Dog Rescue Stories

Dog Rescue Stories

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There are approximately 3.3 million dogs housed in various shelters over the US. More than half a million is euthanized every year. These people are just some among many that have taken upon themself to reduce those numbers:

#1 Napoleon Mastiff Abandoned Due To Health Issues Found The Perfect Family

Nikki saw a picture of a huge dog on Craigslist. This dog was given for free because it had leg problems. The family did not even try to fix the dog’s legs. They immediately wanted to get rid of the canine.

That dog was Kongo. When Nikki saw that post, she immediately contacted the owner and asked if she can have Kongo. Nikki runs a rescue organization. This organization saves different breeds of dogs. Most of which are dogs that nobody else wanted.

It breaks Nikki’s heart to see people easily give up their dogs. This usually happens when they find out that their pet has health issues, and they don’t want to deal with the situation.

Nikki took Kongo under her care. Nikki was happy when Kongo got along with all his foster siblings. This huge dog has a soft spot for little canines. He allows one of his smallest foster sibling to boss him around.

The dog’s name is Honeylilly. Kongo doesn’t mind that this little canine keeps bothering him. He welcomes it because he loves the presence of his foster sister.

Kongo is very sweet, and Nikki would love to adopt him, but she has to be realistic. She lives in a tiny apartment, which is not ideal for Kongo. She got an application from a family in Michigan, which she believes is a perfect family for him.

Wayne and Deena saw Kongo’s picture online and knew that they wanted to adopt him. They contacted Nikki about it. The couple was very interested in him that they flew to California. They rented a car and drove thirty-four hours to get him.

Kongo got to meet his family, including his sister. His new sister is also a Napoleon Mastiff named Bella. They immediately got along and have been inseparable since the day they met.

Nikki is very fortunate that Kongo’s family looks out for his best interests. Kongo is well-loved, and that puts Nikki’s mind at ease.

#2 Depressed Dog Who Lost His Brother And Best Friend Gets Comforted By Rescue Dog

Dogs that bond with each other are inseparable. They become best friends and will have a special relationship that can last a lifetime. This is why it’s incredibly hard for dogs to cope when the dog they bonded with passes away.

Banksy and Hamilton are two bonded dogs belonging to the same family. They spend a lot of time playing with each other, and they are inseparable. Banksy and Hamilton share a special bond, and they often go on adventures together with their human family.

Unfortunately, Hamilton passed away, and Banksy was left all alone. Banksy was inconsolable, and his human mom tried to do everything to help cheer up Banksy. Banksy didn’t want to do anything but sleep. The once very happy, Banksy became depressed.

Banksy’s mom was so worried about him that she decided that it was time to adopt a new dog to be a companion for Banksy. She put out a request on social media, and support came flooding through. People started sending pictures and videos that would potentially be a great friend for Banksy.

One dog caught Banksy’s mom’s eye. It was a little white puppy that looked like Hamilton. The little puppy’s name was Mochi and was very much like Hamilton. Besides looking like Hamilton, Mochi was also full of energy and wants to play all the time. Banksy’s mom knew it in her heart that she had to adopt Mochi.

Banksy’s family eventually adopted Mochi. When Mochi was introduced to Banksy, it was love at first sight. They circled and sniffed each other, and the next thing they know, Banksy became alive and happy again. It was the most amazing thing for the entire family.

Mochi and Banksy became inseparable. They played nonstop, and it also started a new beginning for Banksy. Here’s a heartwarming video about Banksy and Mochi’s adorable friendship. After watching this video, you will surely feel your heart melt.

#3 Rescue Dog Unrecognizable After Losing 9 Pounds Of Matted Hair

When Nebraska Humane Society took Ellie Mae in, she was in such rough shape. Her coat was severely matted that she could hardly move or even walk.

According to the shelter, the condition of Ellie Mae’s hair was the worst that they had ever seen. However, with how Ellie Mae looks now, it would be hard to tell that she was once in such a dire condition.

After Ellie Mae’s owner passed away, people were sent to clean up the house. Unknown to them, there was still someone residing inside the property. It was Ellie Mae, who, as the shelter described, looked like the animals that are seen by the roadside, weeks after being hit by a car.

Ellie Mae’s rescuers had to put her in a green storage tote when they brought her to the shelter because she could not walk.

As soon as she arrived, the rescue center’s medical team immediately sprang into action. It took about an hour for Dr. Amber Horn and the rest of the medical team to remove the pup’s nine pounds of matted hair.

During the painstaking process, the medical team also learned that Ellie Mae’s toenails had grown to about seven inches. They were wrapped in hair, feces, as well as years of grit. After removing all the extra load, the team weighed Ellie Mae, and she was only 11 pounds.

The medical team’s work did not end there, though. They found out that Ellie Mae had an infected foot. She also needed dental work, antibiotics, and surgery for a hernia. It was only after five hours when the medical team finished working on all of Ellie Mae’s problems. After that, she completely transformed.

Ellie Mae immediately went out for a walk. She stumbled a bit, though. Most likely, this was because she had not walked in a long time. Now, Ellie Mae is enjoying exploring around and greeting people with her sweet face. She’s doing so well and, as the shelter said, she looks like a whole new dog.

#4 Woman Who Visited Dog Chained To Tree For A Year Finally Adopts Her

As she was driving, Laura Seymour, from Virginia, couldn’t help but notice a black and white dog chained to a tree behind a house. She became worried and decided to look closer. The dog had created a hole in the mud, which she uses for sleeping. Her bowl was empty. She felt sorry for the dog.

Their breed is known to have strong protective instincts. But it seemed the dog was friendly, for it was wagging its tail, so Laura decided to walk closer and say hi.

It looked like the Akita spent her entire time outside. The owner could not be seen. The dog just had a small space where she could walk from the tree to the kennel.

Shortly after Laura bonded with the dog, she named her Takia. She started bringing food and treats to Takia and visited her thrice every week. Takia recognized Laura’s car and would jump up and down in excitement every time she pulls up to visit her buddy.

Laura tried calling animal control to report Takia’s case. To her dismay, she was told that under the law, as long as the dog is provided with shelter, food, and water, the animal rescue could not force the owner to give her up.

She wanted to take the dog, but she knew she would get into trouble if she did, so Laura just continued to visit Takia for an entire year.

Summer was fast approaching, and Laura became worried about the heat. Takia would be very uncomfortable under the sun, given that Akita’s fur is very thick.

Laura’s mom encouraged her to give animal control another try. They called back a day after to let her know that the owner had been asked to surrender the dog. She volunteered right away to take on the pooch.

Laura brought Takia home and gave her a lovely bed to sleep in at night and, of course, food to eat. She became more excited when she found out Takia was five. She knew this meant she’d have more time to spend with her.

#5 Clingy Dog Makes His New Mom Feel Safe And Secure

Asha was walking around one day when she came across an animal adoption event.

She had no plans of adopting, but when she saw Pirate, something pulled her to him. When she approached Pirate’s tent, Pirate’s rescuer asked Asha if she could bring Pirate for a walk. They asked her if she could walk him for at least fifteen minutes.

Little did Asha know that fifteen minutes was going to change her life. During the fifteen-minute walk, she fell in love with Pirate.

She immediately filed for his adoption. Her application was granted, and she was able to bring him home.

Since then, Asha and Pirate have been inseparable. It continues to amaze Asha how Pirate makes her feel safe and secure every time.

Having that sense of security was always difficult for Asha. Asha is a sexual assault survivor, and it was challenging for her to feel safe.

Because of what happened to her, she has learned to numb her feelings. She also developed a high level of stress and anxiety. Since Pirate has been with her, she felt more relaxed, and the canine gave her peace of mind.

Pirate is always there to alert her when he feels that she is in any danger. He looks out for Asha, and she will be forever grateful for him.

Asha does not even mind that Pirate is a velcro dog. A velcro dog is a canine who follows its owner everywhere.

Pirate would even follow Asha into the shower. Asha finds it cute when Pirate does this.

Asha knows that Pirate wants to keep her safe at all times. Pirate wants to make sure that he knows where Asha is at all times. This woman who did not plan to get a dog, ended up having one who became her best friend.

#6 Man Puts Up Pitbull-Focused Rescue

During an emotional trip to the shelter, Jason Flatt was devasted when he saw the number of Pitbulls on death row. He knew that he had the power to do something.

Jason was born in New York City. While growing up, their family had a pet Pittie which they all adored. During that time frame, the stigma attached to Pitties was still non-existent, and their dog was treated like family.

As the years passed, Jason moved down to Georgia. He was going through a dark phase after his brother’s death and decided to get a new canine companion.

Jason visited the shelter, and his eyes automatically went to a tiny Pittie puppy. This little being was the inspired Friends and Forlorn, a rescue that Jason and his friends created.

Jason decided to visit the local pound to adopt a friend for his puppy, and saw a bunch of Pitbulls with an “X” marked on their kennels. The shelter told him that they were all in line to get euthanized.

It was a heartbreaking sight, and Jason knew he had to do something. His mission began by joining different animal organizations, but it wasn’t enough for him.

He went around town and visited local shelters and began pitching the idea of a breed-specific Pitbull sanctuary. The people were hesitant to support his plan, but Jason wasn’t going to give up.

Jason successfully managed to build his shelter for Pitbulls. It was quite hard given that it was a breed that people loved to hate, but he was determined to rescue as much as he could.

Over the years, Jason has realized the valuable life lessons that the dogs have taught him. It was truly amazing to see how they developed and turned into healthy, full-grown Pitties.

The Pitbulls have gone through so many traumas over the years but remained happy and were capable of so much love. Keeping them safe and taken care of gave Jason a purpose in life.

#7 Couple Decided To Rescue Dogs In A Foreign Country

If anybody told Maëlle that she was going to be a crazy dog lady when she goes to Bali, she never would have believed them.

Crazy enough, that’s what happened. Maëlle and her fiance decided to move to Bali. They were out in their scooter one day when they saw this little canine walking towards them. It looked so small and fragile.

The couple decided to rescue the puppy that they named Coco. Since then, the couple decided to rescue stray dogs in the area. There are a lot of dogs wandering on the streets of Bali, and they needed help.

Maëlle started feeding some of the dogs in her street. Most of them are feral and did not want anything to do with humans. The dogs did not like to be touched.

There are friendly dogs, too, like Dobbie. Dobbie welcomed Maëlle’s help, so Maëlle brought her to the vet. Dobbie had a skin disease, and Maëlle was instructed to give her a medicated bath every week.

Every week, Maëlle would let Dobbie into their home to bath her. Once she is bathed, Dobbie would go back to the streets. This went on for a while until Dobbie decided not to go back to her old life.

She never left Maëlle since then. The couple’s third dog is Ika, which the couple adopted a few years later. The couple deeply loves Coco, Dobbie, and Ika.

Maëlle, her fiance, and their dogs love spending time together, especially at the beach. The couple would bring the dogs there at the same time every day. It is something that the dogs would always look forward to.

These three dogs are very grateful for their new life. Thanks to Maëlle and her fiance, these canines get the life that they truly deserve.

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