Best Brush for Maltese

Best Brush for Maltese

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The Maltese dog breed is classed as one of the toy dog breeds, and it certainly lives up to that category. Of a small, cute, and cuddly size, the Maltese dog looks like a real-life cuddly toy, making it adored by many across the world.

What stands out the most, when it comes to Maltese dogs, is their beautiful long white hair, as they have an incredibly straight and thick coat that hangs all the way to the floor (Except for when they are a puppy when it is shorter, and for when the owners give them a haircut.)

Like any other breed of dog, it is important to take good care of their coat and to use an appropriate brush to keep them clean and detangled, and pawsitively beautiful. As the Maltese dog has such long and thick hair, you might be wondering which brush is best for them. 

Luckily, there are plenty of options available in today’s market when it comes to searching for a good brush for your Maltese dog. To be fair, you could probably pop into the nearest corner shop and find a section for dog accessories, and it would almost definitely have some form of a brush.

Bus as you love your dog and want to provide it with the very best, you should instead do a little research and truly find the best possible brush.

Not only so that it is more suitable and better for brushing your dog’s hair, but so that it can last longer and so that it is more comfortable to use. We’ve compiled a list of our top five picks for the overall best brush for Maltese, so you can check that out too! 

In a hurry?

Is your gorgeous Maltese dog rolling all over the floor and getting his or her coat of hair all tangled up and dirty? You’re going to need a good brush to keep up with Maltese hair, especially if you want your dog looking its best!

If you’re in a hurry to get the best possible brush for your Maltese, we recommend you check out our number one top choice: the Hertzko Pin Brush for Dogs and Cats with Long or Short Hair. 

The Hertzko Pin Brush for Dogs and Cats with Long or Short Hair is absolutely ideal for Maltese dogs, especially because it is highly effective at reaching and detangling the undercoat, which can sometimes be pretty hard to get through because of how thick and long the Maltese coat is.

This brush is great at brushing out any dirt and excess hair, and thanks to the rounded tips it is completely safe and gentle on your dog’s skin.

It has also been designed with your comfort in mind so that you can brush your dog’s coat for hours and hours without straining your hand. Many things make this brush our top choice, and the brand itself is so confident that they offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction. 

Here are the main features: 

  • Very efficient at reaching the undercoat for detangling
  • Highly versatile – ideal for long or short hair, dogs or cats
  • The pins of the brush have rounded ends – gentle on your dog’s skin
  • Increases blood circulation for a softer, shinier, and healthier coat
  • Comfort-grip and anti-slip brush handle for comfort
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee included

Hertzko Pin Brush for Dogs and Cats with Long or Short Hair

Hertzko Pin Brush for Dogs and Cats with Long or Short Hair

The Hertzko Pin Brush for Dogs and Cats with Long or Short Hair is an excellent choice of brush for your Maltese dog, especially because it’s highly effective at detangling the undercoat, which can sometimes be hard to get through with how thick the Maltese coat is.

It can easily brush out all the dirt and any loose hair that is strapped in the luscious coat of your Maltese dog,  eliminating tangles as it goes along.

As the name indicates, this brush is also versatile enough that it can be used with both long and short hair, as well as with cats (and probably a few other pet animals if you’d like to try it out with them.)

The pins on the brush have been manufactured with rounded ends, to ensure that it doesn’t scratch or damage your dog’s skin as you brush through the coat of hair, so it is perfectly safe and gentle to use.

Using the brush, as well as making your dog look good, can also increase blood circulation and serve as a grooming massage, which will enhance your dog’s coat making it shinier and softer, as well as a lot healthier.

Furthermore, the Hertzko Pin brush has been designed with a comfort-grip and an anti-slip handle, so that you can brush your dog for as long as you want without straining your hand (which, trust us, can easily happen when you own a Maltese.)

And just to give you some peace of mind, this brush also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, to prove that this brush is an absolutely amazing product that will guarantee your (and your dog’s) satisfaction.


  • Very efficient at reaching the undercoat for detangling
  • Highly versatile – ideal for long or short hair, dogs or cats
  • The pins of the brush have rounded ends – gentle on your dog’s skin
  • Increases blood circulation for a softer, shinier, and healthier coat
  • Comfort-grip and anti-slip brush handle for comfort
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee included


  • No downsides

Master Grooming Tools Face and Finishing Combs

Master Grooming Tools Face and Finishing Combs

The Master Grooming Tools Face and Finishing Combs is another excellent choice, and as the name suggests, it is a comb designed for brushing out your dog’s face, as well as adding any beauty finishing touches too.

You might not think that having a comb, specifically for the face, is that necessary. But trust us, Maltese dogs have incredibly long hair, and that includes on their face, as it also reaches all the way down to the floor.

It’s going to need some serious combing so that it stays detangled and looking good! This comb is useful and handy whether you’re a professional groomer, or someone just trying to keep hair out of their dog’s own face.

It features 40 tightly spaced ½-inch stainless steel pins that can easily get rid of any hair debris and any dirt, as well as any excess hair that has been trapped amidst the coat.

The stainless steel teeth are also great for effortlessly sliding through your dog’s hair and detangling with ease! The handle of the comb has been ergonomically designed so that it is highly comfortable to use, as well as enhancing the control that you have over it.

As part of the design, the handle features a hole with which you can hand the comb up somewhere within reach so that it is always on hand for you to quickly have a little comb through your dog! 


  • Comb designed for brushing your dog’s face and any other finishing touches
  • It features 40 tightly spaced ½-inches stainless steel pins
  • Highly efficient at detangling and getting out any trapped dirt or excess hair 
  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfort
  • Hole featured in the handle for hanging the comb up – very convenient


  • The teeth are so tightly spaced that it can pull out whiskers if not used with care

Shiny Pet Dog Comb for Removing Tangles and Knots

Shiny Pet Dog Comb for Removing Tangles and Knots

Another amazing option for brushing your Maltese dog efficiently is the Shiny Pet Dog Comb for Removing Tangles and Knots. What’s great about this product, is that it is a comb, but it features round and gentle teeth that are extra gentle and safe on your dog!

They are also extremely good at detangling the hair, as well as removing any dirt, dander, and loose hair that might be trapped within the Maltese coat.

It features an ergonomically designed handle, that has been finished with a rubbery grip, to avoid it from slipping out of your hand as you’re combing, and to help you have more control over the huge amount of hair that you’re dealing with!

This comb has also been designed to gently massage your dog’s coat, boosting blood circulation for a softer and shinier coat. This comb is a hugely popular option, and customers all attest to how good it is at achieving a neat and well-groomed coat of hair for your dog.

Included with the Shiny Pet Dog comb, is a free Ebook with an instructional guide and all the tips and tricks you need for getting your dog to look his absolute best.

And as Shiny Pet Dog is confident in the quality of their product, they also offer a risk-free lifetime guarantee, so that you can get a refund or a replacement if you aren’t happy with the product for some reason. 


  • Gentle round teeth – safe and soft on your dog’s skin
  • Highly efficient at detangling and removing dirt and loose hairs
  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfort and grip
  • Ebook included with the product
  • Risk-free lifetime guarantee included with the purchase 


  • No significant downsides 

Safari Dog De-Matting Comb

Safari Dog De-Matting Comb

One of the main issues that you might face with your Maltese dog, is that as the coat is so long and thick, it might be prone to getting matted. If this is the case, then you’re going to need a good de-matting comb, and the Safari Dog De-Matting Comb is by far one of the best options available in the market.

It’s specially designed for de-matting long and thick coats, which is what makes it the ideal choice for a Maltese dog. The stainless steel serrated blades can easily comb out most tangles, as well as being incredibly efficient at de-matting so that your dog’s coat is once again soft and luscious.

It can be used on other dogs, so long as they have medium to long hair. The blades of the comb can also be reversed so that you can adapt the comb to you, whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

This comb is also highly recommended by professional groomers, and it is highly popular amongst Maltese dog-owners, as it is perfect for dealing with the long thick white hair that they have.

Something that you should always remember, however, and that this comb reminds you of, is that you should always comb in the direction of the hair growth, as well as making sure that you’re not pulling out any hairs yourself.

As it can take a while to get through the entire hair of a Maltese dog, especially when you’re de-matting, the handle of this comb has a rubberized finish with an anti-slip feature, so that it is comfortable to hold and doesn’t strain your hand and wrist after prolonged use.

Overall, it’s a great option for grooming your Maltese dog day after day!


  • Specially designed for de-matting long and thick coats of hair – ideal for Maltese dogs
  • Stainless steel serrated blades – highly efficient at detangling hair
  • Blades of the comb can be reversed to suit left-handed or right-handed people
  • Highly recommended by professional groomers
  • Rubberized handle with anti-slip for comfort


  • No downsides

DarkPets Store Pet Grooming Brush

DarkPets Store Pet Grooming Brush

Last but not least on our list we have an option that has been specifically designed with dealing with all of the possible shedding that having a Maltese dog can lead to, the DarkPets Store Pet Grooming Brush.

This brush was developed by pet grooming experts that specialize in animal care, and it can therefore reduce shedding up to 95%, which can make a huge difference for your home environment and your clothes.

Using this brush gets rid of the hairs that are in the process of shedding so that your Maltese dog doesn’t go about leaving white hairs all over the place that you then have to clean up.

This brush has been made from materials that are completely non-irritation, and it comes with a heavy-duty replaceable stainless steel blade cover that helps protect the lifespan of the blades when not in use.

The handle is made from highly durable rubber, and it features a non-slip grip to give you the control that you need to face the long and luscious hair of your dog.

Using this brush, will not only get rid of all the shedding, but it will also help detangle your dog’s hair and give it a shinier and healthier looking coat.

The product is available in different colors so that you can pick a brush that suits your style, and it is 100% risk-free as they offer a no questions 60-day replacement or refund if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason.

Overall, it’s a great option that will showcase amazing results while helping you keep your dog happy and looking its best. 


  • Developed by pet grooming experts
  • Reduces shedding up to 95%
  • Made from non-irritation materials with a non-slip rubber handle for comfort
  • Available in different colors
  • 100% risk-free – 60-day refund or replacement if you’re not happy 


  • No downsides 

Best Brush For Maltese Buying Guide

Maltese dogs are an absolutely stunning breed, adored by many across the world because of how cuddly and adorable they look, and how striking their long and thick white coat of hair is.

However, those luscious locks require quite an upkeep, and you need to make sure that you are regularly brushing and combing your Maltese dog to avoid any matting or tangles and to keep them looking and feeling their best.

To make brushing time a lot more efficient and comfortable, you need a good grooming brush that is able to detangle and brush out any dirt and loose hair.

There are many different types of brushes for dogs, and many different brands claiming to be the best, so it can get a bit tricky. Here are the main factors you should take into consideration when choosing the best brush for Maltese: 

Pins and teeth

A brush will have pins, and a comb will have teeth, and in both cases, it is important that they are efficient at getting rid of tangles, and pushing out any dirt or loose hairs that have become trapped within the dog’s coat of hair.

However, apart from the efficiency, you should also check how gentle or safe they are on your dog’s skin, as you want to avoid accidentally hurting your beloved pet at all costs.

Round pins tend to be one of the nicest options, as they are gentle on your dog, and they are equally efficient when it comes to detangling. 

Brush or comb handle

Always look for brush or comb handles that have been ergonomically designed for comfort. You should also look out for anti-slip grips, so that it’s easier to stay in control of the comb, instead of it getting lost within the massive fur of your Maltese dog.

A comfortable handle will also help prevent tiredness and hand strain, which can happen quite easily with Maltese dogs as their hair is so incredibly long and thick. 

Materials and durability

The higher-quality the materials of a brush or comb are, the more durable and long-lasting it will be!

A trick is to look out for brands that have a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee, as you know that they are bound to be serious about their products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I brush my Maltese dog?

Dogs need to be groomed and brushed quite regularly, to ensure that their coat of hair is clean, detangled, and healthy. That way you will avoid any matting and any dirt build-up.

Brushing regularly can also help improve blood circulation, which in turn makes the coat shinier, softer, and healthier. 

Maltese dogs, in particular, have such long, thick hair, that they should ideally be brushed every single day. You can make a fun routine activity out of it! 

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