How Do You Know If Your Chihuahua Loves You

How Do You Know If Your Chihuahua Loves You?

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The signs that your chihuahua loves you are pretty much the same as any other dog. Here is a rundown of some of the behaviors that you can expect from a loving dog.

They Get Excited When They See You

This is one that every dog owner knows about. When your dog loves you, they’ll get excited when they see you. This is something universal to dogs, no matter their size! Chihuahuas are only small, so they’ll likely jump up to put their paws on your shin and their tail will be wagging. The longer you’ve been absent, the more excited your dog will get to see you again.

They Want Physical Contact

Similarly, dogs want physical contact with those that they like. Small chihuahuas are likely to establish physical contact by cuddling and trying to get onto your lap when you are seated, so they can nuzzle into you and get attention. They might also lick you, though that could be for several reasons.

Fortunately, most of those reasons are that it’s an affectionate gesture. Larger dogs, on the other hand, will lean up against your leg. Dogs initiate physical contact for those who they care about, so don’t trap them in a hug, let them come to you instead.

They Sleep Near You

Dogs like to sleep in packs and often act strategically when they do so, turning their noses to the wind to receive any new smells.

If your dog wants to sleep near you, it’s obvious that they feel safe around you and trust you to have their best interests in mind. They want to protect you and feel protected by you.

They Check Up On You

While they may try to stay near you at night, during the day they’ll check up on you. This means that they’ll linger around you when you’re going about your day, following you from place to place.

If you have a livelier dog then they may periodically come to you before going back to play or lounge. Chihuahuas are small and prefer lazing around, so they may just plant themselves nearby to keep an eye on you and feel safe in your presence.

They Give You The Puppy Eyes

When a dog holds eye contact, there are always intense feelings involved. Sometimes holding eye contact is an aggressive move that dogs practice in the wild, to intimidate one another and establish their dominance.

When your own pet looks you in the eyes, however, it’s much more likely that they’re just looking for somebody that they love. If their pupils stay the same size then they don’t see you as a threat.

They Try To Share

Another classic example of your dog-loving you is when they try to share their possessions. When your dog has a toy, they may want to play with it and give it to you, so you can play with it too and give them some entertainment.

Your chihuahua may be more relaxed than many other dogs, so don’t worry if your dog isn’t too eager to play with toys and share them with you.

If your chihuahua exhibits most or all of these behaviors, then you can confidently say that they value your presence and have grown attached to you.

If your dog doesn’t follow many of these, then maybe you should work on earning their trust by making a fuss of them. Like most other dogs, chihuahuas want to be loving and can easily be won over, especially if you give them food.

Do Chihuahuas Pick One Person?

Some dog species tend to choose just one person to attach to. That doesn’t mean they won’t accept and show affection for others, of course, but they have that one person who they shadow throughout the day.

If everybody’s in a room, they’ll choose one person as their primary companion to lean against or lie on their lap. Chihuahuas are one of those dog breeds that tend to play favorites.

In fact, chihuahuas are famous for being sassy dogs that enjoy a lot of lap time with their favorite person. With all dogs, however, it’s worth mentioning that their behaviors are also changed by the way they are raised and socialized. So, how do chihuahuas choose their favorite person?

First, dogs will tend to attach to people who have been present throughout their puppy years. That’s the case for many pet animals and chihuahuas are no exception. If you’ve raised the chihuahua yourself, it only makes sense that they’d grow attached to you and choose you as their #1 person.

Secondly, it may also be an unconscious decision by the chihuahua based on temperament. This is more common in households with families, where a dog may imprint onto a younger person who wasn’t directly responsible for raising them. If your personality/temperament aligns with the chihuahuas then they may feel most at home on your lap.

Some chihuahuas can yap at new people and act territorial over their one favorite person. The less trained a dog is, the more aggressive it may be with new people. It can even become a bad behavior if they are possessive to the point of becoming aggressive when somebody else tries to give their favorite person attention.

You can train this out of young dogs by introducing them to other people early in their life, especially if they bring their own pets as long as they all have their vaccinations and are in healthy shape. This opens them up to new experiences later in life, so they aren’t so tightly wound.

If you’re worried about your chihuahua being possessive or exhibiting any other negative behaviors, you should ask a vet for advice or maybe consult a professional trainer.

They’ll often recommend that you increase your chihuahua’s exposure to people they react negatively to. This can be done with walks, playtime, or having them feed the dog treats. You can get a dog to do anything if there is food involved!

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