Best Collar For German Shepherd

Best Collar For German Shepherd

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When you have a pet, they’re not just a pet, they’re a member of your family and your best friend. So, when you buy things for them, you want them to be the best of the best.

When it comes to collars, you don’t just want security but also comfort and sometimes, style, so your dog is the hottest dog in town. 

Every breed has different needs, and this is no different for German Shepherds, they have their own specific needs and can be very energetic dogs, so they will need a collar that fits their high energy lifestyle.

Even though these dogs are also viewed as low-sensitivity dogs, collars of certain types can still irritate them, if they are the wrong material or too small. So, how do you pick the best collar for your German Shepherd? 

We are here to help, after looking through every collar, brand, type, and material, we have sourced the best of the best in German Shepherd collars, so you can get the perfect one for you, and for your furry best friend.  

We’ve found the top five collars, sourced information on what you and your dog should consider before buying, and also have the answers to frequently asked questions on collar choosing.  Let’s find out what is the best collar for a german shepherd.

Barking to get Buying?

If you’re in a hurry to go on walkies and need a collar quickly, don’t go barking, we have you covered. We suggest our best overall collar if you are in a rush.

There are so many choices available that you could spend all day looking through them, but it’s a busy world and some don’t have time to look through every dog collar available.

So, let us introduce you to our top pick, so you can get buying and get your dog on walkies as soon as possible! 

We suggest the Blueberry Pet Essentials 22 Classic Collar. This collar is available in four sizes from extra small to large and is available in 22 different colors!

The material for this collar is super durable, made from nylon fabric with high density webbing, so that it will not break, no matter how hard your dog tugs on it, or even chews on it.

Its buckles are also made from eco-friendly plastic- a definite win for the eco-friendly troopers out there, and its metal D ring is chrome coated for extra durability so that you don’t have to worry about your over-excited dog snapping it and running free. 

More Facts! 

  • Included personalized embroidery into the collar.
  • Reasonable and Affordable with stellar quality.
  • So many colors to choose from.
  • Blueberry Pet Essentials 22 Classic Dog Collar
  • Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar
  • Soft Touch Collars, Luxury Padded Dog Collar
  • ADNITYNA Leather Dog Collar
  • Max + Neo, NEO Nylon Buckle Reflective Dog Collar
  • Best Overall: Blueberry Pet Essentials 22 Classic Dog Collar

    Blueberry Pet Essentials 22 Classic Dog Collar Review

    After looking through so many collars, we fell in love with the Blueberry Pet Essentials 22 Classic Dog Collar. This collar has so many choices, options, and amazing features that keep your dog safe, comfortable, and looking cool! 

    They have four sizes available: extra small, small, medium, and large, and they include clear sizing information for each size so your dog gets the best fit. The sizes range for neck size from; extra small- 8”- 11”,  small- 12”- 16”, medium= 14.5”- 20”, large- 18”- 26”. 

    So, if your German Shepherd has a tiny friend, they can have matching collars, just like the humans of the family can have matching t-shirts! This collar is also, amazingly, available in 22 different colors, you will have so much choice and your dog will look like a canine fashionista. 

    One of our absolute favorite things about this particular collar is its wonderful add-on, you can have your dog’s name and phone number embroidered permanently into the collar.

    So even if he gets lost, he will always get home. This collar is also part of a set, that includes a leash, harness, and even a seatbelt, all matching, to suit your dog’s tastes, although these are sold separately. 

    The fabric is another plus of this collar, made from Nylon fabric with high density webbing, the buckles made from eco-friendly plastic, and the metal D-ring is chrome coated, all for extra durability and safety, so your dog is safe and secure in the collar. 

    It is worth remembering that the collar will not stretch so use the two finger rule, two fingers must fit between the collar and your furry friend’s neck, to ensure that the collar is not too tight. It is also not recommended to leave a dog unattended with a collar on. 


    • Washable.
    • Does not fray.
    • Strong and sturdy clasp.
    • Durable- great for pups who may chew on it- will not affect the fabric.


    • The full set sold separately. 

    Best for Training: Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar

    Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar Review

    Our top pick is great but you may need something with a bit more brawn, perfect for training if you’re working with a slightly rebellious dog, or even if you just need a collar with a bit more control.

    If this is the case for you, then you will want the Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar.

    This collar is hardcore and we love it! Available in sizes Medium- 1.5” x 14”-18.5”, Large- 1.5” x 18”-21.5” and Large- 1.5”x 21”-24.5”. It is available in four colors and like our number one, is also nylon in material with buckle closure. 

    Made from high quality 1000D nylon, with a heavy duty metal buckle that makes it hard to break and adds in that extra security for your dog whilst remaining lightweight and comfortable. This makes it great for training, patrolling, hikes, walks, and hunts.

    It’s soft padded lining also gives absolutely no irritation or any allergic reactions. And the best part? It is also adjustable for all breeds.

    It has a control handle, to make it easy when holding your dog to attach the lead, no more pinning him as he squirms with excitement for a trip to the park. Providing extra ease for you as you can easily attach the D-ring and leash. 

    It is also equipped with a magic sticker on the back of the collar, so you can add a name tag or ID patch, or even velcro accessories, with ease.

    This collar is viewed as law enforcement and military grade professional training equipment, giving you confidence in security and day to day comfort. 


    • Made especially for larger dogs.
    • Extremely durable with double thickness nylon.
    • Adjustable for all breeds.
    • Easy to take off and put on. 


    • Has sharp velcro corners, some dogs may find this uncomfortable so it is recommended to manually trim this away to avoid irritation.

    Best Luxury: Soft Touch Collars, Luxury Padded Dog Collar

    Soft Touch Collars, Luxury Padded Dog Collar Review

    Perhaps you are looking for something that offers a little more style and a ‘wow’ factor. If you are looking for something that screams ‘luxury’ then you will want to look at the Soft Touch Collars, especially this luxury padded collar.

    Coming in four different sizes; small- 11”-13”, medium- 14.5”-17.5”, large- 18”-21”, and extra large- 22”-25”.

    This luxury collar has a built in small ring next to the buckle for dog tags for your peace of mind. It is a two tone collar, in brown and cream, with a super soft inside sheepskin leather padding.

    This collar was designed with the comfort of your dog in mind. The D-ring of this collar is made with solid brass which is lacquered to prevent rust and corrosion, just what you need if your dog likes to swim a lot! 

    The leather is made with full grain and naturally tanned leather, with absolutely no harsh chemicals or dyes to make it extra same and comfortable for your furry friend. 

    What’s even better about this collar is that it comes with a reliable life time guarantee, just in case there are any issues, although it is unlikely there will be, if there is an issue then the company will even send you a new collar, free of charge. 

    We recommend that if you buy this collar, to retain the quality, you should order a mink oil to rub down the collar to both waterproof it and cover up any scuffs or scratch marks, although doing so may make the collars color a bit darker, it can be useful if you have a playful dog that is prone to create a mess. 

    This collar is also available in 6 styles and is also proudly USA made. 


    • The company’s customer service is highly regarded.
    • Quality, luxury leather.
    • No dyed or harmful components.
    • Lifetime guarantee included. 


    • Measure carefully as sizes can be off, often too big rather than too small. 

    Best Heavy Duty: ADNITYNA Leather Dog Collar

    ADNITYNA Leather Dog Collar Review

    You may be looking for a collar that will help you control your overly excitable dog, perhaps you need something hardy, that will survive a lot of pulling, chewing, and everything else your dog can throw at it.

    You need something that is able to withstand the naughtiest dog behavior. 

    Sound right? Well, ADNITYNA has a leather dog collar that is just that, it is seen as heavy duty whilst maintaining its comfortable, stylish, and safety functions.

    It is available in 3 colors; black, brown, and pink and comes in four sizes; small- 10”-14”, medium – 13”-20”, large- 17”-23”, and extra large- 22”-30”. 

    It is made from soft and strong leather, it is comfortable for your dog and features secure fastening with a double buckle, two D rings, one for a dog tag and one for a leash.

    The leather is 100% pure leather, good for all dogs, including those with sensitive skin. It is handmade and also features a personalized dog tag and a deluxe gift package. 

    It’s strong, double buckle lock system leaves you stress free with its ultra resistant design which has passed the 400lb pulling test! If you are unhappy with the collar, the company happily provides you with a 100% refund as well, and you get a 2 year guarantee. 

    Our favorite thing about ADNITYNA is that they are an American Family run business, designed by dog owners for dog owners. The collar is made with your dog’s comfort and your peace of mind as the utmost importance. 


    • Ultra resistant craftsmanship.
    • Strong and secure locking system.
    • Unique name tag included.
    • Deluxe gift package. 


    • Double check sizing, there have been some complaints about sizing being too big. 

    Best for Versatility: Max + Neo, NEO Nylon Buckle Reflective Dog Collar

    Max + Neo, NEO Nylon Buckle Reflective Dog Collar Review

    Finally, we will look at the most versatile collar on the market for German Shepherds. The Max and Neo, NEO nylon buckle reflective collar, is not just a versatile collar, but it is also especially suitable for keeping your dog safe.

    It comes in a selection of colors; black, blue, orange, purple, pink, red, and teal. And comes in four sizes; extra small- 8.5”-11”, small- 11”-15”, medium- 14.5”- 19.5”, and large- 17”-25”. 

    Max and Neo are one of our favorites as not only do they produce safe, secure, and versatile collars but they are also a highly charitable company. They donate one identical collar for every collar bought, on a sort of buy-one-donate-one plan.

    Both you and a rescue dog will receive identically colored collars with your single purchase. They donate to a different dog shelter everywhere in the USA each month on a rotation to ensure every dog gets a safe, secure, and beautiful collar. 

    This collar is made through a quality construction at 1” wide (¾” for a small or ⅝” for an extra small). With a 2mm thick nylon layer (1.5mm for small).

    It has a heavy duty nylon snap buckle with a lockable tab to prevent any accidental release. The thick D-ring is anodized to a gunmetal finish and the adjustment slider has a loop for dog tags. 

    The best thing about this collar is the 2 wide reflective stitches to increase the visibility of your dog during night time walks. When looking to purchase this collar, be mindful of the measurements that allow 1-2” extra to ensure that the collar is not too tight. 


    • Highly reflective stitching.
    • Dog rescue donations.
    • Added loop for dog tags.
    • Gunmetal quality metal finish.


    • The buckle for the leash is plastic- may be prone to break with excessive or strenuous use.

    Best Collar For German Shepherd Buyers Guide

    Let’s have a look at a few things you want to keep in mind and consider before you buy your next dog collar for your best friend.


    What material you buy is up to you, but both have different things that make them great. 

    Leather is one of the most popular and favorite materials for collars, especially for German Shepherd’s, due to its durability. But it is usually more expensive than its alternatives, such as nylon.

    However, you should avoid fake leather collars, as these are usually a bad investment. They are not as durable as real leather and there is the caution that these may have been treated with harmful chemicals to make it look more like real leather, these harmful chemicals can cause your dog irritation, so should be avoided. 

    On the other hand, for economic choices and color options in collars, nylon is a very good material. These types of collars may be a better fit and choice for German Shepherds.

    These usually have many color options and often come with customizable print. These are also very easy to wash, able to be put into a washing machine if they get a little dirty, which, let’s be fair, they will. 


    Size is very important. If your collar is too small, your dog will be uncomfortable, if it is too big, it can easily come off. When buying a collar, use the rule of thumb, be able to fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar, this will ensure the ideal size for your dog. 

    However, if your German Shepherd is a pup or is still growing, then the best thing you can do is get an adjustable collar so that it can grow with your dog.

    If this is the case, be sure to regularly check with the 2 finger method, and loosen if needed. Adjustable collars are usually a good option anyway, even if your dog is not still growing. If the collar is adjustable, you can guarantee a more reliable fit. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I get a prong collar for my German Shepherd? 

    Simply put, no. Prong collars and other disciplinary tools are a sure-fire way to damage your relationship with your dog. It will cause great discomfort and pain. You should widely avoid this at all turns.

    If your dog is disobedient then it is best to get a professional trainer to help you should you need it. However, do not resort to any pain or discomfort inducing tools as this usually hurts the dog and will likely result in even more bad behavior and rebelling. 

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