Leny And Sparky - Who Is The Best Instagram Dog?

Leny And Sparky – Who Is The Best Instagram Dog?

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Leny The Retriever

You have probably done this as a kid – use a sturdy box to slide downhill.

For sure, you had so much fun doing that, and you could hardly wait to share the experience with your kids. But if you’ve got a dog like Leny, you need not wait as this dog finds joy not in playing catch, chasing birds, or cuddling with his toy but in sliding down the hill.

Leny, the Golden Retriever from Spokane, Washington, continues to gain a following on social media as more and more people can’t get enough of watching him sliding down the hill.

Whether it’s a grassy hill or a snowy hill, nothing can stop this smart, goofy, and energetic dog from doing what he loves the most. Sometimes he would take a running start, but other times, he would just go for it head down first.

As of this writing, Leny’s Instagram account has already got more than 58,000 followers. His owner never gets tired of documenting all his downhill adventures. Whether he’s taking his time rolling down on his side and back or flops down on his side and slides to the bottom, his actions are recorded.

This adorable and energetic Golden Retriever looks like the happiest dog in the world. He surely lives his life to the fullest, and it’s making the day of thousands of people worldwide. Indeed, he’s not just sliding down hills but sliding into people’s hearts, as stated in his profile caption.

In the video below, Leny can be seen sliding slowly down the snowy hill. There’s no stopping this dog from doing his favorite pastime, even in cold weather. His followers can surely learn a lesson or two from watching his videos—and that is to enjoy life no matter the circumstances.

Sparky Minibullterrier

He would rather stay with the family and be cuddled than do anything that would make him sweat. For him, lying down all day is way more exciting than going for a walk around the neighborhood.

Sparky’s owner, Silvio Siamo, is very much aware of this. He has already accepted that Sparky is one lazy dog, but he still loves him just as much. During one of their walks, Sparky decided to stop suddenly in the middle of their walk, lay flat on his stomach, and let Siamo drag him all the way home.

Siamo doesn’t expect a lot from Sparky, especially during his workout. But, everything changes when the two are left with no choice but to stay at home after Italy put the entire country under quarantine.

Siamo, who is a fitness buff, continues to get a daily workout at home. Sparky feels left out whenever his owner performs his workout routine, so he thought of a way to join him without breaking a sweat. And his plan turned out to be a win-win situation for him and his dad, Siamo.

Whenever Siamo does pushups, Sparky positions himself under his dad so he can shower him with kisses. He just lies there with his feet up and waits for his dad to kiss him every time he comes down.

Siamo does not mind at all if he’s the only one sweating – what’s important is that his dog keeps him company and makes him forget about how dire the situation is now that Italy is under quarantine.

Siamo is grateful to have Sparky by his side because he lifts his spirits while confined at home. And as for Sparky, he’s doing just fine – in fact, he’s happy to have his dad all to himself.

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