Best Brush for an Australian Shepherd

Best Brush for an Australian Shepherd

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Five of the Best Brushes to Tackle Your Shepherds Bush

Australian Shepherds have the most gorgeous coat that flows long from their chests, tail and hind legs, making them one of the most majestic looking breeds out there, but they’re not content just looking good.

Aussies are happiest when challenged and thrive on purpose, which is why they’re such amazing herding dogs, but therein is the crux of the matter.

All this action and energy doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with a tidy, well-groomed coat. They are in fact quite at odds with one another.

Aussies also shed quite a bit year-round, not to mention their semi-annual heavy shedding season, so to avoid a hairy house and a knotty pooch, you’re going to need a quality brush.

Not just any brush will do for your bundle of joy. You need the best brush, a brush designed specifically for Australian Shepherd coats. It should make grooming as easy as possible and leave your Aussie looking like a million bucks.

So, to help you find this holy grail of brushes, we’ve rated and reviewed five of the most awesome brushes for Australian Shepherds available at the minute.

We’ve picked a variety of different types, all at the top of their respective game. We’ve even pawed together an in-depth buyer’s guide and brief FAQ section to answer all your hairy questions.

Aussie Looking…Ruff?

No problems, hound hugger. We’ve put our top pick right here for a speedy solution.

Our Top Pick: JW Pet Company Gripsoft Double Row Undercoat Rake Dog Brush

JW Pet Company Gripsoft Double Row Undercoat Rake Dog Brush Review

Our number one tangle terminator is all about comfort, yours and your dog’s, making the grooming process less of a chore for both of you.

Designed specifically to target the undercoats of particularly fluffy dogs, you no longer have to worry about penetrating those gnarly mats of guard hair first. It gets right into the undercoat without disturbing the longer outer coat.

You know what they say…two rows of teeth are better than one.

This rake gives you twice the hair collection of a normal brush with every stroke you make, speeding up the entire process, and the rounded stainless steel points will feel more like a massage to your dog than anything else.

With the look of contentment on your Aussie’s face, you’ll be tempted to try it on your own mane.

First and foremost, this rake is great for dealing with light matting quickly and painlessly, but what cinches it the number one spot is the thought JW has paid to the groomer as well as groom-ee.

The ergonomic, soft-grip handle sheath eliminates discomfort and fatigue, allowing you to be firmer when needed without straining your hand.


  • Double rows of teeth capture more hair per stroke
  • Gets right down to the undercoat without interfering with guard hairs
  • Great price
  • Comfortable and grippy handle
  • Skin-kind rounded stainless steel teeth


  • Teeth are a little sharper than other rounded designs

Second Pick: GoPets Dematting Comb

GoPets Dematting Comb Review

The second brush on our list is a two-in-one dematting powerhouse, equipped to deal with light to heavy matting with ease.

The real beauty of this product is the reversible function. On one side you have broadly spaced teeth for getting stuck into those tangles that might as well be clogged with chewing gum.

Once the sharpened edges have made small work of the worst of the situation, simply flip the brush and finish things off with the higher density side.

As mentioned, the edges of the teeth are gently sharpened to help eradicate those pesky knots without pulling out hairs, but by no means are they sharp by a knife’s standard, and the tips that actually come into contact with your dog’s skin are completely rounded.

You also get a little bit of comfort yourself thanks to the soft silicone gel-grip handle, keeping your hand feeling fresh through those intensive grooming sessions.

It’s a little expensive for a grooming brush, but considering it works as a dematting brush, a de-knotting comb, an undercoat comb, and a deshedding rake, you get your money’s worth.

After using both sides of this brush, your Aussie will look fresh from the salon, leaving every pooch it passes with hair envy.


  • Double-sided stainless steel teeth, one low and one high density
  • Good for all things grooming
  • Gel handle keeps your hand nice and cozy
  • Sharpened edges cut rather than pull hair
  • Rounded stainless steel teeth keep your shepherd smiling


  • The rows of teeth are quite thin, so you’re in for a longer job
  • Quite expensive
  • Hair might be hard to remove from the teeth

Third Pick: Furminator Grooming Rake

Furminator Grooming Rake Review

Next on our list of dreadlock destroyers is a super popular brush that definitely wins the title for best name, and it’s got a trick up its sleeve too!

This is a grooming rake through and through, so if you’re looking for versatility, keep on scrolling, partner, but if you want quality and efficiency, hold your horses. The medium density, rounded tip teeth are perfect for infiltrating those furry fortresses and dismantling them from the inside.

On the surface, this is a solid rake, nothing special, but the real magic reveals itself once you get started. Every single one of the teeth on the Furminator rotates, helping to capture dead hair and defuse those daunting dreads.

You do get something of a grip with the Furminator. It’s an ergonomic shape that sits comfortably in your hand, but it does slip from time to time when dealing with those extra stubborn knots.

We love the general idea of this brush, and the rotating teeth are a stroke of genius, but due to the single row of teeth, it’s not going to be the quickest at collecting loose hair.

With that in mind, we think it would work best when paired with another fine-toothed brush.


  • Medium-density teeth make it great for tackling most types of matting
  • Ergonomically shaped handle with grip pattern gives you some control
  • Turning nails help with the dematting process
  • Hair is easy to remove from teeth
  • Second cheapest on our list so far


  • Single application rake
  • Not the fastest for collecting dead hair
  • Handle could stand to be a little more grippy

Fourth Pick: Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Comb

Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Comb Review

It can sometimes feel like you need some kind of heavy-duty industrial mechanism for grooming your fluffy soulmate, but with this comb, you’ll have your pooch looking fine in no time.

This is the perfect tool for dealing with thick, hard to manage guard knots. Wide-spaced, 2.5-inch steel safety blades run easily through your Aussie’s topcoat, and the lightly serrated edges work through snags like they’re nothing at all.

Because of the length of the blades, it’s also quite good for undercoat brushing, but it’s by no means designed for mass hair gathering, so you’ll need to pair it with a standard brush or a higher density rake.

Grip-wise, you get a heavy-duty, wave-cut pattern that offers quite a lot of traction but could be a little comfier. The steel thumb plate that lingers over the blades is a great touch.

It allows you to get a grip as close to the blades as possible to give you leverage when you’re in the thick of a dastardly knot. In addition, the handle features a threading hole for hanging it on a wall out of the way.

It’s a unique design that doesn’t cover many bases, but what it does do, it does incredibly well. That said, due to the width of the gaps between the blades, it’s not great for tackling smaller mats.


  • Original design
  • Thumb plate for extra leverage
  • 2.5-inch stainless steel blades
  • Serrated edges help to work through difficult matting
  • Handle is made from heavy-duty rubber with wave grips
  • Threading hole in handle
  • Fairly well priced


  • Not great for smaller knots
  • Not very versatile

Final Pick: Hertzko Store Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Store Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Review

Gliding effortlessly through your Aussies’ luscious locks, at our final spot, is an honest to goodness brush, perfect for tackling difficult knots and for giving your hairy child that cloudish fluff and perfectly smooth coat.

It features numerous rows of fine wire bristles with trimmed ends that get straight to business, unclogging matted areas. Their number and density make this brush great at collecting dead hair.

The most exciting thing about this brush is the self-cleaning function. You simply push the button at the base of the handle, the bristles rise up into the brush enclosure, and the hair falls free, easy!

The handle is fairly grippy. It has the same grooved wave pattern as our number four pick. Made of heavy-duty rubber, it should stand the test of time.

Our only issue with this brush is that the bristles may not get quite deep enough to groom undercoats, so it’s best used as a topcoat brush.


  • Self-cleaning design
  • Fine bristles feel nice on your dog’s skin
  • Collects lots of hair quickly
  • Great for dematting guard hair
  • Grippy rubber handle
  • Well priced
  • Most popular product on our list


  • May not reach all the way down to the undercoat
  • Bristles won’t be strong enough to handle the worst of the worst

Best Brush For An Australian Shepherd Buyer’s Guide

Before you start bundling loads of brushes into your basket, let’s discuss some of the key things you should know about first.

We’ll guide you through the process and give you the best chance of finding the right product for you and your poochy pal.


A grooming brush is never going to cost you the world, but they do come at quite a range of price points.

For a quality product, you should expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $40.

Types of Brush

There are multiple categories of brushes that can help you tame that wild coat. Let’s run through some of the differences.


These are great to use behind your Aussie’s cute fluffy ears. A slicker brush like our fifth pick has a wide head and wire bristles rather than steel of plastic teeth.

They’re especially proficient at dealing with tangles and matting in your dog’s outer coat. Thanks to the bristle density, they’re also pretty useful for gathering dead hair.

Undercoat Rake

Undercoat rakes are all about infiltrating your dog’s guard hairs and grooming their lower coat and skin, so for double-coated dogs such as Australian Shepherds, they’re an indispensable tool.

They tend to have one or two rows of low-density teeth for smooth travel through the top and undercoat.

The undercoat is what keeps your Aussie warm, so it should come as no surprise that it’s responsible for most of its shedding come the summer months. A good rake is the best defense against ending up living in a giant hairball.

Pin Brush

Pin brushes, often used in other parts of the grooming process such as combing through oils or shampoos,  resemble human brushes with firmer, well-spaced pins.

They’re great for tackling smaller knots that require a little more precision.


Similar to human usage, combs aren’t that amazing for tackling matted areas or stubborn knots. They’re most suited to giving your pooch a last once over.

They give that slow-moving, fluffy summer cloud look. A comb’s rigid teeth can also be instrumental in preventing knotting in the coarser areas of your Aussie’s coat.

Shedding Brush

This kind of brush does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s for gathering as much loose hair as possible to prevent shedding around the house.

They’re identified by their fine, blunt, metal teeth.

Bristle Brush

These sorts of brushes have collections of softer bristles and they’re the perfect finishing touch tool.

They help to keep your Aussie’s coat soft and glossy after all the hard graft is done.


The number one priority when it comes to grooming is your dog’s comfort, but a close second is your own.

A brush with an ergonomic, comfortable grip is the only way to ensure mutual contentedness. Natural rubber is a great handle material, as are silicone gels.

Grooming a double-coated dog takes patience and a gentle touch, but it can also require the fury of the warrior, and when you’re in the midst of a brutal fluffy battle, a firm grip is essential. A slippery handle is only going to cause you frustration and your dog pain.

It’s a good idea to check up on customer reviews and see how others found the grip. Some may look well designed but don’t perform as well as they should.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my Australian Shepherd from shedding?

You can’t, but a proper grooming schedule can prevent your Aussie’s shedding from becoming overwhelming.

Using the proper selection of grooming brushes and bathing products, as well as giving them a good trim every once in a while, you should be able to keep on top of the situation.

Do Aussies need haircuts?

Yes, Aussies absolutely need haircuts. Their coats can get pretty unruly fairly quickly.

Frequent trimming is also a great way to manage their shedding.

Is it bad to shave an Aussie?

You should never shave an Aussie. Their coat won’t grow back the same.

How often should you brush an Aussie?

You should brush your Australian Shepherd at least once a week, but a quick once over with a slicker or pin brush a day will keep their coat looking shiny and luscious.

During their heavy shedding season, you should bump it up the full brush to twice a week.

Does Furminator hurt my dog?

Only if you use it in areas that don’t have an undercoat.

Whatever brush you use, you should always be as gentle as possible.

Can you brush an Aussie too much?

Yes, you can over-groom any dog.

It will cause skin irritation, coat abnormalities, and stress.

Do all Australian Shepherds have blue eyes?

It is a common trait, but they can also have green, brown, hazel, or amber eyes.

They can also have heterochromia – differently colored eyes, David Bowie style.

Do Aussies like to cuddle?

Yes, generally speaking, Aussies are super friendly dogs that enjoy lots of human contact, so as long as an Australian Shepherd is comfortable around you, hug away!

Graduating from the School of Hard Knots

Here’s your cap, and here’s your gown; you’ve reached the end of our article which means you’re fully educated and prepared to pamper your pooch with the best brushes the world has to offer.

No longer will you wallow in swathes of fluff or get your hand stuck in your pup’s main mid-stroke. No longer will your pooch be windswept and interesting, but fluffy and inviting.

Happy grooming! 

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