How much is a Chow dog

How Much Is A Chow Dog?

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When you’re considering purchasing a chow, you won’t just have to prepare for the initial purchase cost, but also the lifetime expenses that come with being the proud owner of this breed.

Before committing to the purchase of a chow, you’ll need to carefully think if you’ve got the right finances to be able to properly care and look after them for their entire life.

This means vet bills to chew toys, professional grooming services to the food, everything can eventually add up.

The Cost Of Chow Chow Puppies

Like any kind of breed, puppies are very desirable but especially so with chow chow puppies as they are so fluffy and small.

This is why the prices of chow chow puppies will often be higher than for adult ones because they are so in demand and most people would rather buy a puppy and train it to how they want rather than an adult dog that has already formed its habits. 

Some people will charge anywhere from $800 up to $4,000 for their puppies but this will vary depending on the quality of the bloodline and also if the parents are show dogs. 

If you are buying a chow from a highly reputable breeder, then you’ll be expected to pay towards the higher end of the scale.

You’ll often find the cheapest chow chows are the ones that come from puppy mills or unreputable breeders that do not treat their dogs with care and we completely advise against buying from them not only for the sake of your dog’s health but also to not contribute towards their business. 

The prices of chow puppies can vary depending on where you go as the breed may not be as popular in some areas so the breeders can charge more, whereas they are very popular in other areas which means the breeders will need to make their prices more competitive. 

When buying a chow chow puppy from anywhere, we’d recommend requesting to see the parents whilst you visit the puppy so you can see that they are properly looked after, happy and healthy to give you peace of mind that your puppy will be as well.

If your puppy comes inclusive of initial vet checks, shots, bathroom training, and more, then you will probably pay a higher price than one that comes without those things. 

The Cost Of Chow Chow Adult Dogs

Adult chow chows may cost around $500 to $2,000 depending on where you buy them from. You may be able to find an adult chow for free from an owner or family who is no longer able to lovingly look after them and is seeking out a new caring home for them to go to. 

Adult females may be more expensive than males as they can reproduce puppies and therefore have higher financial prospects (that’s if they haven’t been neutered). 

Chow chows can make great loving family dogs when trained properly, however, due to their protective nature and aloof personalities they can be quite difficult to socialize with strangers and other dogs and may come across as aggressive, which is why you may come across this beautiful breed in rescue shelters.

Rescue shelters will charge a lower fee for you to adopt one of their dogs, sometimes only around $300 to help contribute to the running costs of the shelter.

However, rescue dogs can come with some health or behavioral problems which may incur additional costs of training or veterinary services. 

How Much Does It Cost To Look After A Chow Chow?

As we said, whilst the initial cost of purchasing a chow could be up to $4,000, you’ll also need to make sure you’ve got enough money put aside to continuously care for them throughout their life.


Despite their larger than average size, chow chows surprisingly do not eat that much compared to other breeds in their class, so it’s not as expensive as you think to feed them. They’re not particularly fussy with their food so you won’t have to buy any special type of kibble which will save you a few extra bucks.

A 50lb bag of dog food should be able to last your adult chow chow for a month and even longer for a puppy. A 50lb bag can set you back anything from $25 to $50 a month

You’ll also need some treats to reward your chow for good behavior, which will cost you on average about $15 a month depending on what brand you buy. 


Chow chows can be difficult to groom at home yourself and it’s recommended to get them professionally groomed to keep their beautiful coats maintained. This can cost you around $60 each time and is probably recommended to be done quarterly. 

Dog Walking

A chow chow should have at least 1 hour of exercise every day and for very busy families this isn’t always possible, so you may need to hire a dog walker to help your chow get out and about. This can sometimes cost $30-$50 per hour


Your chow will need plenty of hardwearing toys throughout their life for them to play with and you’ll need to repurchase them every 6 months depending on how much they play with them. They can cost anywhere from $10 per toy

Health Care & Vet Bills

If your pup needs to have their initial vaccinations then this can cost up to $100 and they’ll also need booster shots as they get older to protect them. You should purchase pet insurance for your chow to cover you for any emergencies in the future, this can cost as little as $10 a month

Bringing Your Chow Chow Puppy Home For The First Time

There are some essentials you’ll need to have when you bring your chow puppy home for the first time and this can tally the total cost up a lot. 

  • Food – $40
  • Treats – $15
  • Bed – $50
  • Crate – $150
  • Leash – $20
  • Collar – $15
  • Name Tag – $10
  • Toys – $15 (per toy)
  • Poop Bags – $5
  • Training Pads – $15
  • Brushes – $30
  • Shampoo & Conditioner – $30
  • Food & Water Bowls – $30
  • Vaccines – $100
  • Flea Treatment – $15
  • De-worming Treatment – $40
  • Dog chip – $45
  • Training Classes – $50 (per session)

Estimated Total: $500-$1,000

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