How Do I Train My Chihuahua To Be Nice

How Do I Train My Chihuahua To Be Nice?

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Chihuahua’s are a popular breed that are commonly sought after for their small size and playful personalities. Unfortunately, they do have a negative reputation for showing signs of aggression due to their protective tendencies. 

Training your chihuahua to be nice from a young age will not only strengthen your bond with your pet but will also make them more accepting of other dogs and humans. Chihuahua’s also like to be stimulated so as a breed they are fairly easy to train. 

You should make an effort to train your chihuahua from the time that you bring them home. To encourage them to be friendly you will need to socialize them with other dogs and people that are going to be living in the same home. Make sure that you have plenty of treats on hand for both dogs as they can be used to reward them for good behavior.

If you intend to introduce your chihuahua to a dog that does not live in the same home, you must make sure that you have permission from the other owner first. The sooner you familiarize your chihuahua with other dogs and people the better they will be. Also, don’t be afraid to introduce your chihuahua to larger dogs, the sooner they get used to them the less daunting they will seem.

Remember to be firm with your commands as this will tell your dog that you are in charge. Once your dog respects and listens to you, it is more likely to display this behavior to others. 

Positive reinforcement is key when it comes to successfully training your chihuahua to be nice. It encourages good behavior and teaches your dog that it will be rewarded for obeying the commands that you teach it.  

Why Do Chihuahuas Bite their Owners?

Chihuahua’s are known to display signs of territorial aggression over things that they think belong to them, this may include their bed, food, water or treats, etc. If they feel as though their owners are encroaching on their property, they may respond by biting them. 

If your chihuahua is a puppy, they may start to bite as they go through the teething phase. Teething can be a painful experience so they will often chew or nip on you in an attempt to numb their gums and relieve any feelings of discomfort. On other occasions, a puppy may bite during playtime. You must make sure that you respond to this behavior as soon as possible to prevent it from escalating into a more persistent problem. 

Sometimes, a chihuahua will bite their owners to assert its dominance. You must make sure that you communicate to your dog that you are the one in charge. Moreover, you should also pay attention to any changes in the way that your dog is acting. In some cases, a chihuahua will bite their owner as a way of trying to communicate its needs.

Also, if your chihuahua is in pain or suffering from an illness that you are currently unaware of, they may be abnormally aggressive and more prone to biting. 

There are a few things that you can do to stop your chihuahua from biting. If they tend to bite you during playtime, give them toys as a distraction. Instead of biting or nibbling on your fingers, it can chew its toys. If they are biting out of jealousy make sure that you discipline them appropriately. 

Why Chihuahuas Are So Aggressive?

As a breed, chihuahuas can be very territorial. If they feel as though their personal space is being invaded, they will not be afraid to react. You must also give your chihuahua plenty of time to earn your trust. Those aged 1 and above may be more reluctant and can sometimes take longer to accept new people. Because of this, there is a chance that they will respond to interaction a little more aggressively. 

If your dog is in the middle of enjoying a tasty treat and you disturb them to take it away, you will likely notice that their manner changes. As such, it is not recommended that you abruptly take your dog’s food away. Instead, you should make sure that you communicate calmly with your dog. 

Although chihuahuas may be small, they can have big personalities, and often they are allowed to get away with poor behavior. If you do not discourage your dog from showing unnecessary signs of aggression from a young age, it is more likely to display these behavior traits as it gets older. Whilst it is important to make sure that you respect your chihuahua, you must also make sure that you establish rules and boundaries. 

As touched upon, chihuahuas can sometimes act out if they are in pain. As they cannot talk, they use this aggression as a means of communication to tell you to stop touching a part of their body that is causing discomfort. 

Why Does My Chihuahua Growl When I Pet Him?

Growling isn’t always a negative thing. If your chihuahua barks when you pet it, this could be a sign of happiness because they are enjoying it. Moreover, if you stop petting your dog but notice that it is still growling, they may be trying to tell you that they want you to continue showing them this affection. 

Do not be concerned if your chihuahua seems to be growling affectionately as it is simply their way of telling you that they are content. If this growling is persistent, you may need to provide your dog with more stimulation in the form of toys or exercise. 

There are other reasons why your chihuahua may growl at you and this isn’t always down to aggression. It may be due to a lack of confidence, or you may be petting them in a way that is not comfortable. Furthermore, if you wake your chihuahua up or move them from the position that they are sleeping in to pet them, a growl may be a sign of their dissatisfaction. 

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