Best Tents For Camping With Dogs

Best Tents For Camping With Dogs

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If camping with your four-legged best friend has ever crossed your mind but you weren’t quite sure if it would work, then this is your sign to start planning your trip away with them.

Camping with dogs may seem like too much fuss for some people but in reality, it’s not that hard, especially when you find yourself a good location and also an excellent tent to camp in. However, what does your tent really need for you and your dog? 

We’ve created this guide to help you find your perfect tent for your next trip with your dog.

Our 5 best tents for camping with dogs reviews will show you the pros and the cons for each individual tent along with the buyer’s guide which will let you know what you should be looking out for.

The frequently asked questions section at the end will answer any queries you may have about camping with your furry friend.

In a hurry?

If your next camping trip is only a short time away then we totally want you to get to the best choice right away, so we’ve saved you the hassle and cut right to the chase.

Our top favorite is the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent and here’s a few quick reasons why we love it and you will love it too:

  • Easy to pitch
  • Two rooms
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Water repellent
  • Safe from winds
  • 6 ft 6 tall
  • Hi-low ventilation
  • Accessory pockets
  • Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent
  • Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent with Screen Room
  • Coleman 8-Person Tent
  • Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent
  • Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent
  • Top Pick: Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

    Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent Review

    Our top choice for the best tent for camping with your dog is the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent, which is a large tent that can fit a couple of queen-sized beds inside so is great for a trip away with the family or even with a group of friends and a furry friend.

    This tent is great for dogs with the convertible screen room being a great and ventilated space for your dog to sleep during the night and also be a safe place to chill during the way when you’re pottering around the tent.

    They’ll be an arms reach away from you but you’ll still get the benefit of them sleeping directly on top of you.

    The only downside to the screen room is that the doorway leading from there into the main space of the tent is not clear, so you won’t be able to see your dog through the night.

    However, the entrance to the screen room is clear so you’ll be able to see that they’re ok when you’re sitting outside the tent.

    This Klondike tent is super dog friendly and is built out of great materials so your dog can play and relax without damaging the tent.

    The whole tent offers great ventilation for both you and your dog through the mesh roof vents, so even on the hottest of nights, you’ll still be able to keep cool without the local wildlife coming to pay you a visit.

    The rainfly has great weather resistance and will protect the tent from any 

    The tent is easy to assemble and features stake power corners to help keep your tent sturdy during any windy conditions. The tent is 6 foot 5 in the main compartment so it offers plenty of space to move around without feeling cramped and confined.

    The tent comes featured with two hanging storage compartments built into the interior of the tent, so you can keep any valuables to hand without having to hunt around in your tent for them.

    This is also handy to keep your essential items for your dogs such as its leash, treats, and poop bags.


    • Easy to pitch
    • Two rooms
    • Sturdy and durable materials
    • Water repellent
    • Safe from winds
    • 6 ft 5 tall
    • Hi-low ventilation
    • Accessory pockets


    • You’ll need more than one person to set up and pitch

    Second Pick: Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent with Screen Room

    Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent with Screen Room Review

    Second on our list of best tents for camping for dogs is the Coleman 6 person dome tent with screen room. As given away in the name, this tent comes with the added bonus of a ventilated screen room which is ideal for a room for your dog to have for itself.

    You’ll have this tent set up in 15 minutes and if you’re a newbie to tent pitching, the Coleman 6 person dome tent comes with an instruction manual to help you learn the art of camping.

    The Accessory pockets offer room for you to keep your phone, wallet, keys, and dog accessories within sight.

    The dome tent boasts a roomy interior inside and is large enough to fit two queen-sized air beds inside, especially great if you’re not a fan of sleeping directly on the floor in your sleeping bag.

    The tent comes with a welded corner and inverted seams to stop water from getting in and also has a rainfly included to put on top of your tent that offers extra weather protection.

    The floors are waterproof as well so you can sleep with peace of mind that you won’t be waking up in a puddle after heavy rainfall. The tent is supported by a wind-strong frame, so you won’t have to worry about your tent collapsing even in heavy storms.

    A Carry bag is also included to keep your tent stored, which is ideal to have on your shoulder when carrying everything from your car, along with your dog to your pitch site.

    The added screen room offers extra ventilation without the risk of bugs for you or your pet, wherever you decide to sleep. You’ve also got the option of window awnings which you can open for extra air circulation without getting any rain into the tent.


    • Easy to pitch
    • Provides plenty of space
    • Weather-proof
    • Pockets for accessories
    • Ventilated
    • Comes with a carry bag
    • Window awnings


    • Rainfly doesn’t protect the screened area as much as the main area

    Third Pick: Coleman 8-Person Tent

    Coleman 8-Person Tent Review

    The Coleman 8-person tent offers great weather protection from rain and wind, with its sturdy build, weather-coated walls and flooring, and a rainfly to make sure no weather dampens your camping spirits.

    Storage pockets are pretty standard with most Coleman tents and this one is no different, giving you designated areas to put your most important objects in arms reach, without having to tip the tent upside trying to find one particular item.

    This 8-person tent claims to be easy to assemble within 15 minutes, but we and many others found it more difficult than conventional tents to assemble and may require an extra pair of hands.

    This tent is great for large groups along with a furry friend and can fit up to 3 queen-sized air beds inside for ultimate comfort.

    Whilst this tent doesn’t offer a built screen room for your pet, it is large enough to accommodate a handful of people and a pet without imposing on each other as it offers dividers to put up to create three separate rooms.

    The great ventilation through mesh windows, which can zip open for extra circulation will keep all parties cool during the nights.


    • Weatherproof
    • Storage pockets
    • Fits 3 queen-sized air beds
    • Carry bag included
    • Wind-strong dog frame
    • Potential three rooms


    • Harder to assemble than most tents

    Fourth Pick: Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent

    Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent Review

    The WeatherMaster 6 person tent is one of the best tents on the list for protection against all weathers, it’s engineered to be stronger and more wind-responsive by using extra-strong poles and guy-out triangles to anchor tents and increase wind protection performance.

    The tent can fit two queen-sized air beds but does not offer as much extra room as some other models from the Coleman brand, however, it is large enough for a small family and a pet.

    It offers a separate floorless screen room for bug-free lounging for either you or your pooch and is ideal for hazy summer days, however, due to having no floor and also having a lack of rain protection from the rainfly, it’s not ideal to sleep out there when conditions are wet.

    You are protected in the main area of the ent by welded, coated floors and inverted seams to keep the rain out completely. The fabric of the walls of the tent is coated with polyester fabric and combined with anti-wicking thread to ensure ultimate rain resistance.

    The hinged door allows easy access in and out of the tent making it perfect for kids and dogs who are always on the go.

    An added extra great for children is the zipped storage pockets built into the interior where they can keep toys or any valuables safe without you having to keep tabs on them constantly.

    You can also bring electricity to your tent through an extension cable through the built-in cord port, so ideal if you want to keep a camping lamp in there or even charge phones or iPads to keep everyone entertained whilst out in the wilderness.


    • 6ft 4 in height
    • Large inside
    • Easy to assemble
    • Weather-resistant
    • Electric cord port
    • Strong frame


    • Hard to insert and arrange curtain poles on assembling

    Final Pick: Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

    Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent Review

    Last on our list of best tents for camping with dogs is yet another Coleman branded tent. The Steel Creek Dome tent can fit up to 6 people and features a separate ventilated screen room for extra sleeping space for your dog. 

    The main selling point of this tent is that it’s quick and easy to pitch and will be up and ready in under ten minutes, however, if you’re a complete newcomer to tent-pitching we can’t promise it’ll be as quick for you.

    As well as being easy to assemble, the tent is simple to disassemble and put away back into the included carry bag.

    It’s got a built-in WeatherTec system and rainfly keeps the interior dry and comfortable even during heavy rainfall. It’s made from strong, durable polyguard fabric and includes a strong frame to make sure this tent will last you for all camping vacations to come.

    If sleeping in sleeping bags on the ground is not your thing then you’ll have the option of being able to fit two queen-sized beds in so you’ll have a great night’s sleep.

    If you plan on coming in the summer, you’ll be able to keep cool with the window awnings that enhance circulation whilst still protecting you from the rain.

    The tent offers an e-port to bring electrical power into the tent, convenient for any rainy days where you’ll need to entertain yourselves inside the tent.

    You’ll be able to store valuable possessions in the storage pockets built-in to the tent walls which also create more room on the floor.


    • Quick to pitch
    • Port for electrical cords
    • Screen room for dogs
    • Withstands winds over to 35 MPH
    • Storage pockets
    • Good ventilation
    • Screen Room for dogs


    • You need to tie the roof of tent to prevent puddles
    • The screened compartment isn’t waterproof

    Best Tents For Camping With Dogs Buyer’s Guide


    If you’re traveling to your camping location by car then you might want to consider a larger sized tent for you and your pooch.

    You’ll want to have another room to lie down, move around and if preferable, not have your dog’s bum right in your face whilst you sleep.


    You’ll want to make sure that your tent is made out of thick, durable, and robust material so your dog doesn’t tear holes in it.

    It’s very easy for their claws or teeth to rip open the sides or flooring of tens when they’re playing so you’ll want to make sure the materials will reduce the risk of any accidents as no tent will be able to guarantee no tears at all.

    The family-sized tents tend to be better made and more durable than single person tents.

    To help reduce the risk of your pup accidentally ripping something, you may want to clip their toenails before the trip.


    When looking for tents for camping with dogs, vestibules will always come recommended. They’re often to the side or adjacent to the main room of the tent and often screened so you can keep an eye on your dog in there.

    They’re a great option if you don’t want your dog sleeping on top of you but still being close enough so they feel reassured in your presence.


    It’s essential to make sure your tent has built-in ventilation for your dog, especially if you’re planning on camping during the summer months. Most tents will offer mesh windows and doors to ensure no bugs will come in but also to improve air ventilation.

    When the weather is fine, you should let your dog sleep in the ventilated screen room as they’ll have access to the most airflow. If your dog won’t sleep separately, you’ll need to find a tent that has good mesh windows that can also unzip and often during the hottest months.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it ok to leave your dog in the RV?

    It’s not safe to leave your dog alone in an RV due to the risk of unsafe temperatures.

    If it’s too hot outside and your dog is left in the RV with nor air conditioning they can develop heatstroke and even if you’ve gone out and left your dog in the RV with the air conditioning on, there could always be a risk of an electrical problem and the air con being cut.

    Dogs can develop heatstroke in temperatures as low as 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s important that they’re never left on their own inside static vehicles.

    How cold is too cold to camp with a dog?

    You’ll need to keep a watchful eye if you are camping during colder weather. If the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, then you’ll need to make sure your dog is kept warm in its best with warm blankets or you can even put a little sweater on them to make sure.

    Some dogs don’t like to sleep all covered up so investing in a portable heater to keep near them would also be a suggestion.

    During icy conditions, you may want to buy them some socks or boots for their paws to protect them from the salt on the ground and to also stop their paws from getting too cold.

    How do I secure my dog when camping?

    You should bring something to act as an anchor in the ground for when you are cooking or keeping busy around your campsite, you can find an array of dog camping tethers online which will keep them secure in the ground.

    However, if you’ve got a hyperactive dog that misbehaves when not being attended to, you might just want to make sure someone is always next to keeping them. Always keep them leashed, if you are walking around the campsite.

    Why are dogs not allowed on hiking trails?

    Dogs can get caught up in snares and traps left by hunters whilst out on a hiking trail so it’s best to leave behind with someone or avoid hiking altogether. Dogs are always trying to instinctively chase other animals and can hurt or kill local wildlife.

    On the other hand, there could be local wildlife like mountain lions or coyotes that could attack and seriously injure your beloved pooch. 

    If the trail is paved and allows dogs, you should always keep them leashed regardless of how well behaved they are. If they go to the bathroom, you should always clean it up (just because you’re in the wild, doesn’t mean rules don’t apply).

    If any signs ahead warn that no dogs are allowed you should comply in order to avoid any issues.

    How do I prepare my dog for camping?

    You should let your dog become comfortable with the idea of the tent before you set up on your trip as you don’t want them being uncomfortable and chaotic all through the night.

    You should practice with your dog in a tent in your backyard so they can get used to sleeping outdoors with all the different sights and smells.

    You should make sure that your pup has had their flea/tick treatment before you embark on the trip as they might come across some unfamiliar wildlife.

    Make sure you pack a mini first aid kit for your dog with alcohol wipes, bandages, tape, and scissors as your dog might get into mischief and injure itself on your travels and you may not be able to get to a vet very quickly.

    A dog is like having a baby and they can be very regimented in their routines, so it’s important to try and stick to it to minimize any disruption. You should feed their meals at the same time and also try to have any routine dog walks around similar times. 

    A final tip is to bring plenty of treats with you, this is especially important if you are a very anxious dog who needs reassuring or any young/badly behaved pooches who need bribing to do what you say, 

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