Do German Shepherds Attach To One Person?

Do German Shepherds Attach To One person?

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German shepherds have a reputation for being loyal to their owners. These are naturally affectionate dogs who will try their absolute best to protect you from any threats.

You may wonder if this means German shepherds will make a great family dog, or if they are more likely to get attached to a single person? This will more than likely influence your decision as to whether you should get a German shepherd or not.

The answer will lie entirely with which gender dog you choose. This is because despite the German shepherd being a generally loyal breed, this loyalty will display itself in different ways depending on whether they are a male or female dog.

Male dogs tend to get more attached to one person than your whole family. So if you are the person who will be training your male

German shepherd dog, or you will be spending the most time with them, they are more likely to get attached to you than any other person in your family. This could make them very protective and possessive of you, so male German shepherds won’t be the best fit for your home if you have small children.

Female dogs are the opposite to this, and will tend to bond with the whole family. They will feel protective of each and every member in your household.

This loving nature naturally makes female German shepherds the better fit for a family home. You will find that a female German shepherd will bond just as well with the adults as well as they do with your kids. 

They will typically be wary of strangers they don’t know, but if it’s someone that they encounter often, they will likely welcome them as a member of their family.

Do German Shepherds Have A Favorite Person?

So now that we know the answer to attachment will differ between genders, we also know that the same thing applies in terms of your German shepherd’s favorite person.

Males will typically get attached and feel more loyal to a single member or the family. They could even get possessive and display slightly aggressive behavior if someone were to come too close to this person.

However, female German shepherds are likely to think every member of their family is their favorite person. These dogs will be fiercely loyal and protect every member of your family.

This is what makes them such great guard dogs, and why they are often used as working dogs such as in the police force. 

Are German Shepherds Loyal To One Person?

Male German shepherds will indeed be more loyal to one person. However, they can still make great family pets. You will need to train them properly so that they don’t display any acts of aggression towards others. 

Female German shepherds will be loyal to all members of your household. So as long as these are people that they encounter every day while at home, it’s safe to say that your female German shepherd will be loyal towards them.

This is because your female German shepherd will come to regard your family as their pack. They are notoriously loyal to their pack, and will work to keep every member of your family protected from potential threats.

How Do German Shepherds Show Affection?

All dogs will display affection in all manner of ways. You may find that your German shepherd likes to be close to you at all times. This could be simply lying at your feet or next to you on the couch.

They will treat you as a member of their pack. They could even enjoy cuddles, however, it will be important to note your dog’s body language when doing this as not all dogs will like you invading their personal space. 

A German shepherd will typically display their affection by protecting you in the home. They will make very good guard dogs, and will let you know if anyone they think is an intruder is entering your home.

Are German Shepherds Good For Single Owners?

German shepherds can be perfectly suitable dogs for single owners providing that you are able to meet their basic needs. This will mean exercising them adequately so that they can burn off all that energy. They will also need to be fed the right type of food. 

If you know you won’t be home a lot, then you might not be the best fit for a German shepherd. This is because they will typically need to be around you for company and attention, and can’t be left at home on their own for long periods of time.

To get the best relationship with your German shepherd, it will also be best to train them properly so that they obey your commands. This will particularly be the case with male German shepherds, as some males can display aggression if not properly trained.

It will be best to take your German shepherd puppy to training classes if you’re a first time dog owner so that they can get the training they need.

Why Is My German Shepherd So Attached To Me?

Your German shepherd is attached to you because they are highly loyal dogs. Some owners who aren’t used to the loyalty of this breed may find them as clingy dogs. However, this is just because they feel like they have to be close to you at all times so that they can protect you from any threats.

You may also find that your German shepherd suffers from separation anxiety. This is why they won’t be the best fit for those who are rarely home during the day or who have to be away from home for long periods of time.

In Summary

So there you have it! A German shepherd will generally only get more emotionally attached to a single person if they are a male.

Females will generally bond with every member of your household, and feel protective of each and every one of them. This will make female German shepherds the better fit for family homes that have small children.

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