How To Keep A Dog Warm

How To Keep A Dog Warm

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Our four-legged friends are a part of our family. We love and cherish them and they are always involved in our family celebrations.

So, it is only natural that we want to protect them and keep them safe and healthy.

One of the most difficult things about caring for a furry friend is the fact that they can not talk to us and it can be really difficult to try and read between the lines to figure out what is wrong with them.

If your dog isn’t acting like his usual happy and playful self then it is perfectly normal that you will want to find out what is wrong with them.

Dogs can experience a lot of different issues that can affect their emotions, health, and behavior, one of which is temperature control.

When a dog struggles to control their own temperature they can become agitated or even poorly so it is important that you help them to stay as warm as they need to be.

Let Them Sleep In The House

Many people choose to make their dog sleep outside or in a kennel but there is a lot of debate surrounding the morals of doing this.

Overnight in most places, the temperatures can drop very low, sometimes even below freezing so it is pretty obvious that dogs will start to feel the cold.

Just as is the case with humans, being left in the cold all night can lead to all sorts of issues including a bad chest or simply fear. If your four-legged friend currently resides outside it might be time to rethink his permanent location.

Letting a dog sleep inside could have amazing impacts on his health and wellbeing as well as his behavior.

You don’t even necessarily have to let him sleep on the soft furnishings such as the beds or the sofa, simply allowing him to sleep in a dog bed in the kitchen is better than outside.

Keep The Heating On

This one might sound obvious but keeping the heating on could really help to keep your pup warm. Obviously, depending on the people in your house this may not always be possible or safe.

If it is a possibility for you, just leaving the heating on in the room that the dog sleeps in could be a good idea. However, remember that making your dog too hot could be just as dangerous as letting him get too cold.

This can be a really difficult balance to find as the results of overheating can be detrimental and even cause death.

Give The Dog Extra Blankets

Once again, this suggestion might just sound like common sense, however, there is much more to it than that, extra blankets can help to keep a dog warm just in the same way that they can help you and me.

If your dog does not already sleep with a blanket be sure to give him one.

If he is already lucky enough to have a blanket try getting a couple more. Many places now sell blankets especially for dogs but if you don’t want to buy one of those or can’t currently afford to spend any money you can always use some old blankets from around the house.

Keep Their Fur Natural And Long

Keep Their Fur Natural And Long

Many people do not realize that fur acts like an animal’s natural coat.

Whereas, we can go and put extra layers on dogs that do not have the ability to do this so their fur is super important.

With dog groomers becoming a growing trend more and more people are starting to get their dogs fur cut much shorter or even getting their dog shaved. Unless there is a serious medical reason for getting your dog shaved you absolutely should not do it.

The same can be said for getting their fur cut really short, getting a slight trim is one thing but taking inches off at a time is a no-go.

Invest In A Warmer Dog Bed

Most dogs tend to sleep in a dog bed for comfort and warmth. Dog beds come in all shapes, sizes, and materials so it is important that you have one that is right for your dog and current climate.

If your dog is struggling to stay warm at night then it may be a good idea to invest in a warmer dog bed. There are many ways to tell how warm a bed is going to keep your dog including, the thickness of the bed and what material it is made from.

For instance, a thin fabric bed is not going to keep him as warm as a thick fluffy bed.

Buy The Dog A Jacket

Another growing trend is animal clothing. Animal clothing is not always a good thing, for instance, novelty costumes can actually be really unforgettable for a dog.

However, if you buy from a trusted manufacturer doggy clothes can actually help to keep them warm.

For instance, if you have a particularly cold pooch then buying him a thick or quilted coat could be great for him.

Once again, it is important to make sure that your four-legged friend does not overheat so first, perhaps try only getting him to wear it for a short amount of time and at a time when you can closely monitor him.

Keep The Doors And Windows Closed

We all know that keeping the odd door or window open can create a nice breeze however, this breeze can really get to dogs and make them cold.

So, if they are struggling to stay warm then it could be a good idea to make sure the windows and doors of the room that he is in are closed.

Invest In Rugs Or Carpets

Investing in rugs or carpets might sound like an odd way of combating doggy coldness however, it is important to remember that dogs are much closer to the ground than us and that their four paws touch the ground.

So, if you have icy tiles or old wooden floorboards then the chances are that these are a contributing factor to your dog’s coldness.

A good way around this could be to invest in carpeting the rooms that the dog spends a lot of time in however, this can, of course, be very costly so if this is currently out of a budget a rug could also help.

Rugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the prices can vary drastically, just make sure that whichever one you choose covers as much of the floor as possible and is affordable for you.

Final Thoughts

Furry friends are a part of the family so it is only natural that you want to make sure that they are safe and comfortable at all times and of course, a big part of that includes being warm enough.

If your four-legged friend is struggling to stay warm try a few of the above suggestions as they may work better for you when combined as opposed to on their own.

If the problem persists it could also be a good idea to get your dog some medical attention to check that there is nothing more serious going on.

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