Tips To Stop Puppy Crying At Night

Tips To Stop Puppy Crying At Night

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If you’ve recently added an adorable bundle of joy to your household (no, we’re not talking about the human kind) then besides needing to make sure that you’ve got your puppy all of the food, toys, and necessities needed, you will also likely find yourself dealing with bursts of crying – especially during the night.

Even though it can be a very upsetting experience to go through, believe it or not, it’s completely normal for little dogs to cry – especially if you’ve just recently brought them home. Nevertheless, we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a variety of ways that you can help to stop your puppy crying while they settle in – and we’re here to share them with you. Read on!

Top Tips To Stop Your Puppy Crying At Night

Like we’ve already said above, there are plenty of reasons why your puppy might cry, but the biggest one of all is that they’re simply adjusting to their new environment. House Flipper Mod Apk

Just think about it: up until now, your puppy has been spending time cuddled up next to their mom and siblings, so it should only be expected that they might be feeling a little unsettled after being rehomed with you.

Even though we’re sure you’ve given them a big, soft, and cozy bed to snuggle up in (as well as plenty of toys to keep them company) it’s completely normal for your puppy to be feeling a little down and sad, as they are no longer around their usual environment.

Tips To Stop Puppy Crying At Night

While this might sound sad, it’s important to keep in mind that these feelings that your puppy is experiencing are only temporary, and sooner or later you’re going to suddenly discover that your little pup has settled in just fine. But, if you want to take some steps to help speed up the homesick process, then rest assured you’ve clicked on the right article!

Below, you’ll find seven helpful tips that will help to encourage your puppy to settle into their new home, as well as help to lower the chances of them crying throughout the night. Let’s check them out below:

Make Sure That You’re Allowing Your Puppy to Take Toilet Breaks

First things first, one of the most effective ways to help reduce the chances of your puppy crying at night is to make sure that they are taking regular toilet breaks as and when needed.

It’s only to be expected that your puppy is going to want to go to the toilet throughout the night, which is why it’s important to make sure that you are taking this into account when you hear your puppy crying. Even though it’s very common for puppies to cry to get attention, it is also very common for them to cry when they are asking to go to the toilet, especially if they have been toilet trained.

Check out these helpful steps below to make sure that you are able to take your puppy outside for a toilet break throughout the night without getting them confused:

  • Instead of greeting your puppy in the way that you normally would, try and not to fuss with them and simply direct them to the backdoor. Once you have opened it, allow your dog to go outside and relieve themselves.
  • All the while, try and not speak too much, and if you do, make sure that you aren’t using an excitable tone, as it is important that your puppy is able to distinguish from an early age that night time is for sleeping – not playing!
  • After your puppy comes back in, make sure to give them praise and then lead them back to their bed.
  • Return back upstairs to your bedroom. Try and refrain from going back downstairs if your pup starts to cry again.

While this might sound like a tough-love approach, you will be teaching your puppy to only cry if they really need you (ie: for the bathroom) and will help them to understand that during the night they need to be sleeping.

Give Your Puppy Comfort Items

Alongside making sure that you are regularly taking your puppy out for toilet breaks as and when needed, you should also make sure that your puppy is given comfort items.

Tips To Stop Puppy Crying At Night

Even though at the time, crying can seem as though your puppy is very distressed, it’s important to note that their cries aren’t as bad as they might seem! When your puppy cries throughout the night, they are more than likely just trying to get you to come and comfort them with attention – and this is where comfort items come into the mix.

Even though you can always give your puppy comfort and affection as you see fit, you’re also going to need to use your discernment and help to home train your pup by not caving every time you start to hear little cries coming from outside your door.

Instead, we recommend that you give your puppy a comfort blanket, cuddly bed, and plush toys to help provide them with comfort throughout the night. But, if you don’t find that these items work, you could try giving them a t-shirt of yours, as this will have your scent on it and likely help your puppy to calm down and sleep during the night time.

Make Sure That the Days are Busy

Another awesome way that you can help to reduce the chances of your puppy crying at night is to make sure that your days are filled with lots of fun activities!

Tips To Stop Puppy Crying At Night

If you get your little puppy tired from having fun all day, then there’s a very good chance that your puppy is going to sleep all the way through the night without having the energy to stay awake and cry for you. We recommend filling your days with lots of exciting walks, playtimes, and toys to ensure that your puppy is ready for a good night’s sleep at the end of each day!

Maintain a Consistent Routine

As we have already touched upon above, it’s highly likely that your puppy is crying throughout the night because they haven’t yet adjusted to their new home – and this is why maintaining a consistent routine is such a great step to take when training to minimize crying.

To help get your puppy comfortable and settled in as quickly as possible, you should make sure that your puppy goes to sleep in the same spot each night, surrounded by the same toys, lighting, furniture, and other surroundings. You should also make sure that you get your puppy up at the same time every day, as this will help to make sure that your puppy is as settled as can be.

Get Rid of Distractions

Last but certainly not least, one of the easiest ways that you can help to prevent your puppy from crying at night is to get rid of as much distraction as you possibly can. To help encourage your puppy to go right to sleep, we recommend taking any engaging stimuli out of their environment for the night, including their toys and treats.

Wrapping Up

There we have it! After taking the time to read through this guide, we’re hoping that you are now feeling a lot more confident about being able to stop your pup from crying at night – and are ready to begin putting some of the tips that we have shared with you above into practice.

For the best results, we recommend that you try one tip at a time so that you don’t overwhelm your puppy, and also make sure to stay patient throughout the process…as it might take your puppy might need some time to adjust.

If you discover that none of the tips that we have shared with you above are able to help your puppy stop crying throughout the night, then we recommend that you reach out to your puppy’s veterinarian, who will be able to assist your further.

Thank you for reading, and good luck!

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