Best Toys for German Shepherd

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German Shepherds are without a doubt one of the best dog breeds that exist. They are incredibly intelligent which can make them very easy to train. This is why they are so commonly used as service or support dogs.

Although they can sometimes appear quite intimidating, owing to their large appearance and deep bark, any German Shepherd owner will know that they are actually one of the sweetest dogs around. 

They are very cuddly dogs who love nothing more than a fuss from their human, and time spent playing tug with a rope or chasing a ball. German Shepherds love playing with their owners and they will relish every new toy that comes their way.

From chewing toys, to chasing toys, to toys that activate their brain, German Shepherds love them all.

As dog owners, all we want to do is spoil our furbabies, and with dogs that are as lovable as German Shepherds, it can be tempting to buy them every single toy that you come across. But what is the best toy for a German Shepherd?

If you are a GSD owner who has found themselves asking this question then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together this list of the best toys for german shepherds which is full of some of the best products available and packed with information that you should know about your German Shepherd.

So if you want to find out what we think is the best dog toy for a German Shepherd then keep reading. 

In a hurry?

If you need a dog toy for your German Shepherd in a hurry, we would recommend the KONG Extreme Dog Toy.

This toy has a simple design but is excellent value for money and packed with excellent features which make it one of the best on the market, including:

  • The ability to satisfy your dog’s innate needs and behaviors to provide mental stimulation. 
  • It encourages healthy play which can solve negative behaviors such as chewing, teething, and separation anxiety. 
  • It is specifically designed for very chewy dogs, like German Shepherds, and is vet recommended as one of the most durable toys that exist. 
  • Can be used to play fetch or as a brain toy if you stuff the KONG with treats or peanut butter. 

Best Overall: KONG Extreme Dog Toy

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Our favorite dog toy for German Shepherds is the KONG Extreme Dog Toy. Any dog owner probably will have heard of KONG before as they are world-renowned for their durability and strength.

Despite their basic shape and design, KONG toys are actually an excellent choice for your dog and can be used for a variety of different tasks that can entertain your dog.

From endless hours of playing fetch thanks to its unpredictable bounce to the fun that your dog can have trying to get treats that you have hidden inside of the KONG, it is guaranteed to keep your dog busy. 

This toy is also an excellent way to solve problem behaviors in your dog, including chewing, teething, separation anxiety, and lots more.

This is our favorite toy for german shepherds as it is specifically designed with super chewers in mind, and as any GSD owner will be aware, they chew a lot.

With all of these excellent features and the fact that this dog is recommended by vets for its durability, there is absolutely no question that this is one of the best options on the market. 


  • Helps satisfy your dog’s innate needs and provides mental stimulation
  • Encourages healthy play to solve chewing, separation anxiety, teething, etc
  • Also works as a fetch toy due to its unpredictable bounce
  • Specifically designed for super chewers, like German Shepherds
  • Great for stuffing with treats for hours of fun 
  • Vet recommended as one of the most durable toys that exist


  • No notable drawbacks

Runner Up: BMAG Dog Rope Toy

BMAG Dog Rope Toy

We also love the BMAG Dog Rope Toy and think your German Shepherd will too. This toy is an excellent choice if safety is a priority for you as it is constructed with 100% cotton which is guaranteed to be safe for your dog to chew.

It also comes with a close-knit and twisted design which makes the toy very sturdy and durable, allowing it to withstand hours of chewing by your dog.

It is specifically designed with large dogs in mind, as is evident by its size, but is also designed for dogs who chew aggressively, like German Shepherds often do. 

As well as providing your dog with hours of chewing fun, this toy can also be used to help train your dog. Thanks to its large design you are always a far distance from their teeth, enabling you to easily train your dog without fears of being bitten.

It is also excellent for playing tug of war with your dog which is a game that all German Shepherds love.

With all of these wonderful features and the fact that it is a great way to stop your dog from chewing your furniture or sofa, it is clear that this is one of the best options available. 


  • Built with 100% cotton to ensure safety for your dog
  • The close-knit, twisted design makes it even more sturdy 
  • Perfect for large dogs who chew aggressively
  • Can easily be used to help train your dog as you are a distance from their teeth 
  • Protects your shoes and furniture from being chewed
  • Excellent for bonding with your dog through playing tug of war


  • No notable drawbacks

Alternative: SHARLOVY Dog Chew Toys for Puppies

SHARLOVY Dog Chew Toys for Puppies

Another excellent option, especially if your German Shepherd is a puppy, is the SHARLOVY Dog Chew Toys for Puppies set. Anybody who has ever owned a German Shepherd puppy will know that they are either extremely busy or fast asleep.

There simply is no in-between. German Shepherds have to grow a lot when they are puppies so they do spend a lot of time sleeping, but when they are not sleeping, you will often find them chewing. 

There have been endless stories of German Shepherd puppies chewing sofas to pieces or even tearing lumps out of the interior walls of people’s houses.

To avoid this, we would recommend investing in these toys. This set comes with a variety of toys that are guaranteed to keep your furbaby busy while they are not asleep. 

From balls to rope toys, and even rubber chew toys that can help your teething puppy, there is a toy for every moment. The set also includes a chasing frisbee which can trigger your puppy’s natural chasing and herding instincts to improve their IQ.

With all of these wonderful features and the fact that every toy in the set is built with safe material, there is no doubt that this is one of the best options available on the market. 


  • Excellent value for puppies who bore very easily 
  • Comes with a variety of toys from balls to ropes
  • Includes rubber chew toys which are perfect for teething puppies 
  • Comes with a chasing frisbee which triggers your dog’s natural instincts
  • Built with the safest materials 
  • Activates your dog’s natural senses and improves their IQ


  • Better suited for puppies than fully grown GSDs

Alternative: Nina Ottosson Level 3 Dog Twister Toy

Nina Ottosson Level 3 Dog Twister Toy

You should also consider the Nina Ottosson Level 3 Dog Twister Toy. This is a brain toy and one that really proves how intelligent German Shepherds are as a breed.

You only have to observe a German Shepherd to be able to understand how their brain works and the thought process that goes behind every action they make.

This toy is excellent because it is designed for advanced levels of problem-solving, something that a German Shepherd is fully capable of doing.

It encourages your German Shepherd’s natural intelligence and is a great way to redirect their boredom and prevent them from completing any negative behavior. 

This toy requires your dog to open different tabs within the toy at certain times so that they can access the treats hidden within the toy. It requires a lot of thinking, but your dog is more than intelligent enough to crack the code and get what they are looking for.

Despite the fact it includes tabs and compartments, this toy is designed in one single piece with no removable parts. This means that you don’t have to worry about your German Shepherd choking on anything.

This toy is also very easy to clean, making it one of the best options available for your German Shepherd. 


  • Designed for advanced levels of problem-solving
  • Encourages your German Shepherd’s natural intelligence
  • Redirects boredom or negative behavior
  • Requires your dog to lift tabs to be able to access the treats inside
  • Contains no removable parts so it isn’t a choking hazard
  • Easy to clean after every use


  • Not suitable for young german shepherds

Alternative: Youngever 6 Pack Dog Rope Toy

Youngever 6 Pack Dog Rope Toy

Finally, let’s not forget about the Youngever 6 Pack Dog Rope Toy. If you loved the idea of the rope toy that we looked at earlier, but were put off by its size, this could be the perfect choice for you.

This set comes with 6 different types of rope toys, all varying in shapes and sizes to guarantee that your dog will stay entertained.

The rope is completely safe to use as it is designed and made with 100% natural cotton, and thanks to this and the tightly-knit shape of each of the ropes, the toys are incredibly durable.

This set of toys is perfect for medium to large dogs, meaning it could comfortably suit your German Shepherd as they become an older puppy. 

This toy is great for both interactive and individual play. If you want to better improve the relationship between you and your dog, you can both have hours of fun chasing and playing tug of war with this toy.

Alternatively, it can provide your German Shepherd with endless hours of enjoyment in the form of chewing. When used as a chew toy, these ropes can improve your dental health as they are guaranteed to fight plaque with every chew.

With all of these wonderful features, these rope toys are certainly going to be a hit with your furbaby, so there is no doubt that they are one of the best options on the market. 


  • Contains 6 different ropes of different shapes and sizes
  • Excellent for dental health – fights plaque every time your dog chews
  • Perfect for tugging, tossing, and chewing 
  • Made with 100% natural cotton so it is safe for your dog
  • Incredibly durable and perfect for interactive play 
  • Ideal for medium to large dogs, like German Shepherds


  • Better suited for older german shepherds due to the size of the ropes 

Best Toys For German Shepherd – Buyer’s Guide

Best Toys for German Shepherd

If you want to find the perfect toy for your German Shepherd, then you are in the right place. The issue with finding your dog a new toy isn’t that there aren’t enough options available, more so that there are so many options that it can be hard to choose just one.

The toys that we have looked at above are some of the best options on the market, but if you still aren’t sure, we’ve put together this handy buyer’s guide for you.

It is packed with all the information you need to know about keeping your German Shepherd busy, and the toys that they love. 

Size of the Toy

One of the most important things that you need to consider when buying a toy for your German Shepherd is the size of the toy. While it can be tempting to buy your dog the smallest and cutest toy, this is not a good idea for your German Shepherd.

Due to the size of your GSD’s mouth, they might end up trying to swallow a smaller toy whole, making it a major choking hazard. To avoid this risk, you should buy larger toys that are more appropriate to the size of your dog.

Your German Shepherd should never be able to fit their entire toy in their mouth so you should avoid balls that are so small that they can do this. Most toys state the size of the dog they are suited for, so you should buy toys that are best suited for larger dogs. 

Texture and Shape

Another important thing to consider when you are buying a toy for your German Shepherd is the texture and shape of it. When dogs get bored with a toy, they usually move onto chewing your things.

So if you want to avoid this, you must buy your dog a variety of toys, all with a range of shapes and textures. You should get a mixture of toys for throwing, toys designed specifically for chewing, toys for cuddling, and toys that activate your dog’s brain.

This gives your German Shepherd plenty of options to choose from and limits the risk of them growing bored and moving onto chewing your sofa, or shoes. 

Types of Toy

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the categories of toys that are very popular among German Shepherds. We have briefly outlined these when looking at the products, but let’s take another look.

The main categories of toys you will encounter are rope toys, rubber toys, and brain games. These types of toys stimulate your dog in different ways and force them to use different parts of their brain or body to play. 

Rope toys are very popular among German Shepherds as long as they are built with a strong and sturdy design. Your dog can have hours of fun chewing a rope toy, as long as the rope is strong and secure for chewing.

Rubber toys are also very popular, these toys range from chewing toys through to throwing balls and can provide your German Shepherd with lots of exercise while also looking after their teeth.

Finally, brain games are very popular for stimulating your dog’s brain. As German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs, they can grow bored very easily.

A brain game is guaranteed to keep them busy and focused which reduces the risk of them chewing your belongings or misbehaving. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I train my German Shepherd puppy at home?

German Shepherds are very obedient dogs which makes them great to train.

You can easily train your German Shepherd at home with the use of treats or toys as an incentive. They usually pick up tricks quickly due to their intelligence. 

How do I know if my German Shepherd is happy?

In general, German Shepherds are very happy dogs. That being said, they are very vocal dogs which means that they do moan and groan a lot, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t happy.

You can usually tell if your German Shepherd is happy as they will wag their tail a lot to display their happiness and excitement. 

Why does my German Shepherd stare at me?

German Shepherds are a breed of dog which stare a lot. But most of the time they are doing this because they want something, it could be food, a toy, or simply attention.

You can usually figure out what it is that your German Shepherd wants pretty quickly. 

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