Can I Use Baby Wipes On My Dog

Can I Use Baby Wipes on my Dog?

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As any dog owner will know, our fur-babies can be very messy. There is nothing that a dog loves more than a muddy walk where they can really feel at one with nature.

For dogs, no consequences are accompanying their jaunts through the dirt, that’s because it is our job as their owners to clean up after them.

In most cases, it is easy to plan a walk around your dog getting muddy, but there are some times when the dirt can come as a surprise. And for some unknown reason, these circumstances usually occur when you have taken your dog out in your lovely, clean car. 

If you were unprepared for a muddy walk, the chances are that you will not have taken anything with you which can be used to clean up your dog. But there is one thing that most people keep in their car in case of an emergency, and that is baby wipes.

Baby wipes are an absolute necessity if you have kids, but are they safe for use on dogs? Just like many animals, dogs are very sensitive to certain things that we regularly use as humans.

This is because many human products have chemicals in them which are dangerous for our pet’s sensitive skin. So if you’ve ever gone to wipe some dirt off of your dog’s fur but stopped yourself in the act, this is the guide for you.

Today we’re taking a look at baby wipes and whether or not they are safe for your dog. 

Is it Safe to use Baby Wipes on your Dog?

It is impossible to say that baby wipes are safe for use on all dogs because every dog is different. But in general, it is safe to use baby wipes on your dog. Baby wipes are designed to be used on a baby’s skin, and babies have incredibly soft and sensitive skin.

Due to this, baby wipes are made to be soft and gentle so they should be safe to use on your dog. That being said, you should not make using baby wipes on your dog a regular habit, instead, you should only use baby wipes on your dog in rare situations where you have no other way to clean your dog. 

While baby wipes are, in theory, safe to use on your dog, we would not recommend using them. While the majority of baby wipes are designed with sensitivity in mind, there is always the risk that the baby wipes that you are using could contain a chemical that could cause a bad reaction in your dog.

Even though they may not have a life-threatening effect on your dog, using baby wipes with bad chemicals could lead to your dog developing a skin condition. Regular baby wipes contain all sorts of additives, such as perfume to make them smell better.

There is always the possibility that one of these chemicals could have an adverse reaction on your dog’s skin and cause them to develop a painful skin condition. 

Instead of using baby wipes on your dog, we would recommend buying a packet of dog wipes and keeping them in your car. That way, if your dog ever gets muddy and you need to clean them, you can easily do it with wet wipes which are safe for them. 

Chemicals to Avoid 

While we would not recommend using baby wipes on your dog, in most cases you will be able to use them in case of emergency.

Even though there is a risk of your dog having an adverse reaction to any baby wipes when they touch their skin, this risk is increased by certain chemicals.

Unfortunately, one of the chemicals that could put your dog at risk is found in the majority of baby wipes. This chemical is called propylene glycol, and according to leading pet experts, it is toxic to dogs. 

That being said, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use baby wipes on your dog. While this specific chemical is toxic to dogs, it is only bad for them if it is consumed in large amounts.

If you are using a baby wipe on your dog, it is highly unlikely that you will be using it in the area immediately around their mouth, which would put them at the most risk.

There is always the chance that your dog could lick the area where you have used the baby wipe and consume propylene glycol that way.

However, the chances of them consuming large amounts of the chemical from a small amount of transfer is very slim. So as long as they are used in moderation, baby wipes should be safe to use on your dog. 

Where can you use Baby Wipes on your Dog?

If you are looking to use a baby wipe on your dog to clean them up in an emergency, the chances are that you will be needing to use it on their fur.

In general, a baby wipe will be safe to use on your dog’s fur in any location. However, we would recommend using a baby wipe in the area immediately surrounding your dog’s mouth and jaw.

This is because they are likely to lick the area once the baby wipe has been moved which puts them at risk of consuming harmful chemicals. Before you choose to use a baby wipe on your dog’s fur we would also recommend considering your dog’s breed.

Some dogs are known for their skin conditions, so if your dog is one of these breeds we would recommend not using a baby wipe on them. 

While baby wipes are generally safe to use on your dog’s skin, there are some areas that you should avoid. As well as avoiding using baby wipes on your dog’s face, we would also recommend not using them in their ears or around their eyes.

Both of these areas are incredibly sensitive so it is simply not worth the risk of exposing them to bad chemicals. 


In short, baby wipes are safe to use on your dog as long as they are used rarely.

Baby wipes contain chemicals that could put your dog at risk if they are exposed to large amounts, which is why they should only be used in emergencies. 

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