Can You Paint Dogs Nails?

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With the festive season upon us, it’s understandable that you may want your pets to join in on the fun as well. Painting a dog’s nails can be a fun way to incorporate individuality to your dog’s life and give them a unique twist to their look.

On social media, there are plenty of images of people painting their dog’s nails which has caused controversy and debate among animal lovers who question whether painting a dog’s nails are safe to paint.

Some people think it doesn’t look natural and therefore shouldn’t be allowed because the dog’s cannot choose to have their nails painted, but in this article, we will be discussing whether painting a dog’s nails is physically harmful to them rather than discussing the moral side of it. 

It can be overwhelming to see so many discussions online regarding whether you can paint your dog’s nails or not. With some people discussing the scientific side and others discussing the moral side, the lines can become blurred and it can easily become confusing to know what’s what.

We’ve conducted a lot of research for you so you can be assured that your dog’s safety is the number one priority. In this article, we’ll be discussing why people paint dog’s nails, whether you can paint your dog’s nails and whether it is bad for them.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of where to look if you want to conduct further research before deciding if it’s something you want to do. 

can you paint dog nails

Why do people paint dogs nails?

People paint their dogs nails because they think it will look cute. Not unlike when humans wear makeup, painting dogs nails can make the dog unique and stylish.

Some people paint them for everyday wear whereas others may paint their dog’s nail for pageants.

As mentioned before, there has been a lot of debate on social media about whether it is immoral to paint a dog’s nails but there are a whole variety of reasons why people may want to give their dog a makeover.

There are some owners who use it as a regular routine for their pet whereas others may want to give their dog a special makeover for the odd event such as a photoshoot. 

Can you paint your dog’s nails?

To simply answer: yes you can. Be cautious though as you do need to use specific nail polish that can be used on dogs. This is because human nail polish is toxic whereas nail polish specifically designed for use on dogs do not contain the harmful chemicals.

If you are looking to purchase nail polish for your dog, the top brands are Color Paw and Warren London’s Pawdicure.

As long as the owner is ensuring that the nail polish used is from a trusted brand that does not include any dangerous chemicals then there is absolutely nothing wrong with painting your dog’s nails.

Brands such as the ones named earlier ensure that the polish is not irritable or harmful to dogs meaning that there is absolutely no risk of harm to the dog’s nails on impact or insides if it is accidentally ingested.

Human nail polish also lets off fumes that are toxic to dogs should they be inhaled. 

Is it bad to paint your dog’s nails?

To follow on from the section above, using nail polish from a company that has manufactured the polish for dogs is absolutely fine as there is no risk of harm.

However, if you paint your dog’s nails with human nail polish then there is a high chance that they will lick their nails and ingest the harmful chemicals which are toxic and can lead to fatal consequences.

The ingredients used by Color Paw and Warren London’s Pawdicure do not contain any harmful chemicals and will not irritate your dog.

As mentioned in the previous section, there is no chance that your dog’s nails will be damaged on impact by the varnish nor will it cause internal damage should they accidentally ingest a small amount.

In fact, most of the time, dogs don’t even realize that they have had their nails painted at all. 

Is it animal abuse to paint your dog’s nails?

Because of the reasons given above, it is not considered animal abuse as there is no risk of harm or fatality if the proper dog nail polish is applied. If you follow the guidance given above then you will be fine.

When applying nail polish to your dog, they are not actually aware of what is going on and the chances are, they won’t even know the difference.

As long as you are not using a human nail polish then it is not considered animal abuse as there is no chance of the dog inhaling toxic fumes.

People usually don’t realize that there are brands that specialize in dog makeup hence why they are passionate about the animal’s safety just as you are. 

Overall, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to grooming dogs or giving them a makeover but it is not bad in terms of causing harm or fatalities if you follow the guidance given in this article.

Only purchase nail polish from trusted brands that specialize in making polish for dogs specifically because they will ensure that the ingredients sourced will reduce any risk of harm.

Whether you believe that painting a dog’s nails is immoral is another matter entirely.

Of course, a dog cannot communicate whether it wants its nails painted or not but it is important to remember that the nail polish will not last forever and can be removed if needed. 

There have been many debates in the past when it comes to giving dogs a makeover, including nail painting and dyeing their fur but for the former, it is perfectly safe and acceptable as long as the investment is made to purchase products that put the dog’s safety first.

If you are unsure whether a brand’s nail polish is suitable for your dog, always read the label and ask before applying it to your dog’s nails. This will prevent any risk of fatality or sickness. 

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