All About The Friendly (Yet Challenging) German Shepherd Chow Mix

All About The Friendly (Yet Challenging) German Shepherd Chow Mix

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With its distinctive long muzzle and eyebrow coloring, a German Shepherd-crossed-Chow mix dog is typically very silly, but extremely loyal.

This special breed has much more hair than typical German Shepherds, thanks to its Chow coat and ancestry. Like a Chow, this mixed breed dog has a tail with an upright curve.

All of the unique features on this breed, like the slightly floppy ears, make it an ideal choice for those who want a cute pup. However, it shouldn’t be chosen on its looks alone, as these dogs can exhibit challenging behavior.

For a big family, a German Shepherd Chow mix would make a great member. This breed loves to play nicely with kids, especially ones that will play nicely back.


These unique dogs are very lovable and are always anxious to be around humans. They want to keep close to their owners by always jumping up into their laps or trying to get belly rubs. This breed is great for kids because they are high-energy and are always up to play.

Since they are German Shepherds, these dogs are intelligent and have superior problem-solving skills. Because of this intelligence, however, owners should be finding new and exciting games to keep their busy minds stimulated.

Some dogs, however, can be stubborn with their mischievous behaviors. But, with some positive reinforcement, these dogs have a great ability to be trained.

They also dislike being left alone and can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety. This anxiety can lead to worse problems in the dog, like depression. This can in turn bring on unwanted behaviors like chewing or biting.


Depending on the specific dog, German Shepherd Chow mixes can weigh anywhere between 75 to 95 pounds. This is because of the newer status of the breed, which makes fewer expectations for the size of the dog.

Because both Chow Chow and German Shepherds are medium-to-large dogs, their mixed-breed offspring will almost always be in the same size range. As for their height, these dogs are usually 22 to 26 inches tall.



Thankfully, this unique dog breed is not particularly prone to any health problems. It may suffer from hip dysplasia, which is a common condition in German Shepherds and Chows. By using topical flea treatments from the veterinarian and grooming these dogs regularly, any potential flea allergies can be avoided.

Ideal Living Conditions

For this dog, their energy is best spent in large yards with plenty of space, but still enclosed. This is to prevent their mischievous and curious side from leading them astray.

Young children are bound to love this breed, since the German Shepherd Chow is always ready to play. By giving this breed plenty of attention and time around humans, they’ll stay entertained and out of trouble. For families that are ready to dedicate time to a dog, this mixed breed is a great choice.


Because of the energetic nature of the German Shepherd Chow mix, they are always on their feet and running around.

Their curious nature causes them to chase anything that moves, so owners should always keep this dog breed on a leash in public. Make sure a German Shepherd Chow gets their exercise daily by sending them in the backyard to play.

Special Care

As with any animal, you should be taking this breed regularly to the veterinarian for checkups. This is to detect any health concerns in the dog as soon as possible. By working and communicating with your vet, you can create the perfect healthcare routine for your dog.

Remember to check your dog’s ears daily for any signs of debris or pests, and clean them thoroughly, as recommended by the vet. Trimming their nails will help you avoid problems and allow your dog to grow thicker, stronger claws.

Oral health can be a concern when it comes to the health of German Shepherd Chow mixes.

By brushing their teeth three or more times a week, you can effectively prevent against any major dental problems. Consult your veterinarian for a detailed dental care routine for your dog, including proper puppy toothbrushes.

Dietary Needs

When formulating the ideal diet for this breed, keep in mind that these dogs have a lot of energy and are usually medium to large. Depending on the dog, figure out a regular feeding schedule and stick to it.

Try to limit the amount of treats for the sake of their health. It may even be ideal for your dog to only eat once a day, but it really depends on the individual.

As a German Shepherd Chow mix transitions from a puppy to an adult dog, their dietary needs change. These needs will also change as they continue into their elder years. Make sure to ask your veterinarian for the perfect diet for your Chow Shepherd.

A professional will be able to give a recommendation based on more than just the breed – it will also be based on the dog’s weight, height, energy, general health, age, and more.



German Shepherd Chow mix dogs can come in a variation of colors. Usually, these dogs are brown, black, red, cream, or gray. Typically, they will have two or even more of these colors blended together.

The coat of a German shepherd Chow is beautiful, but it does require some maintenance.

They usually have a long and dense coat, which makes them very prone to shedding. Because of their Chow family that heavily sheds, regular brushing and de-shedding is needed. Remember to vacuum regularly as their hair can end up everywhere!


This dog would be best suited in a home with a family with kids. If there is a big backyard with plenty of space, this breed will use it to its full advantage.

A German Shepherd Chow requires a lot of attention, so children are the perfect candidates to play with them all day. Families that are looking for perfect playful, loving, and loyal breed should look into the unique German Shepherd Chow mix.

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