Best Dog Harness For Running

Best Dog Harness For Running

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What could be better for clearing your mind and de-stressing than going for a run with your dog? Maybe you are a seasoned runner or you want to spice up the dog walks a bit.

You may even be getting a dog soon, and want to start an exercise regime whilst taking the dog outside. Dogs are the best running companions, as long as you choose the right harness for them.

Are you planning on a marathon or a more average distance run? It is important to know which harness will keep your dog comfortable and safe, allowing them to enjoy the run as much as you. The correct harness will depend on your dog’s size and breed. 

Remember that smaller breeds may not have the stamina for running, so you should only consider long runs with a medium or a larger sized dog. 

If you are raring and ready to go, we have compiled a list of the 5 best dog harnesses for running. Following 5 product reviews, we have included a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQs to help you decide what is best for you.

Is your dog waiting by the door to go running now? If you or your dog can’t wait to see what our winner is, here it is:

  • Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness
  • Kurgo Dog Harness
  • Tuff Mutt Easy On/Easy Off Dog Harness
  • Ruffwear Web Master Multi-Use Support Harness
  • Noxgear Lighthound – Revolutionary Illuminated Harness
  • ComfortFlex American Made Quick Fit Fully Padded
  • Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

    Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

    If you’re looking for a simple, safe harness to use, then Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness might be the one for you.

    This harness is lightweight and has a soft sponge material design to keep your dog safe and comfortable. It is not bulky so will fit around your dog easily without any discomfort. The straps are easy to take on and off so you can get your dog ready quickly.

    This harness also includes a handle that attaches a belt to your car so your dog can ride in safety.

    The lease clip on the front and back is another bonus of the Adventure Dog Harness. This lease is available in an array of colors and sizes, so it is suitable for many different sized dogs.

    Alongside the varieties of color is the reflective piping which will keep your dog highly visible at night.


    • Lightweight to keep your dog comfortable
    • Soft spongy material that enhances the comfort of your dog when running
    • Straps are easy to take on and off for quick release and to get ready quickly
    • Includes a handle that attaches a belt to your car to keep your dog safe in transit
    • Reflective piping to keep your dog visible at night


    • Elastic strapping may become weak with a larger dog that frequently pulls

    Kurgo Dog Harness

    Kurgo Dog Harness

    Our second choice is the sporty Kurgo Dog Harness. If you are looking for a harness with a unique design that is padded sufficiently to keep your dog comfortable, look no further than this.  

    The Kurgo Dog Harness is adjustable having two leash clips and a handle on the rear to grab or buckle with a seatbelt in the car. An added bonus of the harness is that it comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.

    This means that if your harness is damaged by someone other than you, your dog, or it’s simply worn, you should be covered by the warranty.  

    Of course, you probably want your dog to look stylish or you have a preference for colors. The Kurgo Dog Harness covers these bases coming in different colors and sizes to make you and your pup stand out from the crowd.

    The buckle system adds extra strength to the harness as it is made from metal. This means it will not become unintentionally separated once they are fastened.


    • A sporty and unique style that is padded for your dog’s comfort
    • Adjustable leash clips that are easy to use
    • A handle on the back that you can grab or buckle with a seatbelt
    • Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects 
    • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes


    • The only downfall of the Kurgo Harness is that is doesn’t come with any reflective material

    Tuff Mutt Easy On/Easy Off Dog Harness

    Tuff Mutt Easy On/Easy Off Dog Harness

    Third on our list today is the Tuff Mutt Easy On/Easy Off Dog Harness. This harness includes a strong buckle which is easy to take off but difficult for your dog to remove.

    There are four adjustment points to help fit your dog perfectly. Alongside these additions is a reflective trim and stitching to stand out in the dark and be safe at night. Extra padding around the chest and stomach ensures your dog is in no discomfort.

    Another feature of the Tuff Mutt Dog Harness is the leash attachment ring on the back. The front has a fabric ring for added comfort.

    It is important to note that this harness is specifically designed for large dogs and medium-sized dogs. Therefore, this brand is unsuitable for all dogs.

    You can choose from two different colors but a favorite is the bright green that helps create extra visibility and safety. Unlike most harnesses, there is no option for a handle, but it makes up for this with a strong material that keeps larger dogs in control.


    • A strong buckle that is easy to remove
    • Four adjustment points to help fit your dog’s specific size
    • Reflective trim and stitching to keep your dog safe at night
    • A leash attachment ring on the back to attach in the car and grab easily
    • A frontal fabric ring for added comfort


    • Only suitable for medium and large-sized dogs
    • Unlike most harnesses, this has no handle 

    Ruffwear Web Master Multi-Use Support Harness

    Ruffwear Web Master Multi-Use Support Harness

    Are you planning on running on rough terrains? For the more challenging run, the Ruffwear Web Master could be the perfect harness. This hands-free version is one of the best available. It is ideal for service dog handlers, working dogs, or even those with an amputation.

    The Ruffwear Web Master is superbly secure with a reinforced padded handle to help control your dog in certain situations. Foam-padded strips provide extra comfort for your dog alongside a padded collar.

    This harness really provides excellent quality. Lightweight and long-lasting, extra features such as a safety loop and highly reflective trim add extra safety for your dog when up against any obstacle.

    The 5 adjustment points will ensure the harness fits securely to any dog shape.

    Another bonus with the Ruffwear Web Master is the option to attach patches and signage in case your dog is a working dog. With 5 customizable fits for most dog shapes, this harness is a must for those that like to move around a lot.

    An escape-proof harness to stop your little escape artist.


    • Extremely durable and long-lasting 
    • Customizable fit in 5 ways
    • Reinforced padding to secure the dog whilst keeping them comfortable
    • Option to attach patches and signage to help your dog stand out
    • Excellent for working dogs, dog handlers, and amputees


    • Plastic clips that are not as strong as metal forms

    Noxgear Lighthound – Revolutionary Illuminated Harness

    Noxgear Lighthound - Revolutionary Illuminated Harness

    If you are looking for a stylish dog harness that is available in a wide range of colors, the Noxgear Lighthound could be a good pick. Available in 8 different colors with 6 distinct multicolored flashing styles, this is a unique dog harness.

    Top visual science research has ensured the illumination modes of this harness will keep your dog incredibly visible at all times from almost 1km away.

    This high-tech harness is built with a 3M Scotchlite reflector and fiber optic cables to keep your dog aware of oncoming cars that may be a distraction.

    The secure leash is detachable so you can simply unbuckle the harness at any time. Alongside these fantastic features is the extremely durable and long-lasting fabric it is made from.

    Military-grade Cordura fabric allows your dog to wear this in all conditions such as rain, snow, or on a daily basis. The harness is also easy to clean in the washing machine with no danger of damage.

    Neck and chest adjustments mean the Noxgear is suitable for different dog sizes. Medium-sized harnesses are best suited for breeds such as corgis, and those of a similar size.


    • Easily adjustable to suit your dog’s stature and size, therefore keeping them comfy
    • Highly durable with military-grade Cordura fabric
    • Easy to clean in the washing machine
    • Includes a high-tech 3M Scotchlite reflector and fiber optic cables to keep your dog aware of oncoming headlights from motors
    • Available in 8 different sizes and 6 multi-colored flashing modes


    • Designed mainly for night time walks but perfect for all types of terrain

    ComfortFlex American Made Quick Fit Fully Padded

    ComfortFlex American Made Quick Fit Fully Padded

    Our last pick on the list is the simple but highly secure ComfortFlex Fully Padded dog harness. The uncomplicated design of this harness is easy to use and will keep your dog safe when out on your daily run. 

    Your dog’s comfort when wearing a harness is paramount. Thanks to entirely padded nylon material, the ComfortFlex will offer exactly what the name suggests. It is comfortable yet flexible to let your dog move around freely without harm or irritation.

    The straps included are also fully reflective to keep your dog visible at night.

    Dogs will be able to move freely without any discomfort. The leash attachment ring and handle are situated in a way to grab easily without any fuss and allow dogs with respiratory problems to move easily.

    Available in 10 different sizes, the ComfortFlex is a smart choice for most dogs. You have the option of eleven different colors helping it stand out from the rest. The ComfortFlex is easy to put on and off thanks to its specific design.

    This design protects all areas of your dog too, covering the back and chest to fully secure on long runs.


    • Very lightweight at only 2.4 ounces
    • Available in 11 eye-catching different colors
    • 10 different sizes are available to fit many shapes of dogs
    • A dynamic handle to help you keep complete control over your dog
    • Robust padding for extra comfort and protection


    • No loop is present around the neck but the covering of the back and chest is adequate

    Best Dog Harness For Running Buying Guide

    There are a few important matters to consider when purchasing a dog harness. It is vital you find a good quality harness to keep your dog safe but also have the dog’s comfort firmly in mind too.

    Keep reading and you will find some criteria that we think you should consider and ensure you invest in the right harness for you and your dog.

    Size Measurement

    Each dog breed has different size requirements. Some harnesses wouldn’t need to be as sturdy as others due to varying sizes and strengths.

    One thing you should consider is the thickness of the harness. It is important to discover the right harness thickness that suits your dog. 

    The best way to ensure you find the right thickness is to measure the size of your dog’s neck and girth. Thereafter, you will be able to find the perfect harness to fit your dog safely.


    There are several materials available for dog harnesses. These range from nylon, leather, and so on. It is essential that dog owners know how to wash their dog’s harness.

    It is worth reading how to wash your specific material in order to clean it without getting damaged. Finding out which material is best suited for your dog is crucial as some may irritate the dog’s skin.


    Dogs need to be as comfortable as possible when in a harness. Any rubbing will cause harm to your dog and cause irritation. A padded harness is commonly the best choice as it provides added comfort.

    Not only will padding ensure your dog runs in content, but it can help make your dog look stylish.   

    Reflective gear

    Are you a nighttime runner or a daytime runner? This is an important question to ask yourself when looking for your new dog harness. If you often go for runs in the early morning, evening, or nighttime, a reflective strap is a must for the harness.

    This will ensure your dog is visible in the dark keeping them safe from traffic and bicycles.

    Harness types

    Harness types come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Rushing to buy a cheap harness because you like how it looks is not advisory at all.

    Spending a little extra on your dog’s harness is a better option as it will assure protection and comfort, along with durability, and a long-lasting lifespan.

    Adjustment points

    It is worth finding out how many adjustment points a harness has.

    If you want your harness to fit your dog perfectly, it should have more adjustment points.

    Therefore, you can customize the harness to fit your specific dog’s size and shape.


    The design of a harness should fit your dog without any trouble. A vital component of most dog harnesses is the handle. This should be ergonomically made yet strong enough to hold on to firmly.

    It should feel comfortable too without causing any harm to your hands. A durable handle is essential as it will be used regularly. Wear and tear are bound to occur after some time but a well-made handle should last years.

    The leash

    Dog harnesses are generally connected with a leash. It is important to consider the strength of this. The ring of the leash should usually be made with a stainless steel metal or ultra-strong plastic.

    The chain should be connected so that it doesn’t break loose or break down at any time. If your dog frequently pulls on the leash, there are options to discourage them with added elements to the chain.


    A good harness should be flexible and easy to put on and off. A flexible harness is vital for outdoor activities such as running or hiking. Running can affect the harness’s movements on the dog.

    If the harness is too tight or not flexible enough, it can rub into the dog causing irritation, rashes, or even cuts. Flexible harnesses will move freely on the dog allowing the dog to move easily and comfortably.

    Front Clip and Back Clip

    Harnesses should connect correctly. The two types of harnesses are front clips and back slips. Pet owners can choose either one, based on what is best for their dog.

    Front clip harnesses provide better control over your pet’s behavior but are not the best choice for aggressive dogs. Back slip harnesses are easy to clip on and off, and offer great comfort, but do not provide as much control over your pet.

    Harnesses that allow the leash to attach to the middle of the back give better control over pulling dogs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a harness good for dogs?

    A dog harness is fantastic at managing dogs when on the go, especially those with aggressive behavior.

    Larger and heavier dogs can be controlled more easily through the use of a harness, especially when running in streets and crowded areas.

    Harnesses reduce stress on your dog’s neck and back by spreading any pressure over the entire body.

    Why does my dog frequently pull on the leash?

    There is no doubt that you have experienced a dog pulling on its leash. This is a common behavior for many dogs, especially when they wear a harness for the first time.

    A good idea is to not follow your dog if it pulls on the leash as they may think that pulling is acceptable. If your dog pulls regularly, you can stop running or change direction altogether to disrupt the pulling.

    Another option is to provide treats when your dog doesn’t pull on the leash. You can also praise them to instill a belief that it is good not to pull.

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