Weird Reasons Dogs Are Attracted To You

Weird Reasons Dogs Are Attracted To You

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It’s no secret that dogs make wonderful pets, as the species is known for its loyalty and kindness. And while owning a dog can be a rewarding experience, this does not mean that everyone is suited for the task.

So what do you do when a random dog becomes attracted to you? Well, besides giving them a pat on the head, you will probably question why you are the point of interest for the curious pooch.

When dogs are interested in you, this could be fuelled by a range of different factors, from hormones to general politeness. So if you want to know all the weird reasons why dogs are attracted to you, then you have come to the right place.

In the following article, we have compiled a list of the various elements that can attract canines to your person, so that you can determine the cause of the infatuation. So if you want to learn more about what dogs find attractive, this article has everything you need to get started…

Why Are Dogs Attracted To You?

In most cases, dogs will be attracted to a person because of their friendliness, as the animal understands that the person will treat them with respect and kindness.

However, dogs can also be attracted to polite demeanors and nice scents, with some even showing an attraction to pheromones and calm temperaments.

There have even been studies that show a dog will be attracted to a person who requires comfort and companionship.

Weird Reasons Dogs Are Attracted To You

Of course, there are countless reasons why a dog may be attracted to you, which is why we have compiled the following list.

In the section below, you will find everything you need to know about dog attraction and the weird factors that influence their infatuation.

They Want To Comfort You

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While some people may consider dogs to be unemotional, studies have shown that most breeds are born with empathic abilities, which means they can sense when a person is feeling sad or lonely.

Because of this, dogs will often seek out their owners whenever they are feeling down or unappreciated, so that they can give their human some much-needed love. However, this does not mean that their empathy is limited to their home.

In fact, many dogs will even seek out complete strangers if they sense that they are sad, as their evolution tells them to look after anyone in distress.

They Like Your Welcoming Aura

Being wary of strays is a normal reaction that many people have, but if you are one of the few who shows no fear when confronted with a strange dog, then they might be attracted to your welcoming demeanor.

As previously mentioned, dogs are born with empathic abilities, so they can sense when a person is kind or dangerous.

Because of this, many dogs will be attracted to people who they know won’t harm them, especially if they are living on the streets and need help.

They Like Your Nice Odor

While dogs are capable of smelling human emotions, their heightened senses also allow them to smell your clothes and skin, which could attract them to you if they enjoy your natural odor.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you outwardly smell, as dogs are capable of smelling things we humans can only dream of. Instead, your scent could recall that of another animal, which is possible if you own a pet or have recently stroked a stray.

However, this does not mean that dogs are attracted to every smell, as recent studies have shown that the species does not favor unpleasant odors – such as alcohol and cigarette smoke.

They Like Your Pheromones

Mammals (such as dogs and humans) are often born with apocrine glands, which are a type of sweat gland that releases odorless pheromones.

And while we humans do not have the heightened senses to detect these pheromones, our canine friends do. Because of this, dogs can learn a lot about a person from the pheromones they release, such as their age, gender and reproductive status.

However, these pheromones also allow dogs to detect a person’s mood, which again can attract them to you if you are a kind and welcoming person.

Interestingly, dogs will also be attracted to women who are ovulating, as this process releases different pheromones that are more potent to canine noses.

They Like Your Interaction

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Another reason why a dog may be attracted to you is because of your observant behavior, which allows you to understand exactly what the pooch wants.

This refers to the way you observe the dog’s mannerisms to determine if they are friendly before giving them a pat or knowing the exact moment they want food.

Again, this welcoming aura can attract dogs because they understand that you are a kind and welcoming person, and therefore will not go out of your way to harm or abuse them.

If you are a dog person or have previously owned dogs in your life, then you are more likely to fall into this category, as dogs will understand how you will treat and care for them.

They Like Your Polite Manner

Studies have shown that dogs also appreciate people with good manners, as they are often attracted to humans with soft and soothing voices.

This is because dogs are sensitive to our tone as much as our scent, so they prefer people who speak gently to them and respect their personal space. In most cases, dogs will not be interested in people who speak loudly, as they will find this behavior to be harsh and threatening.

So if you see a dog while out at the park, a gentle ‘come on’ is sometimes all it takes to attract the attention of the adorable pooch.

They Like Your Calm Behavior

Weird Reasons Dogs Are Attracted To You 2

Apart from your welcoming demeanor, you may also be an even-tempered person, which can also be attractive to dogs in the street.

Dogs will often seek out even-tempered people because they are calm and composed and therefore make the dog feel secure in their presence.

According to recent studies, dogs are capable of predicting a person’s actions, so they understand when a person means them no harm. Because of this, dogs will often not be attracted to people who are prone to emotional outbursts, as they can find this behavior scary and threatening.

They Believe You Are Trustworthy

While dogs are not psychics, they are very observant of people and their surroundings, which allows them to determine a person’s character.

Thanks to hundreds of years of domestication, dogs have become very good at reading a person’s body language, which helps them to determine whether a person is kind or abusive.

This means that canines can tell when they can trust a person or not, thus allowing them to seek out the right people.

And who said dogs weren’t clever?

They Like How You Respect Their Personal Space

Like humans, dogs don’t like when people force themselves onto them, as they find this behavior to be aggressive.

Instead, dogs will be attracted to people who let them come to them naturally, as it shows respect for the dog’s personal space.

In most cases, people who fall into this category will only stroke a dog when given permission by the pooch or will not go out of their way to find a dog and give it some attention

They Know You’re A Giver

Weird Reasons Dogs Are Attracted To You 5

It is also possible that a dog saw you offering food to another canine or animal, which means they will see you as a kind and giving person.

Because of this, some dogs may be drawn to you, while others may come to you searching for food.

Dogs love being fed and they love having some cuddle time with their owners, so they always remember the people who will provide these services.


As you can see, there are many reasons why dogs can be attracted to you, with most being a reflection of your kind and giving nature.

Because of this, being picked on by a dog should be seen as something of a compliment, as it means that the pooch finds your aura both welcoming and positive.

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