Best Collar for Husky

Best Collar for Husky

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As a Husky owner, you don’t want to be worrying about whether the collar you’ve chosen is too tight or pulling on your dog’s neck, you’d rather know that it’s the best fit for your pooch and their training. 

As strong, energetic breeds that were originally bred to pull sleds, Huskies are naturally predisposed to pull. Buying the right collar for your pup isn’t a luxury but is a necessity for their health and development. 

However, with an array of dog collars on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your dog. So how can you know which is the best collar for your Husky? Relax, we’ve got you sorted. 

We’ve produced a list of the top five dog collars for huskies. Alongside this, we’ve written a buyer’s guide of factors to consider before you buy a new collar for your husky.

Take a look at our top pick below.

  • Black Rhino Comfort Collar
  • Country Brook Design Collar
  • OneTirgris Military Adjustable Dog Collar
  • Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar
  • Yunleparks Highly Reflective Dog Collar
  • Top Pick: Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar for All Breeds – Heavy Duty Adjustable Reflective Weatherproof

    Black Rhino Comfort Collar Review

    The Black Rhino Comfort Collar is a heavy-duty yet lightweight collar constructed for all breeds and designed to withstand all outdoor conditions.

    This collar is made with durability in mind, featuring a lightweight design but is built specifically with heavy-duty hardware that is tough enough to resist forces from the most energetic dogs.

    The comfort collar is lined with soft neoprene padding to prevent irritation and to allow your dog the breathing room it needs when it’s active.

    Ensure that your dog stays safe and stays seen! This collar features reflective stitching that reflects light to help your dog to be seen on your early morning jogs and hikes or evening walks.


    • This collar is made out of durable, high-quality material to make sure your pup gets the most out of their active life outdoors without you having to worry!
    • The comfort collar comes with a money back guarantee. Return your dog’s collar for a full refund should you feel dissatisfied with the quality of your purchase.
    • The collar is designed with reflective lining to help minimize the risks of your dog not being seen when you’re out and about.


    • A few customers found that the branding on this collar was larger than they had been expecting. 

    Second Pick: Country Brook Design – Vibrant 25 Color Selection – Premium Nylon Dog Collar with Metal Buckle (Large, 1 Inch, Black)

    Country Brook Design Collar Review

    The Country Brook Design Collar is made with aluminum and stainless steel hardware for superior strength and durability.

    This silky soft nylon collar is designed for comfort, whilst the webbing of the nylon is made with a tensile strength for even the strongest of pullers, so rest assured your Husky’s neck will be supported.

    This collar comes with a metal clasp for extra security when you’re out and about with your dog.

    This collar includes turned edges for a smoother fit and to ensure that your dog doesn’t get scratched!


    • Comes in adjustable sizes and 25 different colors! Meaning you can add a personalized touch and find the perfect option for your pooch.
    • Colorfast dye means this collar won’t fade or run when it gets wet, so you don’t have to worry about your Husky playing out in the rain.
    • Box stitching is applied to pressure points for extra strength and peace of mind for you.


    • One customer reported the clasp of this collar failing to close properly over time.

    Third Pick: OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar with Metal D Ring & Buckle 2 Sizes (M, Grey)

    OneTirgris Military Adjustable Dog Collar Review

    The OneTirgris Military Adjustable Dog Collar is durably made with comfort in mind, featuring a heavy-duty metal D ring & metal buckle with 5 adjustable points.

    Hook & loop panel for you to add a name tag for your dog or an identification tag to help keep your pet safe if they go missing.

    The soft cushion padded material of this collar is designed for your dog’s comfort and to also help to prevent skin irritation from occurring.

    The OneTigris collar is a wide collar meaning it can reduce the pressure if you need to use the collar for walking, whilst the solid buckle minimizes the risk of the collar coming undone.


    • User friendly. Easy to attach and comes with 5 adjustable length options to fit your Husky perfectly. 
    • Comes with a patch panel for a name tag or morale tag to help keep your dog safe should they go missing. 
    • Available in different sizes for larger-sized dogs! Perfect for your Husky.


    • A few customers noted that the D ring came loose as time passed.

    Fourth Pick: Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle | Ballistic Nylon Heavy Duty Collar | Padded Reflective Dog Collar with Adjustable Stainless Steel Hardware | Convenient Sizing for All Breeds

    Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar Review

    The Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog collar with Handle is made with tough materials and is built for durability.

    This heavy-duty dog collar with 100% stainless steel metal buckle is built using 3mm thick rip and fray-proof ballistic nylon with accent stitching. 

    The Tuff Pupper collar boasts an integrated stretch bungee safety handle that allows for tighter control of your dog’s movement when waiting for traffic, in a crowded space, or to secure your dog when they’re anxious or scared.

    This collar is made with reflective and soft neoprene material that is built for comfort whilst helping your dog to be seen and to stay safe on walks at night.


    • More secure and longer-lasting than nylon buckle dog collars.
    • Tuff Pupper collars are inclusive and cater to a variety of sized dogs. Convenient sizes for every breed!
    • Made with rust and snag proof materials that are designed to last for years to come!


    • A couple of customers found that a few threads became loose after frequent use.

    Final Pick: Yunleparks Highly Reflective Dog Collar Tactical Dog Collar with Military Nylon Heavy Duty Metal Buckle and Control Handle for Medium and Large Dogs,1.5″ Width (L, Black)

    Yunleparks Highly Reflective Dog Collar Review

    The Yunleparks Highly Reflective Dog Collar is made of high-quality material 1000D military nylon that is built to last.

    The heavy-duty metal buckle minimizes the risk of your dog breaking free and provides more security for your pooch. The lightweight material is very comfortable for your dog’s active daily life.

    The magic sticker on the back of the dog collar means that you can attach a tag with his name on it, or an ID patch with your contact information. 

    The highly reflective threads keep your dog visible in the dark, thus improving their safety when you walk your dog at night on roads with oncoming cars.


    • The soft padding provides extra comfort for your dog and alleviates any irritation. 
    • Highly reflective stitching helps to keep your dog safe at night.
    • The collar has space for you to attach your personal details should they wander off and get lost.


    • A few customers reported that they didn’t like the velcro design on this particular collar, as it would come loose over time. 

    Best Collar for Husky Buyer’s Guide

    Before buying your Husky a new collar, there are some factors to consider. However, it mostly comes down to the width of the collar as Huskies are known to pull on their leash and also collar.

    Therefore, it is important that the material and the width of the collar are as supportive as possible to aid their training.

    It is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t be tempted to buy the first collar that you come across. For a dog as big as a Husky, you need reassurance that your collar is strong enough to hold them to prevent you from losing them when you’re out walking and also effective enough to aid their training. 

    We’ve compiled a list of features that you should consider when thinking about purchasing a new collar for your Husky. 

    Check out the features listed below. 


    A factor to consider when looking for a new dog collar for your Husky is the width of it. Although adjustable dog collars can fit most breeds of dog, that doesn’t automatically make the width the most suitable or effective. After all, your dog’s size does matter!

    Generally speaking, larger dogs require thicker collars for security and safety precautions. Husky’s are known to pull, and therefore require a wider fit collar. 

    Huskies are no exception, particularly as they are independent and can be quite stubborn in nature. As a result, they need a sturdier collar and you will appreciate the support when it comes to training them not to pull on your walks. 


    Another factor that is worth consideration is the size of the collar. The size of the collar you buy will vary depending on the size of your Husky. It’s that simple!

    Generally speaking, Husky’s can measure from 20-23.5 inches tall and weigh from 35-60 pounds depending on whether they are male or female.

    Huskies normally have medium-sized necks, usually ranging from around 15-22 inches long. 

    However, this is just a guideline so you should always measure the size of your dog’s neck before purchasing a new collar to make sure that it will be the correct, comfortable fit. 

    If the size of the collar is too tight or too loose it could result in a bigger issue further down the line, such as you hurting your dog or them escaping when you’re out walking.


    Husky’s are stubborn dogs that will need consistent training if they are to learn not to pull.

    Make sure you get the right collar that can aid this process, not hinder it, as them learning this from a young age is fundamental to their health. 

    Durability & Material 

    A big factor to consider when buying a new collar for your husky is the durability and material it is made out of. Husky’s are highly strong and energetic dogs, so you’ll need a collar that can keep up with their active natures and tendency to play fight. 

    You’ll want a collar that is not only resistant to the weather, but also the general wear of tear of your dog engaging and playing with other dogs. Leather, nylon, and neoprene make for very durable dog collars. 

    Although a generally more expensive option, if maintained and care for properly, leather can last for years to come. However, if not dried and maintained properly, leather is likely to deteriorate. 

    Nylon is a hugely common material for dog collars. Nylon collars come in a variety of colors and are generally lightweight, and are a cheaper alternative to their leather counterpart. 

    Neoprene dog collars are an excellent option for dogs that have sensitive skin, as the soft material is far less likely to rub and cause them discomfort.

    Neoprene also contains a bacterial agent and works to draw away moisture from the skin making it an excellent alternative for water-loving dogs. 

    Consider which material fits best with your lifestyle to figure out which is the best fit for your husky.


    Something to look for in a dog collar is whether it is adjustable or not to make it larger or smaller depending on what feels more comfortable for your dog.

    The ideal length of the dog collar will be around two inches longer than the total neck measurement, as you’ll want it to be both a snug fit but also comfortable.

    You’ll want a dog collar that is adjustable in order to ensure that your pup has the room to grow into and with their collar! 

    Dogs will continue to grow exponentially until they reach maturity, so to get your money’s worth out of the collar that you choose you should make sure that you buy a collar that can be adjusted as your dog grows. 

    Contact Information

    An important factor to consider when buying a collar for your Husky is whether it has an ID tag.

    There is nothing worse than being in a panic worrying about where your dog has wandered off to, so you need to ensure that you take all the right steps to aid the process of finding them.

    In the eventuality that your dog goes missing, it is important that your contact details are easy to find on the collar.

    You should try to look for a collar with an ID tag, or a ring for you to attach a tag of your choice on separately. Some collars come without ID tags but with space to write on the collar itself.

    How you get the information on the collar is entirely up to you. As long as your contact information is somewhere clear on the collar that is the most important thing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which types of collars are suitable for Huskies?

    The best type of collar for your Husky will depend on their size. Your Husky’s collar should be relatively wide, as it can relieve the pressure of pulling if you’re out and about or haven’t brought a harness and will aid them in learning not to pull.

    The best kind of collar will also largely depend on your Husky’s temperament, so can change from dog to dog. The right collar for well mannered and obdedient Huskies may differ for a disobedient dog, so do your research.

    If in doubt, you can always check with your veterinarian on which collars are the most suitable to use or check the product reviews. If a person recommends that particular product for their large dog, it is likely it could be suitable for yours too! 

    Are there any collars you should avoid buying for your Husky?

    While one training collar may work for one dog, the same collar might not work the same for your Husky. A dog is likely to have multiple collars in their lifetime so it is a lot about trial and error but there are some things you should avoid. 

    You should take your Husky’s size into account and avoid buying your dog a collar that is too thin and flimsy. As a big and strong breed of dog that is prone to pulling, Husky’s need a thick and sturdy collar to aid their training. 

    Why can it be dangerous for you to attach a leash to your Husky’s collar?

    The short answer to this question comes back to the fact that Huskies were bred to pull sleds for long distances across the snow.

    As a result of them being sled dogs, they have a natural predisposition to pull on their leash and subsequently their collar, which can cause them pain and discomfort. 

    Pulling on a dog leash attached to a collar can put an immense amount of strain on a husky’s neck. This can lead to choking, spinal injuries, neck pain, and in severe cases, tracheal collapse. 

    There is also evidence to suggest that a dog pulling on their collar can cause glaucoma, so you must take their training seriously from when you first get them to avoid any serious health issues from occurring in the future.

    As a result, it is recommended that you walk a Husky with the right kind of collar that can aid their training not to pull. People also like to alternate between a collar and a harness until your pup has learned not to pull.

    Being mindful of their neck is the most important thing!

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