Why You Should Take Your Dogs Collar Off At Night

Why You Should Take Your Dogs Collar Off At Night

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At the end of every day, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting those restricting or now, uncomfortable clothes off that you’ve had on for hours on end.

Perhaps that’s a watch, a tie, a bra, or a belt.

Many of us have wondered if this feeling of bliss and relief is shared with dogs when it comes to collars.

More, collars have long been a topic of huge debate. We know they can identify a dog and we know it helps us walk them – but their necessity to be worn 24/7 is questionable.

So, let’s dive into the crux of this.

Do Dogs Enjoy Having Their Collar Removed?

Do Dogs Enjoy Having Their Collar Removed

This is an interesting question because although many dogs feel freed by the removal of their collar, many dogs start to feel sad.

This is because, for many dogs, the collar is connected to them going for a walk, so taking their collar off might make them restless and anxious.

If this happens to you, it might be better to remove their collar after you’ve been for a walk.

Removing their collar and leash together will be easier and they will start to link the two and get used to having it on and off.

Having said that, a lot of dogs despise having things around or attached to their necks and therefore will feel great joy and relief when you remove them.

Although your dog might get used to having its collar on over time, it’s always a good idea to remove it for some time.

It gives dogs the opportunity to have a good scratch around their collar area, allows the area to breathe, and is much more hygienic than leaving it on constantly.

The fact is, some dogs like their collar, and some dogs hate it. It all comes down to what your faithful companion is keen for!

Should The Collar Be Removed At Night?

Either way, you look at it, removing a collar or keeping a collar on can be risky. The decision will ultimately be down to you and your judgment.

For example, if your dog often escapes while you sleep – it’s probably unwise to remove their collar at night time.

However, if your dog sleeps in a crate or you have baby gates around, there is a possibility they can get caught up on the bars.

Of course, if this happens and nobody is nearby to help – there is quite a real big risk of being strangled.

According to experts, the only real advantages to removing a collar at night if you do not live with these dangers are:

  • Better sleep for you because of no-collar noises
  • Your dog might get a better quality of sleep
  • Your dog’s fur and skin can have a chance to breathe, preventing skin problems

Of course, there is a difference of opinion among many experts as we outlined in the previous section. Let’s look at these points in a little more detail:

Safety Reasons

Whichever you look at it, you’ll want to make sure your dog is safe.

Every year, there are thousands of deaths related to accidental strangulation with dogs and their collars. Of course, nighttime is the biggest threat of this occurring.

Having said that, it would also be advised to remove your dog’s collar any time you are going to be out of your house for prolonged periods of time.

This will greatly reduce the risk of your pup having a tragic accident.

Preventing Skin Irritation

In the same way that humans’ skin can have detrimental effects due to frequent wearing of things like watches or belts, dogs also have this problem with their collars.

Some dogs will have more sensitive skin than others and depending on the type of dog you have, the collars can often slip under their fur and onto their skin causing irritation.

Oftentimes, this can cause chaffing and eventually lead to sores which can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable.

If this does occur, you should speak with a vet to get your dog some treatment.

Comfort Reasons

Primarily, of course, safety and your dog’s health are the best reasons to remove their collar at night – but let’s not forget about their comfort level!

Even if your furry companion doesn’t seem to mind having a collar on at night time, it’s always nice for them to have it off.

Experts say removing their collar can give them the chance of a much better quality of sleep and an overall better attitude and mood.

The Dog’s Appearance

This might sound really narcissistic and superficial, but your dog will look much better if you give them the right time to have their collar removed.

Over a long period of time, their collar can cause scruffy fur around their neck – and at times, this can make them scratch around this area, and subsequently, this area looks horrible.

In rare cases, the color of the collar can end up on their fur due to escaped dye.

Of course, over a long period of time – your white-furred dog might have a red, black, or green neck!

The Time To Remove Your Dog’s Collar

If you feel it is a good idea to take your dog’s collar off, and your dog is happy enough for this to happen – then the best time to do it is at night!

During the day, dogs should probably have a collar on – just in case they decide to escape or lose their temper for any reason.

It makes them easier to restrain.

Some dog owners decide to remove their dog’s collar when they’re on a day out with other dogs when properly supervised.

So, the best way to think about it is bedtime and playtime are the periods when your dog could have their collar off for a while.

Contrary: When To Ensure Your Dog Is Collared

Even after we’ve established that there are times when your furry friend’s collar might not be required, there are other times when a collar is absolutely necessary, particularly when out and about in public areas for safety reasons.

Not only this, the dog’s identity is attached to its collar.

When playing outside, dogs might decide to run off – regardless of how responsible they normally are. Some daycare centers for dogs will insist on your dog having a collar too, although this will depend on their own rules.

It’s a good idea to think about a breakaway collar.

These are basically collars that are designed in such a way that if your dog ends up caught up on something and pulls hard on it, the collar will break off from its neck.

As we mentioned earlier, if your dog is around areas with bars and other things that they can get caught up on, there is a risk of being strangled.


You should definitely consider taking your dog’s collar off at night time, after making an informed risk assessment.

If you are ever worried about your dog, you should speak with a vet or other animal professional as soon as possible.

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