Cutest Dog Breeds

Cutest Dog Breeds

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Dogs. Those best friends of people across the world and all of human history. They’ve been our constant companions since we had the bright idea of domesticating them.

They’ve been laborers, hunters, guards, on our laps, on our farms, in our homes, and in our hearts for thousands of years.
And most of them have been pretty darn cute whilst doing it!

Of course, different people will find different dog breeds cuter than others. They’re a little like Pokémon in that way. Everyone has their favorites, and someone’s ugliest dog is the prettiest pooch in the window for others.

So, when it comes to this list of the cutest dog breeds, there’s going to be quite a lot of variety.

Whilst many will think of something being small and fluffy as being adorable, being cute is as much being an absolute treat to be around, so temperament will be a big factor too.

And, of course, sometimes just being in the eye of the public, whether owned by someone famous or being memorably featured in a piece of media, will elevate a dog to that most coveted status of ‘cute’.

There’s plenty to consider when deciding on just what exactly the cutest dog breeds have that others don’t.

With that in mind, here are just some of the cutest dog breeds you can find in the world today!

Great Dane

Great Dane

Starting our list off with something great, what could be greater than a Great Dane?

One of the biggest breeds of dog on this list, Great Danes have stayed in the center of popular culture thanks to shows like Scooby-Doo giving us all adorable depictions of Great Danes to love!

It is understandable how their size can make them a little intimidating. They’re over 3 feet at the shoulder, for crying out loud!
But their long, gangly legs, give this breed an almost cartoonish look when compared to many other breeds.

Whether they are standing still or running, their proportions are an adorable sight to behold!

Plus, their large head gives them an almost childlike quality, especially when they turn those puppy-dog eyes over to you, so they can get that last treat.

Coming in a whole range of colors of furs, ranging from pitch black to dalmatian-like spotted, they have a range of styles that make them appealing to pretty much every dog-lover.

And their sweet, gentle temperament only adds to the overwhelming cuteness factor that these dogs have.
For a big dog with a big heart, and a big cuteness factor to boot, it’s tough to beat the Great Dane!



For the definitive cute small dog, we have to go with the Pomeranian. For a ball of fluff and adorableness that can’t be beaten, you’ll struggle to go with anything else other than one of these!

Originally descended from German Spitz, which is already a fairly small variety of fluffy-haired, very cute dogs in its own right, Pomeranians became very popular with European Aristocracy, including several royal houses.

Probably the most famous was the Pomeranian owned by Queen Victoria, which was a very small version of the dog. Because of her influences, many subsequent Pomeranians were bred to be smaller, resulting in the pint-sized pup we know and love today.

Perhaps it is that connection to royalty, that needs to be pampered and loved, that makes Pomeranians so popular and lovable with so many dog owners today.

Not only that, but their small body and head often make virtually everything they do seem cute. Are they happy? Are they hungry? Are they Angry? Who cares, just look at them!



If we are talking about cute bigger dogs, the last entry has some pretty stiff competition, in the form of the Dalmatian.

The mascot of firehouses and Disney films about overzealous fashionistas the world over, Dalmatians are probably one of the most iconic dog breeds out there.

Interestingly, the reason that Dalmatians are often seen as Fireman’s dogs, is because in the days when firefighting vehicles were pulled by horses.

Dalmatians, which already made great sentries for horse-drawn carriages, were an excellent companion to help guide the firefighter’s horses and keep them on track to wherever they need to go.

If you’ve spent any amount of time with a Dalmatian, you can see why they’d be such good companions for animals as easily frightened as horses.

Their intelligence and sensitive presence are always soothing to be around, and are the most adorable thing to witness! Nothing is cuter than just being with a dog that wants to comfort you.

Their iconic fur coat is just the cherry on top of this already precious furry cake.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

Yet another dog made famous by its showings in media, many of us probably first saw the Cocker Spaniel in the classic Disney film The Lady and the Tramp.

With an appearance as cute as that, you’d think that Walt Disney was taking a few creative liberties with how cute it was. But once you see the real deal, you start to realize how little needed to be changed to make it fit into an animated feature!

With a fur coat that, when well-maintained, makes it look like royalty, you’d also be forgiven for thinking that it was a dog breed that was perhaps a little more aloof than many others.

But once you actually spend some time with it, you realize that it is as playful and cute as its other Spaniel cousins from Europe.
And, like other Spaniels, this isn’t a breed that sticks its nose up when it comes to dealing with the great outdoors.

Being outside with a breed that looks as pristine and dainty as this, it can feel a little like whiplash when you see them happily trotting down a country road.

But once you remember that this was descended from European hunting dogs, that adorable blend of outdoors enthusiasts, and that stay-at-home puppy combination, you start to realize how well the Cocker Spaniel balances being lapdogs, and being… well, other dogs.

Portuguese Waterdog

Portuguese Waterdog

For a slightly lesser-known, but still undoubtedly cute breed of dog, we turn back to Europe for the Portuguese Waterdog.

With their beautifully curly coats, and an attitude that makes them eager to please their owners, their love for people is probably one of the most infectious out there.

Sure, their love for being in and around water, as their name suggests, can make them a little exhausting. But that’s just because they love spending time with other dogs and people!

How can you not find a dog that loves spending time with other things cute?

Perhaps it is because they are a rare breed in many parts of the world, much less in the United States until recently, or maybe it is because they haven’t been in a major animated feature yet, but Portuguese Waterdogs are not as well known as many of the other breeds on this list.

Fortunately, that is slowly changing, as many famous individuals, such as former president Barack Obama, have taken to owning this beautiful dog breed. Finally, these curly pups are getting the reputation they deserve!

Burmese Mountain Dog

Burmese Mountain Dog

For another big breed of dog, you can get much bigger, or cuter for that matter, than a Burmese Mountain dog!

These chunky, adorable pooches have been a part of working life in Europe for years, and have since won the hearts and minds of dog lovers across the world.

The large body can make them appear quite striking, even intimidating in some cases. But their black and brown coat of fur, often with a white underbelly, make them stand out amongst many other breeds, and really draws attention to the great big smiles they often have.

Despite their large size, or maybe even because of that, the calm, cheerful, and very approachable demeanor that these dogs radiate is probably one of the warmest things you can feel on a cold winter’s day.

For a big lug of fur and fuzzy warm feelings, there’s very little that is cuter than a happy Burmese!
Perhaps that’s why they have been such popular work dogs in the past.

Well, that, and their ability to follow commands, and great tracking skills, amongst a few others. That probably helps too.

Their boundless energy can make them a handful for an inexperienced dog owner, but if you have a little patience, you quickly see just what has made this breed as popular as companion dogs as they are dependable as work dogs.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

Ah yes, the legendary ‘doge’ meme dog. Shiba Inu has become one of the most popular breeds of dogs across the world in the last few years.

Whilst they have had several appearances in literature and media over the years, this particular dog breed mainly became a household name thanks to the spread of meme culture in the early 2010s.

There are plenty of reasons for the internet to find the Shiba Inu cute. For a start, just look at them! A well-cared-for and well-groomed example of this breed is a sight to behold.

Their round heads, pointed ears, short, thick coats, and curly tails, all lend themselves to a kind of pristine that is contagiously endearing.

Plus, being an overall healthy dog breed with generally good health, means that each dog is probably also a happy pooch in good health.

Their general temperament is probably another reason why people everywhere have fallen in love with these dogs.

They are often quite independent when compared to other dog breeds but still maintain that enthusiasm to play and engage with people and dogs alike.

Their free-spirited attitude gives them a somewhat cheeky, sometimes vocal, mischievousness to them. And we love them all the more for it.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A list about the cutest dog breeds wouldn’t be complete without these little royal hounds.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s, often just shortened to just Corgi. Have pretty much everything going for them when it comes to cuteness in dogs.

They have the adorable factor covered, with their short fur land legs, plus and long body and snout covered, that come in a variety of fur colors.

They’ve been great working dogs for centuries in the United Kingdom, so they’re usually very loyal and dependable dogs.

In terms of the public consciousness, they have the international prestige of being the dog of choice for the Queen of England, Elizabeth the 2nd.

The Queen has owned over 30 different Corgis in her lifetime, making them synonymous with royalty and pristine heritage.

Not only that, but their numerous appearances in media have only cemented them as one of the most popular breeds of dog in the country right now.


As you can see, there’s no shortage of cuteness when it comes to these dog breeds, with a lot of qualities that make for pretty universal appeal, when it comes to the cute factor.

Of course, don’t let our tastes get in the way of yours. Cuteness is one of the trickiest things to decide on when it comes to dogs, and we’ve all got our own tricks when dogs are what we’re judging.

If their tail is wagging, or their ears are flapping, or their bark is yapping. Dogs show us that cuteness comes in all shapes and sizes!

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