Best No Pull Harness for Your Pup

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No-pull harnesses are the alternative to leashes that everyone should be using.

Yes, you can have a retractable leash and it can work very well for most dogs, but if your dog is a puller and doesn’t care that there’s a leash around their neck when they tug away from you, that could be a problem.

Even if you’re a responsible and kind pet owner, your dog can be rambunctious enough to accidentally hurt themselves if they thrash around while on a walk.

The best no pull dog harness is the perfect solution to a leash that isn’t working well. Harnesses fit nicely around their chest instead of choking them around the neck, giving more control to the leash holder, and less stress on your dog.

Powerful pups might need some training with this, but if they’re stubborn, a no-pull harness is going to be infinitely better for them than a leash.

Best Overall: PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

As the best dog harness for pulling on our list, PetSafe makes it easy to pull your dog out of harm’s way without hurting them via a leash. It’s extremely important to have the right level of safety for your dog, and it just got a little bit easier.

Petsafe makes this in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 12” to 16” chest width for smaller dogs, all the way up to a 24.5” to 34” chest width, which is the one we’re reviewing today.

Throughout all of their sizes, the price only fluctuates by a marginal amount. We understand that more material equals more money, but PetSafe does it in an incremental way that lets you know it’s only raised by a necessary amount. All the prices are fair.

Your pup has their own personality, and because of that, they need their own harness. There’s seven different color options available, so that your pup can vibe with the best of them no matter what time their walk is.

The harness system is described as having quick-snap buckles, so that you can fasten it to your pup quickly. This comes in handy when they’re amped up about going on a walk and don’t want to stand still for ever long.

Overall, this took the top spot because of how versatile it is. You can not only use it for a leash replacement on an adult, well-trained dog, but it can also be used to actually train dogs in a multitude of ways.

PetSafe makes their harness as safe as can be so that you can use it no matter how rambunctious your dog is, and still keep them protected.

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, this design can either work as a chest harness, or be used as a leader headcollar if you have problems with your dog acting out against people or other dogs while out on a walk.

Weight: For 40 – 65 lb dogs

Dimensions: 24.5” up to 34” in chest

Material: Nylon

Colors Available: 7

Runner Up: Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

Need a little bit of extra durability? Chai’s Choice no pull dog harness is basically the ultimate strap for stronger pups that need help managing their excitement and being a little more controlled.

Dog owners don’t want to feel like they’re controlling their pups, but if you need a harness because they’re acting out a bit too much on walks, it’s what it comes down to: showing your dog that you run the show.

Chai’s Choice gives you a way of doing that in a completely safe and suitable way, one that won’t leave your dog feeling any pain in their chest.This harness has extra wide straps with thick buckles, giving plenty of strength to the unit on its own, and allowing for full coverage on your dog.

Available from 13” up to 17” harnesses, with their XL being 32” up to 42”, Chai’s Choice has a little bit of something for every dog out there in a total of five sizes.

On top of that, there’s nine different colors you can choose from. If you want something a little more vibrant if you have early morning walks with your dog, there’s hazard orange. Remember that brighter colors don’t retain as much heat as black harnesses.

Even if you go with a darker material, there are 3M reflective strips all along the harness, giving you the perfect nighttime stroll companion. This harness helps to train your dog, thanks to the O-ring on the front of the harness.

With this, your dog will pull, and feel pressure from the O-ring. It isn’t designed to hurt them, just to train their instincts to say “Okay, I need to stop doing this” so that they learn to restrain themselves on walks.

Weight: For 40 – 65 lb dogs

Dimensions: 27” up to 32” in chest

Material: Polyester

Colors Available: 9

Alternative 1: Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness

Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness

As far as harnesses go, there are plenty out there that just don’t do the job properly. They’re too abrasive on the edges, not comfortable enough, and are difficult to actually strap onto your dog in the first place.

Kurgo makes the best dog harness to stop pulling that also cuts down on discomfort the entire way through. This is a harness that you can use when you’re training your dog to stop running off (or trying to, anyway), as well as when they’re fully trained.

The soft interior padding allows you to gently tug on the leash (just enough to show your dog which direction you’re going; all gently, of course) without hurting them in the slightest.

If they often pull away from you in the middle of training, then it’s going to be a big help. You’re keeping them safe and letting them know that you love them.

With the right material, a dog harness can be tough as nails and twice as sturdy. This is made of a high denier polyester, which just basically means it’s nearly impossible to rip unless you tie it between two tow truck bumpers and have them both go in reverse.

From the extra small at 12” to 18” up to the extra large at 28” up to 44”, there’s a total of five sizes to choose from that accommodate just about every dog that’s out there. Sadly, you only have three colors to choose from, though they are vibrant.

Your release buckles are entirely rust-proof, so even if your dog likes to go on a walk in the rain, it’s not going to damage the harness. This material is solid, just don’t chip it otherwise that waterproofing ends.

Last but not least, regardless of what color you choose, every one of these harnesses comes with reflective properties. If you’re walking your dog early in the morning, this is going to come in handy to let nearby commuters know to be safe and pump the brakes.

Weight: For 50 – 80 lb dogs

Dimensions: 24” up to 34”

Material: Polyester

Colors Available: 3

Alternative 2: The Company of Animals HALTI No-Pull Harness



HALTI No Pull Harness - To Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Leash. Adjustable, Lightweight and Easy to Use. Reflective Dog Training Harness for Small Dogs (Size S)

We don’t want to tug on our pets. We’re not trying to give negative behavior when they don’t go where we want them to, we’re just trying to gently show them where to go, and keep them safe at the same time.

The HALTI might be the best harness for dogs that pull because of its lifting motion. You aren’t tugging on a D-ring at the front of the chest piece, even though that’s where the leash connects.

Basically, there are soft, padded foam rollers on the bottom of the halter. It goes over your dog’s chest and underneath them as well, and those soft rollers are directly connected to the leash system. You pull on the leash a bit, and it lifts your dog up slightly.

This breaks the status of how they’re moving. If they’re going in the wrong direction, this action is gentle while at the same time letting them know that it’s not where they’re supposed to go.

This also works wonders if your dog is a puller and you’re fighting to keep them out of traffic or going after another dog on their walk. It can lift their front legs up enough to prevent running while still being gentle.

Available in three sizes, this is a fairly comprehensive harness that doesn’t cost you too much. It’s made out of an elastic synthetic material, which helps with that give-and-take when you pull on the leash and enact that lifting motion.

There’s a “2020 improved version” available as well, although the standard version works nicely, so it’s just a possible upgrade if that’s something you want to do. Let the chest mesh comfort your dogs, and the straps hug them tightly without making them feel constricted.

Weight: Up to 35 lb dogs

Dimensions: 8.5” up to 14”

Material: Elastic synthetic

Colors Available: 1

Alternative 3: PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness, Reflective Comfortable Vest Harness with Front & Back 2 Leash Attachments and Easy Control Handle Adjustable Soft Padded Pet Vest for Small to Large Dogs (Purple,L)


Last on our list is one of the most comprehensive forms of coverage for any no pull harness. PoyPet knows what they’re doing, and made sure that you can lead your dog safely without having to jerk on the leash too hard.

Available in five sizes and ten colors, this harness comes with a full chest pad to help with multiple things.

First, it’s comfortable for your dog while wearing it, so that the straps have a place to anchor to. Second, when you have to pull on the leash even just a little bit while you lead them in a different direction, it doesn’t cause them any pain.

This actually just helps pull the straps by the chest piece and tell them, “Okay, this is where we’re going now.” It’s a solid harness, made from durable polyester that isn’t going to wane from rough walks or runs in the dog park.

The no-pull clip in the front is exactly what you need to ensure you aren’t jerking your dog around, but it isn’t going to do all the work. It just means that when you tug on the leash, it doesn’t yank your dog forward, it shows them where they’re expected to go.

Included in your kit, you’ll also get two leash attachments, as well as a control handle to help you get things started.

The good thing here is that these pieces can be interchanged with other handles and leashes in the future if you need a replacement; you don’t need to exclusively get them from PoyPet.

In our no pull dog harness reviews, we haven’t seen something quite as inexpensive with this amount of coverage. Overall, it’s a solid buy, you just have to get the chest dimensions through their specific chart on their sales page.

Weight: 40 lb up to 65 lb dog

Dimensions: 27” up to 34”

Material: Polyester

Colors Available: 9

No Pull Harness Buying Guide & FAQ

What is a No-Pull Harness?

What Is A No-Pull Harness?

No-pull harnesses are the opposite of leashes. When you tug on a leash, you’re taking a collar that’s wrapped around a dog’s neck, and pulling with however many pounds of pressure you end up using, and essentially choking your dog.

No-pull harnesses do exactly as they suggest – they don’t pull on the dog.

The best no pull harness for large dogs and small dogs alike will gently apply pressure to multiple spots on the dog’s chest. Instead of immense force being used to pull a dog as it’s running in the opposite direction, the harness applies that pressure to areas on your dog’s chest.

This still sounds like it’s being mean, but one way or another, you have to direct your dog and get them to listen. Using a no-pull harness isn’t mean; it serves as a safe way to direct them specifically because it doesn’t apply pressure to the neck.

One of the biggest problems and injuries with dogs, which is also why a lot of people choose retractable leashes, is momentum. Imagine that you’re using a fifteen foot leash, and your dog starts running away from you. Let’s say they were three feet ahead of you.

Your dog can build up a lot of energy in those next twelve feet, all to be stopped short by the leash on a collar around their neck. That leads to trauma and potential injuries that can leave your dog in pain for weeks on end.

If they did the same thing with a chest harness on, they’re not going to run into those same problems.

The momentum is distributed among all the straps, and apply pressure to a completely different area. Your dog’s chest can handle the feeling of straps pressing on them, because it slows them down faster unlike the jerking motion of a collar pulling back suddenly.

Does a No-Pull Harness Work?

Does A No-Pull Harness Work?

You’ve seen the best no pull dog harness reviews above, and they come with two different types of systems that can benefit your pup.

One is a chest harness that ties to a D-ring on the front, where your leash latches onto. This is common and you’ll find them on this list. When you pull, it doesn’t tug on their neck like a collar, but instead gives pressure across their entire chest to keep them in place without hurting them.

Next is a lift-style harness. This works by having soft-touch cords or ribbons beneath your dog or on their sides, which are pulled upward with the system when you pull on the leash. This literally lifts them up instead of pulling on them like a collar/leash combo does.

The reason that the latter is more effective is that it takes away the momentum of your dog running. Their legs go into a pumping motion when they move, and lifting them moves the momentum away and forces their legs to gos traight (in a way that doesn’t hurt them).

A no-pull harness doesn’t just work to redirect your dog, but to help train them at the same time, far more than a leash ever would.

How do You Put a No-Pull Dog Harness on Your Pup?

no pull harness attached

  1. Squat right behind your dog. Depending on your height versus the dog’s height, adjust your position accordingly. While here, put your dog in a sitting position as well.
  2. The harness design is pretty straightforward—simply slide it over your dog’s head and down their body. Depending on the design, the D-ring will either be on the front or back, just be sure you have it right.
  3. Gently raise your dogs legs so that they go through the harness loops in the appropriate spots. These loops circle around the ribs, where your dog’s legs will fit through.
  4. Fasten the buckle. When you fasted it completely, check the leg holes and the chest harness area. If they don’t match up properly, one end will be loose and you will need to tighten something.
  5. Check for a good fit. You should be able to fit your index and middle finger between the strap and your dog without having to apply much pressure at all. If this works, you’ve done it; it’s a solid fit. Too loose and your dog might be able to just slip out of it, or at the very least, they’ll end up chewing on it.

Your pup is going to grow, while you grow into the routine adjusting their buckle the same way every time. Assess if your dog has grown or not, and consider changing up how you secure their harness if it seems like it’s getting too tight.

Is It Okay to Leave a Dog Harness on?

While your pup isn’t doing anything? Well, that’s questionable. Harnesses are not meant to be permanent attire, and for a good reason.

Smaller dogs are not supposed to be left on harnesses at all.

This is because it’s easy to forget about taking the harness off for a week until their bath time, and as they rapidly grow, the chest strap gets tight. This can hurt your dog when they go to sit down or roll over, so you might notice them standing when they could be lying down.

With larger dogs, it tends to be okay to leave the harness on if they’re done growing. However, that being said, you have to pay attention.

It’s possible for small harness adjustments (mostly tightening) to occur on walks, and for you to not notice at all. Your dog can’t talk; it’s not like they’re going to inform you of exactly what’s wrong.

But it is noticeable. If they’re standing more often, or constantly rattling around trying to get comfortable, it’s not a good thing. The straps might be too tight and pressing into their chest.

This is why if you pay attention to any harness guidelines for dogs, you constantly see that you’re supposed to keep the sides fairly loose.

This not only helps them when they’re having some downtime in the living room or the backyard and just trying to lay around, but also to keep them comfortable while on a walk.

This allows them to move and not restrict their motion (which would restrict their muscle movement) during the entirety of the walk.

The bottom line is: small dogs cannot be left in a harness, big dogs can be left in a harness, but it’s not the best way to go about using a harness with your dogs.

No-Pulls Are Your Best Bet

You’re a good pet owner, you love your pup, and you don’t want them to feel any pain, even if it’s by their own paws. Yes, sometimes your doggo can get restless and rush off, disregarding the leash around their neck and causing injuries.

Dogs can still get hurt in no-pull harnesses, but the risk is insanely low in comparison, and if an injury were to occur, it would be far less inhibiting for your dog. Make the smart choice and go for a no-pull harness. If your dog is a puller, it’s time to ditch the leash

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