Unusual dog behaviors

Unusual dog behaviors

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There are no two identical persons. The same applies for your four legged friends. In this article you can see some of most unique quirks we’ve found in dogs.

Two Adorable Pomeranians Ring The Bell For A Treat

There are these two beautiful Pomeranians that are trained to ring a bell to get rewarded with a treat. Captured on camera, the home video of these two doggies will make any dog lover smile when watched as bigger Pomeranian was more persistent than the little one.

Looking at their owner with rapt anticipation and with their big round eyes, the sitting dogs each had a bell in front of them.

The larger of the Pomeranians, both of which had a profusion of lovely brown fur, kept on pressing the bell repeatedly, interchanging the front paws to tap the ringer. You can see that the pooch is excited for the coming treat with the way that he keeps on pressing on the bell.

The owner emphasized that the bell should only be pressed once but still gave the treat to the persistent Pomeranian. The smaller one delicately tapped the ringer with a paw, just once, and received a treat. You couldn’t help but give these cute little ones what they want! They are just so adorable!

When the bigger doggie noticed that the other one has its turn, it frantically tapped on its ringer to insist on getting another treat. Enthusiasm and anticipation were visible on the face of the irresistible pooch who did all possible to beg for more. The other doggie was very calm, patiently waiting its turn.

Dogs can be trained to ring a bell for a treat. However, our canine friends’ personalities also differ, as shown in this dog video that we are sharing, as one dog is much more persistent and impatient than the other.

They can really show their personalities in the most adorable ways. It is up to us to treat them according to their temperaments and demeanors.

Corgis Use Floaters While Enjoying Their Pool Party

It was a scorching summer day, and the single wind vane was struggling to turn for lack of a breeze. The place was a paradise, a dog-friendly resort that had wooden dog houses, beautiful lawns, a brilliant blue swimming pool.

Three Corgis ran across the green grass, passing other doggies that were at play. There were Golden retrievers, Labradors, and even a long-haired Chihuahua that were enjoying their stay.

The Corgis had their fun, running as fast as they could using their short, squat legs until they got the pool area. They clearly had a plan to enjoy the sunny day with a dip in the pool.

One large Corgi stood up at the edge of the pool, poised to dive. In one quick move, this doggie dove in with a smooth gliding motion.

You would think that the pooch was a professional diver with the incredible way that he made the jump! This pooch expertly swam across the pool, enjoying the cooling effect of water.

As this pooch paddled towards a floating bed, another Corgi was hanging out in the pool while using a floater being as chill as can be. One of these dogs determinedly walked down the pool steps and swam, floating effortlessly in the water even if it has a heavy body.

It was a fun-filled time for these adorable Corgis, who strut around in the manner that only this breed can to move in such a cute way because of their long body and short legs.

Their sociable nature makes this party even more adorable to see. This dog video that we are sharing shows how much enjoyment our canine companion had during their outing on a lovely summer day.

Dog Considers Himself As Part Of The Military

The dog seemed genuinely intrigued by what the soldiers were doing.

He even accompanied them in the forest for their training and participated in the exercises too. The soldiers named this dog Collie.

Collie is a self-proclaimed military dog. He engages in all military exercises and has even learned to do the salute.

The officers from the base were not sure how he got there. They assumed that he came from the animal shelter ten kilometers away from the camp. It seems that Collie has escaped the shelter and went straight to this military base.

Collie has been in the base for quite a while and has recognized the soldier’s uniforms. He would instantly bark at people wearing civilian clothes. They even did an experiment where a member of the film crew tries to approach him in civilian clothes.

He barked at him unceasingly.  The same member of the film crew wore a soldier’s uniform, and this time, Collie did not let out a single bark.

The soldiers found out that Collie could follow basic commands. That’s when they knew Collie once had an owner. They checked him for any identification but did not find any.

They even posted his pictures everywhere in the hopes of finding his real family. The soldiers asked around about Collie and his owner. Nobody seemed to recognize the dog until one woman said that she saw the dog’s owner looking for the canine.

Were the soldiers going to find Collie’s family, or was it going to lead them to a dead end? This part of Collie’s life would be a story for another day.

For now, Collie is grateful that he has the soldiers to take care of him.

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