Can I use Head and Shoulders on my dog

Can I Use Head and Shoulders on my Dog?

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Your dog’s in need of a good wash and you’re unsure of what to use when it comes to applying shampoo. With a lot of dog shampoo and conditioner available, it’s tricky to find which one is perfect.

Looking up which shampoo is the best can be overwhelming when beginning your research as you want to put your dog’s health and wellbeing first.

It is always a good idea to start a consistent routine as well with your dog as if you switch shampoos, it can take a couple of washes before you start to notice big differences, especially if there are issues with their skin.

By getting into a routine, you’re reducing the risk of your dog running into issues with their skin again as well as ensuring that they are maintaining their hygiene.

Some people find that looking at their own regimes can spark inspiration to these questions. The favorite shampoo for humans, Head and Shoulders, has always been hugely popular and with its formula geared towards those with sensitive skin, it surely can’t be harmful to use on dogs?

In this article, we’ll be discussing whether you can use Head and Shoulders on your dog as well as what is recommended when it comes to shampooing your dog’s fur.

How do you properly apply shampoo on your dog?

The best to apply shampoo on your dog is to start at the sides of the neck and make your way down to the tail. This way, you’re ensuring that your dog is having an equal amount of shampoo applied all over so it is not concentrated on one particular area.

Make sure when you’re applying the shampoo that you are really massaging the product as deep as possible so the ingredients can do their job.

The shampoo should help the dogs produce the oils needed to maintain good skin as well as ensuring that they smell fresh. If you are missing part of their skin when applying the shampoo, you are increasing their chances of irritation which can cause problems in the future.

How often should you bathe your dog?

You should wash your dog around once a month. If you wash your dog anymore than this, it can cause dry skin and irritation. If your dog seems really smelly or has an adventurous day out then you can wash them but washing them just for the sake of it isn’t actually good for dogs.

Their skin produces a lot of oil which is essential for maintaining a healthy and shiny coat. As mentioned in the previous section, when bathing your dog, make sure that you aren’t missing any part of their fur or skin out as it can cause irritation.

Can you use Head and Shoulders on your dog?

Using Head and Shoulders is safe to use on your dog but only in small amounts and in moderation. It’s not advised to make Head and Shoulders your dog’s regular shampoo but it can be helpful with any issues your dog may have such as sensitivity.

To venture on the scientific side, human skin has a pH on the acidic side whereas dog’s have a neutral pH. This means that a lot of human shampoos can be harmful to dogs but because of Head and Shoulders ingredients catered to sensitive skin, it is less likely to harm your dog.

However, it is because of the difference pH which is why Head and Shoulders shouldn’t be used on a regular basis.

What shampoos are recommended for dogs?

Although you can use Head and Shoulders, there are shampoos available that are specifically made for dogs and in some cases, for specific breeds. Not only are these products safer but they are catered to the needs of your dog and the general issues that they may experience.

Human hair is so different to dog’s which is why it is always recommended to purchase shampoo and conditioner that is made for dogs.

If your dog has sensitive skin and you’re unsure what shampoo to go for then Natural Animal Solutions Herbal Shampoo is the perfect choice as it is designed for dogs specifically with sensitive skin.

Other shampoo brands include Perfect Coat Puppy Shampoo and Rufus + Coco Flea Flee which are brilliant options for puppies and dogs with fleas, respectively.

In conclusion, purchasing shampoo for your dog needn’t be a stressful endeavor in the slightest. You can use Head and Shoulders which is a cheaper solution but it is always best to go for shampoos that are specifically catered to your dog.

As long as you are following the advice given in this article and making sure the shampoo is being used correctly with equal application from neck to tail then your dog’s skin will be in great condition and their coat will remain healthy and shiny.

If you have nothing else in the house except for some Head and Shoulders then do not fret as it is a suitable substitute. Baby shampoo is also suitable as it is also developed with sensitive skin in mind.

It can seem like so many pull out all the stops when it comes to grooming their dog but there isn’t any need to break the bank at all.

There are plenty of dog shampoos available that aren’t too expensive and Head and Shoulders is renowned for being great quality on a budget.

As long as your dog is getting the treatment they need to maintain their hygiene then that’s all that matters.

As can be expected, there are people who disagree with the use of human hair products on animals and while some can be harmful, there are some that can be used.

If you are ever in doubt on whether or not a product can be used then it’s always best to ask a professional for their advice.

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