What happens after a male dog is neutered

What Happens After a Male Dog is Neutered?

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If you have a pet dog in the family, getting them neutered is just part of the whole process. 

There are a whole load of reasons that you may need to get your male dog neutered. You may want to prevent your dog from wandering to find female dogs; they may be overly aggressive with your other animals; you may want to reduce certain behaviors; it can also reduce the risk of health issues such as testicular cancer and prostate problems.

It’s best to neuter your dogs when they’re young, but the procedure can be done at any age. Your dog will need to be at least 6 months old before the veterinary surgeon can neuter them. They will be able to do this cleanly and safely under anesthetic so as to not cause your dog any distress. 

After your male dog has been neutered, they will be watched carefully by the vet or vet nurse until they wake up. They will typically then be placed in a cozy, warm kennel so that they can recover comfortably. 

The vet surgery likely won’t keep your dog for long, and they tend to return home to their owners only a couple of hours after the operation. Some dogs may need to be watched for longer depending on their size and how much anesthesia was used.

Your dog will need lots of rest when you bring them home. They may appear disoriented and sleepy from the procedure for a couple of hours, but they should start to feel better once the drugs have properly worn off. Your dog may go back to its usual energetic self once this happens, but it will be important to ensure that they rest properly for between 7 to 10 days afterward. This can help to prevent any stitches from tearing or complicating the wound.

If your dog is a little too energetic and at risk of injuring themselves, you may wish to consider giving them crate rest for the time being. You can also keep them stuck in one room of the house, or keep them on a lead. When your dog has properly recovered from the procedure, you can slowly start to exercise them gradually.

It will be worth asking your vet if you can have a protective cone to stop your dog from licking or nibbling at their stitches. You can also ask your vet if they have a body suit for your dog.

In the days after the operation, your dog will need to go for a check up roughly 2 or 3 days afterward, and around 7 to 10 days afterward. The vet will be able to check the stitches and ensure that the wound is healing as it should be. If you have any concerns about the wound in the meantime, you can always consult with your vet.

Another factor to consider of course will be the stitches. If your vet has used dissolvable stitches, you won’t have to worry about getting these removed. These should naturally dissolve after a couple of days. If the stitches are non-dissolvable, then they will typically need to be removed by a vet around 7 to 14 days after the procedure.

Do dogs get sad after being neutered?

Dogs will experience some behavior changes after being neutered. They may become more clingy, suffer from anxiety, depression, or may be a little sad. 

But the main difference in behavior you may notice is aggression. Because of the new imbalance of hormones, your dog may briefly become more aggressive right after the operation. However, this should be a brief occurrence, and you’ll find that your dog is less aggressive over time and will actually be much calmer and happier than before.

The type of breed that your dog is will also have an effect on how aggressive they are afterward. Some dog breeds are naturally more aggressive, but it’s important to remember that this will most likely be a temporary change. Your dog will have much better health overall as well as a longer life.

How do I comfort my dog after neutering?

Your dog may be feeling a little sorry for themselves after they’ve been neutered. So it will be important for you as their owner to give them the love and affection they need so that they can properly rest up. You will need to make your dog as comfortable as possible once you’ve brought them home.

This will involve giving them a quiet area in the home for them to recover. You’ll want to keep any other pets away from them in case they’re disturbed by their energetic pals. Give them lots of cozy blankets to lie down on, and lots of love if they need it.

It will be important to prevent your dog from licking or nibbling at their wounds, as this can complicate things. Remember to use a cone or body suit from the vets to stop your dog from interacting with their wound. Licking at the wound could cause an infection, which will make things worse in the long run. 

It’s also important not to give your dog a bath or let them swim for at least 10 days after the procedure to make sure their wound heals properly.

Can my dog pee after being neutered?

Your dog will be able to pee after they’ve been neutered. But it’s also not unusual to notice changes in their toilet behavior. If you notice that your dog isn’t peeing after their operation, chances are it’s because of either a reduced intake of water, or they may be sore. This should clear up in a day or two, but if you have any concerns, you should always consult with your vet.

Do male dogs spray after being neutered?

Male dogs spraying in the house can be a real pain. Unfortunately, it’s just their way of marking their territory. The good news is that neutering your dog is a fantastic way to get them to stop doing this. It’s been proven that neutering your dog can reduce urine marking by up to 60%.

If you do notice that your dog continues to spray around the house as they did before they were neutered, you should consult with your veterinary behaviorist to see what else they can suggest you try. Chances are this is down to dominance issues between your pets.

In summary

So there you have it! You now know what happens after your dog has been neutered. Once the vet has checked your dog over, they will be safe to come home with you. Your dog will need a lot of love and affection to help them recover from their procedure, and they will also need lots and lots of rest.

It will be important not to let your dog overexert themselves after the operation in case they tear their stitches or complicate the wound. You should not let your dog bathe or swim, either, until the wound has properly healed up at least 10 days afterward.

You may notice a slight increase in aggression after the operation, however, this should taper off. Your dog will be much happier and healthier overall once they’ve been neutered.

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