Do Dogs Enjoy Wearing A Collar?

Do Dogs Enjoy Wearing a Collar?

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Something that is synonymous with dogs is their collar. For many years dogs have worn collars, so much so that it is almost strange if your dog doesn’t wear a collar. There are lots of reasons why these accessories have become common for dogs, but primarily it comes down to safety and security. 

If a dog is wearing a collar, it is easy to see that they have an owner, and that they are not a stray. Likewise, if a dog has a collar, it means that you can safely take your dog out on a walk, secure in the fact that you can simply clip their lead back on if you encounter any other people. 

But while collars have become something that we associate with dogs, something that we often don’t think about is whether, or not, dogs enjoy wearing their collars. There is evidence for both sides of the argument. In this guide, we’ll be exploring that to identify if dogs enjoy wearing a collar. 

Should Dogs Wear a Collar?

Yes, dogs should wear a collar. It is generally accepted in most of the Western world that pet dogs should wear a collar at all times when in public. However, it has also become common for dogs to wear a collar at all times. 

In most countries, there are laws that cover the restraint of dogs. In the UK, the ‘Control of Dogs Order 1992′ means that dogs must wear a collar at all times when in public. Likewise, the majority of the States in the USA have laws that cover this in some way. While Pennsylvania and Michigan are the only States with specific leash laws, almost every State has indirect laws that cover the restraint of dogs. 

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It is important that dogs wear a collar when in public. Not only is it essential for the safety of the dog and the public. But, it is also critical for the security of that dog too. If somebody sees a dog wearing a collar out on the street, then they will be able to identify that that dog has an owner. Whereas, if they see a loose dog without a collar, it might be easy to mistake that dog for a stray. 

Do Dogs Enjoy Wearing a Collar?

There is evidence that suggests that dogs do enjoy wearing a collar. Many dogs get very attached to their collar, and they hate it when they have their collar removed. In particular, rescue dogs tend to become attached to their collar because they associate it with their new home and family. But, there are lots of other reasons why dogs seem to enjoy wearing their collars too. 

However, ultimately, it depends on the specific dog. While some dogs absolutely adore their collars, other dogs hate them. Some dogs hate the feeling of the fabric around their neck, and with these animals it can often be a chore to get them to wear their collar. Likewise, there are many dogs that are completely indifferent to their collars. 

Just like human beings, dogs are all different. So, it is impossible to say that all dogs enjoy wearing their collars, simply because they don’t. However, there is evidence that suggests many dogs enjoy wearing their collars. 

Reasons Why Dogs Like their Collars

But as we have said, a huge amount of dogs do like their collars. There are lots of possible reasons for this, with some people even arguing that dogs view their collars in the same way that we would view our favorite pair of jeans. But what other reasons are there for this?

When you show your dog their collar, you will frequently find that your dog looks proud. A lot of canine experts argue that dogs display this behavior because they associate their collar with you (their owner). Dogs become very attached to their owners, and their family because they become their pack.

So, your dog might like their collar because it reminds them that they are part of a pack. This is especially common in rescue dogs that have been welcomed into a family after having bad experiences in their past. 

Some other dogs like their collar because they look at their collar and see it as theirs. Even if they do not show aggression, many dogs are very possessive, so they become very attached to their collar because it is their property. Dogs who are attached to their collars in this way will often steal their collar once you have taken it off of them, and hide it away with their toys. Safe with their other possessions. 

So, as you can see, there are lots of possible reasons why your dog might like wearing their collar. They may even just like their collar because they have become so used to wearing it. Ultimately, it depends on your specific dog. 

Should Dogs Wear Collars 24/7?

Something that is heavily debated is whether, or not, dogs should wear their collars 24/7.

Traditionally, dogs would only wear a collar when they were going out in public. When they returned home, their collar would be removed, along with their leash, giving the dog a well-deserved break from the fabric on their neck. But, in recent years, it has become common for dogs to wear their collars all the time.

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Is this a good idea? 

Well, once again, there are arguments for both sides. Some people argue that dogs should wear their collars 24/7 for safety reasons. If your dog tries to bolt away, but they are wearing a collar, then you have a much better chance of catching them.

Likewise, if your dog escapes while wearing their collar, people are more likely to see it as a lost dog rather than a stray. Alternatively, you might choose to let your dog wear their collar 24/7 because they enjoy wearing it. 

However, there are a lot of people that argue that your dog shouldn’t wear a collar 24/7. Wearing a collar for too long has been associated with skin problems further down the road, and the loss of hair around the neck where the collar continually rubs. So, before you let your dog wear their collar 24/7, it is important to consider this. 

Are Collars Cruel for Dogs?

There are a small minority of people that believe that collars of any type are cruel to dogs. But, most people agree that regular collars are not cruel by any means. As we have said, a collar provides safety and security to your dog, and most of the time, dogs enjoy wearing them. 

However, there are some collars which are cruel to dogs. These are mainly aversive collars, including prong collars and electric-shock collars.

These collars are designed to cause your dog physical discomfort when they exhibit bad behavior, and a lot of the time they are painful for your dog. That is why these types of collars are generally accepted as cruel. But, regular collars usually are not seen as cruel. 

Final Thoughts

A lot of the time, dogs do enjoy wearing their collars. There are lots of potential reasons for this, but ultimately it comes back to the fact that dogs associate their collars with their owners. However, there are some dogs that do not like collars. Ultimately, it depends on your specific dog and their own personality.

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