Can You Flush A Dog’s Nose With Saline?

Can You Flush A Dog’s Nose With Saline?

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Everyone hates suffering from a stuffy nose, or having your nose blocked, making it uneasy to breathe. We all suffer from cold symptoms or allergies from time to time, and your dog is no different.

Dogs can actually struggle with blocked noses just like humans do, but luckily there is an easy solution to fix it. Just like you would for yourself, you can use easy remedies to clear out a nasal blockage. 

You can flush out your nose with a saline solution which will work to rinse, clear and wash away any excess mucus, irritants or blockages inside the nasal passage!

If you feel that this is a suitable answer for your dog’s nasal issues, then you can actually use a saline solution to flush your dog’s nose with ease!

Can you flush a dog’s nose with saline?

You may be surprised to find that you can use saline to flush out a dog’s nose.

This can be done safely and is highly useful in breaking up buildups within the nasal cavity, however the practice is not done often as dogs do not react well to having treatments squirted up their noses.

It is quite uncomfortable for them, and they will struggle and squirm to get away.

However, we always recommend that you consult a veterinarian first if you believe that your dog has a health problem or blockage in their nasal passage.

As long as you have the go ahead, and are instructed on the best products to use on your dog, then you can use saline to flush out the nose. 

What is a saline solution?

A saline solution is simply just a mixture of salt and water. Saline solutions are just salt water, and usually contain around 0.9% sodium chloride, or salt, so that it can be used to clear out wounds, sinuses and other medicinal purposes. 

Saline solutions are most commonly used to clear out the nose, and eyes for reducing inflammation, clearing infections or build ups in the sinuses. Many people use saline safely on children, newborns and adults for quick results and extra help in breathing.

As the salt content in a saline solution is similar to that of our tears, then it can be safe for use on dogs and animals too, however, you will have to be careful using some products as they may have a higher salt content or pH levels. 

Why you should flush a dog’s nose with saline

Dogs can suffer from a runny nose, or a blocked nasal passage just like humans. If you think that your dog has a stuffy nose, or is struggling to breathe, then you can use a nasal spray safely on your dog, as it will break up any secretions in the nasal cavity. 

If you feel like your dog’s breathing is restricted or blocked in any way, then you can use a nasal spray to clear the nose cavity and give your dog more space to breathe.

You may begin to notice that there is congestion because your dog will be sniffing or snorting frequently. They may also be pawing their face or sneezing much more than normal. 

Your dog may be suffering from a buildup of bacteria or a blockage inside its nose. Sometimes when a dog plays on a beach or in a lot of sand, it can become lodged in its nose and cause breathing issues.

You may also notice that your dog is breathing through its mouth, but not actually panting. This could signify that they cannot breathe properly through their nose, and there may be a problem.

You can use a nasal spray or saline solution to decongest the nasal passages and rectify this issue. 

As with any health issues or problems with your dog, you should always seek advice and treatment from a veterinarian first. This is in case there are any underlying issues that need to be rectified properly. 

In addition to this, you should always try to check with your veterinarian to make sure that the medications that you are giving your dog will be completely safe for them to inhale. 

How to flush a dog’s nose with saline

If you are under the impression that your dog is struggling to breathe through its nose, and you have consulted its veterinarian, then you can flush it with saline to fix the issue.

The best way to do this is to seek the help of a friend, as you will need two people to complete the process effectively. One person will need to hold the dog in place, or restrain the dog in order to keep it still while the other person works to flush out the nose with saline. 

If your dog at any point becomes distressed, aggressive or aggravated, then you should stop and try to seek the help of a medical professional or a veterinarian. 

You can purchase saline products specifically formulated for the use on dogs so that you know it is safe and effective, without harming your dog in any way.

These dog saline solutions can be used to clear out the nose, ears and even the eyes because they are made to reflect the natural solution of a dog’s tears, and will therefore be suitable.

We recommend the Burt’s Bees for Pets Natural Eye Wash Saline Solution.

You can also use saline solutions that are made for newborns and small children to clear out congestion or irritation within your dog’s nose. 

If you are unsure if using a saline solution to flush out your dog’s nose is the best choice, then you can use dog specific products for your pets for instant relief.

Doing a nasal flush can be a great way to clear out the nasal passage, however try not to do it often, to avoid drying it out.

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