf is best for dogs around 35lb’s in weight.

The toy itself weights 0.22lbs so is hefty enough to prove a challenge for your dog but not heavy enough that it’s too difficult for them to play with.

This toy is USA made and will not only give your dog enrichment and enhance the health of their teeth through the bristles on the surface, but it also helps to freshen your dog’s breath too. Keep in mind, that this toy is not consumable.


  • Cleans your dog’s teeth.
  • Made in the USA.
  • The flavor keeps your dog interested.
  • Does not break fast.


  • You may expect debris from extensive chewing.

Best for Enrichment: KONG- Classic Dog Toy

KONG- Classic Dog Toy Review

If you’re looking for something that adds a little more enrichment, to give your dog even more than just standard playtime. A toy that makes them think and figure things out to keep them healthy, active, and stimulated then you want Kong’s classic dog toy. 

It is made of near-indestructible rubber and has an internal hole through the center of the toy in which you can stuff treats and foods for them to get out and keep them busy.

This extremely durable toy can be stuffed with Kong treats or any other food types your dog may like, a favorite is generally peanut butter or yogurt with treats mixed in with it to give your dog the best challenge at getting the tastiness out.

When using peanut butter and yogurt, check that it is okay to be eaten by your dog first. 

This is a great choice for those who haven’t tried Kong products before, It also comes in 6 sizes available for all dogs and breed types.

It will satisfy your dog’s instinctual needs and will provide them with mental stimulation, healthy playtimes, and is an important part of physical and mental development as well as helping to regulate emotions and behavior, so you have a happy and well-trained dog. 

It also helps to resolve issues with chewing, separation anxiety, teething in pups, boredom, weight management, crate training, and excessive digging and barking.

It also provides for fun playtime as it has an unpredictable bounce. This toy is recommended for average chewing dogs. It is also USA made and eco-friendly. 


  • Mentally stimulating provides enrichment.
  • Can be filled with treats for additional fun.
  • Exciting fetch toy.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Best for regular chewing, it may not survive aggressive chewing.

Best Soft Toy: ZippyPaws- Skinny Peltz Dog Toy

ZippyPaws- Skinny Peltz Dog Toy Review

Sometimes you don’t want only hard toys for your dog, a range of styles is very good and healthy to keep your dog entertained.

But finding a soft toy for your dog can be a challenge especially on the dogs where they’re filled with energy and are likely to rip the covering and release fluff and stuffing all over your neatly cleaned home.

It can put owners off of buying soft toys for their furry friends. But it doesn’t always have to be a cause for concern. 

ZippyPaws has created the perfect soft toy for this exact reason, a flat 18”, 3 pack selection of soft dog toys with no stuffing.

Your dog can rip and bite and attempt to shred it and there will be no cleanup. You can forget about the worries of coming home to find stuffing coating your living area like snow. 

These cute toys come in a range of animals; fox, raccoon, and squirrel. They are a flat and durable design that avoids tears.

Each toy contains three round sneakers as well for extra entertainment when biting on them. Even if the toy does get ripped it is totally mess-free.

They are long, flat and 18” in length so are suitable for all dogs to play with, there is also a smaller size available for pups. 

There are no parts hanging off of this toy so it makes it very durable and for your ease, it is also washer and dryer friendly, for easily getting rid of old slobber. They are best for small- medium-sized dogs, so are a great fit for Bulldogs and last longer than most stuffed toys. 


  • 3 Toys per pack.
  • Cute designs.
  • No stuffing, no mess.
  • Easy cleaning.


  • The Squeakers may not survive excessively aggressive chewing.

Best for Pups: KONG- Puppy Dog Toy

KONG- Puppy Dog Toy Review

As was mentioned earlier, Kong also provides its durable rubber toy for pups as well as adult dogs. The difference between toys for pups and dogs is that often after teething a pup will go through a phase where they want to bite and chew on everything they can get their jaws around.

So your home could end up looking like the result of an action movie fight scene. For this reason, it is imperative you get the right toys for them that provide adequate enrichment while they go through this phase.

You also want a toy that will assist in crate training and keep them busy while you are busy. 

The Kong for puppies does just this and more. Like its adult version, it is made from durable rubber with a hollow cavity for food and treats. While it lacks bells, squeakers, and whistles, it makes up for it in its enriched chewing survival and treat dispensing.

Fill it with treats while you are busy and watch it keep your pup busy for ages. 

It also assists with crate training, if you put it in your pup’s crate, it can help them settle faster and build a positive association with the crate.

It’s very safe for pups, having the perfect texture and material for teething puppies, as it is soft to chew, malleable enough it won’t be difficult or painful to bite on, but also durable enough that they cant bite pieces off and leave your home looking like a dog toy murder scene. 

This toy infamously survives the biting phase, which usually leads to torn toys stuffing everywhere and heavy sighing upon one look at the mess left behind. It makes for the best enrichment and enticement with plenty of food inside.

Some recommend using peanut butter or yogurt, or other malleable/ soft foods with a mixture of hard treats inside, if you do use peanut butter or yogurt do check it is okay for your dog to eat.

You could freeze it to make it last longer, like a doggie ice pop. However, depending on what you put in it, be aware this will leave a need for extensive cleaning after use. 


  • Versatile.
  • Enforces good chewing habits.
  • Durable.
  • Entertains pups. 


  • Needs frequent cleaning.

Best Multipack: Pets&Goods Dog Rope Chew Toy

Pets&Goods Dog Rope Chew Toy Review

Last but not least, we have an option for those who want a standard dog toy but need a multipack in the case one of two gets mown through at speed, especially for those dogs going through the biting phase. 

Everyone knows that dogs love a good rope toy, they are versatile, fun, and strong and are generally hazardless. That’s why Pets&Goods offers a 5 set multipack of multicolored dog rope toys.

Useable for chewing, playing, tugs of war, chasing, and fetch. The cotton rope is safe and also will clean your dog’s teeth while they play. A good 2-in-1 bonus! 

They offer different size options, that give a variety of options for different breeds and also provide options for older dogs and puppies too so that all dogs are included in the fun.

These toys are also easy to clean, with soap and water, and a simple air dry, they can be machine washed, but only on the cold settings and it is best for them to be air-dried. 

This is a great option for aggressive chewers and pups that are in their biting phase. The material is made from a tight, multicolored cotton cope which is both natural and non-toxic.

It is best suited to small-medium sized dogs, and so is great for Bulldogs. It suits dogs of all ages, whether you have a Bulldog pup or an elderly Bulldog that still wants to play but can’t quite keep up with the youngsters. 

It is especially fantastic to have for teething pups that will want to chew everything under the sun as it will withstand their relentless gnawing.

But not only will it withstand this it will also massage their gums and clean their teeth while they do so, giving your furry friend healthy teeth as soon as they come in. 


  • 5 options available in the pack.
  • Non-Toxic material.
  • Variety of uses.
  • Great for heavy biters.


  • May fray or shred after some use. 

Best Toys For Bulldogs – Buyer’s Guide


The shape is more important for Bulldogs than many other dogs, due to their short muzzle they may struggle to pick up something that is flat.

So, when toy hunting for your dog, try to get something that sticks up off the floor so it is easy for them to pick up and can fit into their mouth easily. Similarly, a ball should have pockets to help them grip it best.

There is nothing wrong with getting a flat toy for your direct interaction with your dog but if you want them to be able to play with it solo, then a robust and easy gripping toy is best. 


Dog toys are made from a whole variety of materials ranging from soft cotton to hardy plastic and rubber. Your dog may like cuddly toys more, but if they enjoy chewing it is also good to get them a variation, as cuddly toys won’t resist teeth quite so well.

If you are looking for a chew toy, plastic or rubber is best, and are more likely to withstand your Bulldog’s powerful bite. 


Bulldogs are not massive fans of chasing and running as other dogs may be, due to them being more susceptible to breathing problems, so they will often enjoy toys that they can lay down and gnaw on.

For the most part, a Bulldog will choose a lay-down chew toy over a ball. Be sure to invest in durability first and foremost as, despite the Bulldog’s short snout, they have a very strong bite.

You want to get something that can withstand moderate to aggressive biting for this breed in particular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bulldogs have Peanut Butter?

Bulldogs like any dog can have peanut butter in moderation, it is not to be fed often and is best used as a treat.

But, be mindful, peanut butter often contains xylitol, which is toxic to dogs, it can cause a drop in blood sugar levels, cause diarrhea (not fun for you or the dog), seizures, or worse.

If you want to feed your dog peanut butter, double and triple-check that it does not contain this ingredient.

Do Bulldogs like to cuddle?

Despite how they may look, Bulldogs are an exceptionally friendly and loving breed. They love a good cuddle and are very gentle and affectionate.

They may show this affection by leaning on you or trying to participate in family activities. They are full of love and will accept any affection with open paws.

How do I keep a Bulldog entertained? 

Bulldogs are not too hard to entertain, but if you’re looking for new activities for you and your dog, remember that Bulldogs love a good adventure. They thoroughly enjoy hide and seek, this is a fun game to play with all the family especially when the dog can join in.

They also enjoy fetching and new toys, which dog doesn’t though? If you are feeling adventurous yourself, you and your dog will enjoy walking and discovering new places, they thoroughly enjoy sniffing out new smells and seeing new things much as we do.

Your Bulldog will love the adventure! 

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