CBD products for dogs

CBD Products for Dogs

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Derived from cannabis and hemp, cannabidiol (CBD) is believed by some to be able to relieve pain in dogs, as well as help control anxiety. CBD is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties and work as an anti-nausea appetite stimulant. It is thought to boost the cardiac system and even have cancer benefits. While there is no conclusive scientific evidence to back these claims, there is ongoing research to study its health benefits for dogs, especially its ability to help treatment-resistant epileptic dogs. Can your dog benefit from CBD oil? Read on to find out.

What is CBD?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound of the Cannabis sativa plant. This plant has two principal species – hemp and marijuana. While both species contain CBD, it is found in far greater quantities in hemp. The main active ingredient in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is also present to a much lesser extent in hemp. Up to 40% of the extract of the Cannabis sativa plant can be CDB. Both THC and CDB have the same molecular formula, and in common with other cannabinoids, have low water solubility but good solubility in organic solvents, such as alcohol and lipids. Heating them chemically alters their chemical composition.

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, so there is no danger of a human or animal getting high from using a CDB product. That is not to say that a user will be immune to a psychological impact. A small percentage of users do report feeling different mentally, so it remains a possibility due to the way different individuals and dogs react to supplements. It is also important to buy CBD products that are quality tested by a third party, as these products are not FDA regulated and there is a possibility that the CBD being used contains a minute amount of THC.

In the US, giving CBD products to dogs is complicated by the fact that hemp-derived CBD products are legal under federal law but illegal in some states. In contrast, marijuana-derived CBD products are illegal under federal law but legal in some states. Consequently, you should check the state laws that apply to you if you live in the US, while dog owners in other countries should be mindful of local legislation.

CBD comes in a variety of forms. CBD oil contains only CBD and is one of the most popular ways to consume it. It can conveniently be added to the dog’s food or drink. It is also available in capsule form and can be administered to dogs relatively easily. You can even buy CBD gummies and topicals, as well as CBD-dominant hemp extract oil, dried cannabis, and prescription mixtures.

CBD is obtained from hemp that is cultivated legally in Europe and the US. Different techniques are then used to obtain CBD from the hemp plants. Typically, commercial extraction will involve the use of solvents that can efficiently separate CBD molecules from the rest of the plant. At the end of the process, pure CBD oil is obtained once the solvent evaporates.

The most common extraction method for CBD is CO2 extraction. Carbon dioxide is filled into a chamber containing hemp. Pressure is applied, turning the carbon dioxide into a liquid that absorbs the hemp’s oils. This results in a liquid that contains CBD and carbon dioxide. The liquid is pumped into another chamber where the carbon dioxide reverts to a gas, leaving the CBD oil behind. An alcohol solvent may be used to further purify the solution.

Alcohol extraction is the other popular method of CBD extraction. Ethanol, butane, or isopropyl alcohol are the liquid solvents that are usually used. Some experts claim that plant-based solvents such as ethanol better preserve the hemp’s natural properties. However, the solvent residue sometimes remains during evaporation and chlorophyll may also be present, giving the oil a bitter taste. Nevertheless, the alcohol extraction method is used in many beauty and health products and is generally able to produce high-quality CBD consistently.

The CBD extract then undergoes a refinement and distillation process that consists of several stages to obtain pure CBD oil. Some companies only use narrow-spectrum CBD rather than full-spectrum CBD, which may contain minute quantities of THC. Due to the many variables in the extraction and purification process, the quality of CBD oil can vary widely. Some companies test their products thoroughly, so it’s important to buy CBD products from a reputable company. Don’t buy the cheapest CBD product you can find as it is likely to contain impurities, such as THC. Try to purchase products that have been verified by an independent testing agency.

CBD oil has rapidly grown in popularity among consumers over the past few years. As dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans, they often enjoy the same benefits. CBD products have been reported to have a beneficial effect on dogs suffering from issues ranging from anxiety to chronic pain. They are also given to dogs that suffer from epilepsy and seizures. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, early studies have been positive and many owners report improvements in their dogs as a result of giving CBD as a natural supplement.

Health benefits of CBD for dogs

While research has shown that CBD has a positive effect on the treatment of chronic pain, epilepsy, irritable bowel syndrome, and anxiety in humans, few reliable studies have been conducted on dogs. However, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence on the benefits of CBD.

CBD is believed to help dogs with a range of issues, such as poor appetite, lethargy, excessive barking, and aggression. CBD is a popular supplement for dogs that have anxiety, including separation anxiety, phobia of thunderstorms, and fear of visiting the vet. As in humans, it may benefit dogs that suffer from epileptic fits and muscle spasms and is also given to dogs suffering chronic pain as a result of arthritis and cancer.

One study sought to assess the effects of CBD oil on dogs that have osteoarthritis. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with over 80% of the dogs showing improvement. A similar study found that epileptic dogs that were given CBD oil along with seizure medication suffered from significantly fewer seizures.


The study on arthritic dogs found that the most effective dose was 2 mg per kg of dog weight. However, there is little data on the subject, so you should start with a small dose and monitor your dog. Depending on its reaction, you can change the dosage or keep it at the same level. This is especially important with CBD products because each dog will react differently to them. Since CDB is not regulated, it is hard to determine what the appropriate dosage would be. Most products come with dosage advice, but it is wise to be cautious as these have been created independently by the manufacturer.

By observing your dog closely, you will be able to determine if the dosage has been successful. For example, if your dog has a fear of thunderstorms but peacefully sleeps through one after you gave it a dose of CBD oil, it can be concluded that the dosage has been effective. Similarly, if your dog has separation anxiety and typically rips up the house when you are gone but you return to an immaculate home after giving the dog some CBD, you can feel confident giving that dosage to your pet. If a dog suffering from arthritis shows an improvement in mobility after being treated with CBD for a week, that is a positive sign that the supplement is working.

However, your dog may show negative signs, such as being lethargic, vomiting, panting excessively, losing balance, or dribbling urine. This indicates that it has been given too much CBD, so the dosage should be reduced immediately. If the side effects are serious, take your dog to a veterinarian, irrespective of whether he or she is open to using CBD as a treatment option.

Choosing a CBD product

Given the variety of CBD products on the market, it may be hard to find one that is right for your pet. As CBD products are not regulated, the onus is on you to make a responsible choice and select the best option for your dog. As you examine the products offered by various companies, there are a few criteria that you should keep in mind.

You can first consider where the hemp is sourced from. Is the hemp grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides? Was it grown indoors and outdoors? Was the crop grown organically? You should also look at how long the company has been in business, as ones that have a long record of favorable reviews are preferable to organizations that have just sprouted.

It is also important to look into the methods used to extract the CBD. A company may choose to isolate the CDB, removing all the other components of the hemp plant. Importantly, this removes all traces of THC from the product. Alternatively, a minimally processed version of CBD may be offered. Called broad-spectrum, this has other parts of the hemp plant, including THC, although that is limited to 0.3 percent. The least processed CBD products are called full-spectrum and contain most of the components of the original plant, including THC, although again, this is usually limited to 0.3 percent.

Full-spectrum CBD extract is valued for its higher concentration of terpenes. Terpenes are natural fragrance molecules that are responsible for the distinctive taste and odor of cannabis. It is believed to play a key role in the ability of CBD oil to alleviate anxiety.

The potency of the CBD product varies. Measured in milligrams (mg), this shows the amount of CBD per volume. The higher the number, the greater the potency will be. Other ingredients found in CBD oil, such as melatonin and CBG, will also be displayed in the same way. The amount you give your dog should be determined by its weight. Most companies will specify the amount that should be given for small, medium, and large dogs. If you are giving the supplement on a regular basis, you should consult a vet to check the recommended dosage.

CBD products also have size variations. For example, CBD oil may come in quantities, such as 150 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg, and even higher. If you have a small dog or are just trying out CBD, you may want to go for a smaller quantity first.

As CBD products are not regulated, you should check the lab results of the product that you are considering. Most reputable companies publish their lab results. Don’t buy from a company that doesn’t have test results or hasn’t updated its test results for more than a year. You should also be able to readily obtain information about its location, business practices, extraction methods, and quality control. Its shipping and return policies are particularly important, both for your peace of mind and to gauge how willing the company is to stand by its product.

Check online reviews and social media to see if other users have encountered any problems with the company’s products and whether the company’s claims are factual. You will also be able to see how responsive the company is to customer concerns. Better businesses will always seek to keep long-term customers happy by quickly answering queries and providing information about their products.

It is important not to go for the cheapest CBD product that you can find. On the other hand, you don’t need to pay an extortionate amount. There are plenty of CBD products that offer excellent value for money, so by all means, shop around. As always, the important thing is that you buy from a reputable company.

Best CBD products on the market

Here is a roundup of the best CBD products for your dog on the market. If you have decided to go ahead and try CBD on your pet, you can use this shortlist to find one that is right for your canine companion.

Verma Farms

Verma Farms has been offering CBD oil for humans for several years. Its first product for canines is salmon CBD oil for dogs. Verma Farms sources all its CBD from the US and is committed to providing all-natural products. While it only has one CBD offering, it has obviously put in a great deal of effort to ensure that its product is of the best quality possible. The CBD oil includes vitamins and supplements that boost the dog’s health, and the salmon flavoring should ensure that the oil goes down easily.

Using the CO2 extraction method, its CBD oil contains nano-emulsified anhydrous CBD oil, wild salmon oil, MCT oil, vitamin D3, vitamin E, and probiotics. It is available in 150 mg and 300 mg quantities, with lab results showing that it offers a potency of 10.4 mg of CBD per serving. The pricing is realistic and affordable, and the company offers free shipping for all US orders. However, it offers a refund for only unused, unopened products, with a 30-day window for buyers to return the product.


HolistaPet is a highly reputed company whose CBD oil for dogs is thoroughly tested by a third-party agency. Its oil is completely free of GMOs, dairy, gluten, additives, and preservatives, and is claimed to include only the best ingredients. The HolistaPet CBD oil for dogs has one of the highest potency ranges on the market, from 125 mg to 3,000 mg, which means that it can cater to dogs of all shapes and sizes, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.

As HolistaPet offers full-spectrum CBD oil, its product includes amino acids, vitamins, and additional nutrients not found in standard CBD oil. This offers added benefits to the dog, further boosting its health. The CBD oil is cat-friendly too, so you can give it to a household feline if you happen to have one.

HolistaPet offers an excellent subscription service, so if you opt in, you can enjoy excellent discounts coupled with a steady supply of CBD oil.


Penguin CBD oil for dogs offers unbeatable value, combining great quality with ultra-low prices. The CBD oil is all-natural and is made from hemp sourced from Oregon. It is available in a range of sizes, starting from 250 mg. Even though it is a broad-spectrum oil that contains additional natural elements, it has no THC, ensuring that it is perfectly safe for dogs. Its ingredients are listed as hemp oil, MCT oil, terpenes, and natural flavoring. Lab results indicate that it has 282 CBD per unit.

Penguin uses the CO2 extraction method and regularly carries out stringent testing to ensure that its product is up to the mark. Your peace of mind is further assured by the 30-day money-back guarantee, which is also a sign that the company is happy to stand by its product. The company also offers subscription pricing, allowing you to further reduce the price.


CBDfx is another great high-value option for those who want inexpensive CBD oil for their dogs. Despite the low price tag, CBDfx CBD oil is very well made. As a tincture, it is mixed with MCT oil – an oil obtained from coconut – to better help the CBD to become absorbed. The company also has a great extraction process that removes virtually all the harmful THC. Consequently, you will only find a tiny amount in the oil. Despite this, CBDfx is a full-spectrum product that includes all the natural minerals and vitamins that you find in hemp. It is available in a potency range from 250 mg to 1,000 mg.

A common problem that owners face when giving CBD oil is their dog’s refusal to consume it. Happily, despite its low price tag, CBDfx has given its oil a bacon flavoring, so you won’t have much trouble convincing your pet to swallow a couple of drops. It can even be added to the food to give the dog a great-tasting supplement. On the other hand, if either you or your dog is not a fan of bacon flavoring, you are out of luck, as it is the only version that is available. It is available in a variety of strengths, so you are bound to find one that is suitable for your pet.


cbdMD’s CBD oil tincture for dogs is more expensive than most other options, but you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are buying a well-reputed product. Also, the company offers great subscription savings, so you can enjoy reduced prices if you become a loyal customer. You can select from three subscription cycles: two weeks, one month, and two months. Choose one to meet your requirements to ensure that you get a steady supply while obtaining great savings into the bargain.

For finicky dogs that refuse to take supplements, cbdMD’s oil tincture comes in two flavors – natural and peanut butter. Even the fussiest dog is sure to love the peanut butter option. The company recommends that a few drops be added to the dog’s food, which is a simple and convenient way to administer the CDB.

cbdMD’s CBD oil is produced using a broad-spectrum formula that has the advantage of including all the different vitamins and nutrients found in hemp. The drawback is that some lesser CBD products contain THC, which can be lethal to dogs if present in large quantities. Fortunately, cbdMD has been thoroughly refined to ensure that it is completely free from THC. Instead, its CBD oil has healthy compounds such as CBN, which is said to have antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Leaf Remedys

Leaf Remedys CBD treats are thoroughly tested by an independent lab to ensure their quality. Using excellent CBD derived from hemp grown in Colorado, the company produces CBD oil that is infused with plenty of healthy ingredients. These include chondroitin, glucosamine, and MSM, which have anti-inflammatory properties that will help dogs with pain and discomfort.

Leaf Remedys uses a sub-zero CO2 extraction method to obtain the CBD extract. Apart from the active ingredients mentioned above, the treat also includes peanut butter, bananas, oats, tapioca and coconut flour, and hempseed oil. Each treat has 10 mg of CBD, so apart from being a tasty snack, your dog will also get a healthy dosage. Each 300 mg container contains 30 treats, and the company offers free shipping in the US.

The Anxious Pet

The Anxious Pet company offers a full-spectrum CBD oil and treats that have been formulated under the guidance of veterinarians. As might be guessed from the company’s name, it is perfect for dogs suffering from anxiety. The CBD oil’s unique feature is its high bioavailability, which essentially means that it has more active ingredients that are absorbed faster by the dog. Organic coconut oil is used in making the product, enhancing this effect.

The company also prides itself on using the best organic ingredients. It offers excellent customer service, including free shipping. Unlike most companies that offer a 30-day period for returns, the Anxious Pet company gives a 60-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. It also has a great subscription service that allows you to tailor how long you want to go between refills – you can select from one month up to nine months.

Petly CBD

Petly’s CBD oil is produced using the company’s high-grade, phytocannabinoid-rich, broad-spectrum hemp formula. The oil is offered in three different strengths, from 125 mg to 500 mg of CBD. It comes in dropper bottles, making it extremely easy to add the oil to food or water or administer directly to the dog’s mouth.

The hemp oil is mixed with human-grade MCT oil and is tested by Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs. The hemp used is non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. It is also completely free of additives and preservatives. Price-wise, it’s not cheap, but it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you are unlikely to lose out if you do decide to give it a try. This product has gotten many positive reviews online, so its quality certainly seems assured.


BATCH CBD pet oil is produced from the best organic hemp and is certified for its cruelty-free farming. An all-natural oil that is extracted using organic ethanol, it is available in 400 mg and 750 mg doses. The CBD oil is made with raw hemp extract, organic MCT coconut oil, and bacon oil. Consequently, it has the delicious bacon flavor that dogs love, saving you the hassle of having to convince a recalcitrant dog to take the supplement.

A quality full-spectrum product, this oil is extensively tested and offers 7 mg per serving for the 400 mg concentration and 13 mg per serving for the 700 mg concentration. BATCH has a great reputation and offers free shipping on all orders, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company’s website is exceptionally informative and easy to navigate and its customer service is also second to none.


Medterra offers CBD oils of the highest quality, made from non-GMO hemp grown under the supervision of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. It is also certified by the US Hemp Authority and tested by independent agencies. The CBD isolate is infused with organic MCT oil that is made from coconut to create the brand’s CBD Drops. Since its products have been approved by veterinarians and verified to be completely free of THC, you can buy with confidence.

If you have a fussy dog, you will be glad to know that Medterra CBD drops come in three flavors – chicken, beef, and natural – so you are bound to find one that your dog likes. You can also choose from a range of strengths, from 150 mg to 750 mg. Medterra offers free shipping for subscription orders, and international shipping is also available. This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, underlining the fact that you are buying one of the highest quality, most extensively tested CBD products on the market. Apart from the drops, Medterra offers Joint Support and Calming CBD chews that can be given to both cats and dogs, providing them with something to chew on between meals.

Colorado Botanicals

As you may have guessed from the name, Colorado Botanicals sources its hemp from Colorado. The company places a great deal of emphasis on the purity and quality of its CBD pet oil. Its broad-spectrum CBD oil for dogs and cats is available as a 750 mg tincture that is unflavored to preserve its all-natural taste. Colorado Botanicals is expanding its lineup to offer different flavors and potencies for dogs and cats, along with other CBD-infused food products, so be sure to check for new products.

Using a proprietary pharmaceutical separation process that conserves terpenes that are typically lost in the extraction process, Colorado Botanicals is able to produce an extraordinarily pure product that is completely free of THC and other unwanted compounds. It also uses state-of-the-art equipment to test its products before sending them off to independent labs for further testing to ensure that CBD oil is of the highest standard. The company publishes the results of the testing, so you have an excellent insight into the product that you are getting.

Unsurprisingly, the company is happy to stand by its product, offering a 60-day return window and even a prepaid shipping label to send both opened and unopened products back to the manufacturer. Orders over $50 are eligible for free shipping and, if you are in a hurry, you can avail yourself of priority and overnight delivery. The 750 mg tincture is also extremely affordable, and you can use subscription pricing for a further discount.

R+R Medicinals

If you are looking for great-tasting dog chews, you should check out R+R Medicinals. The company has partnered with a well-known dog treat manufacturer to produce treats that are not only full of CBD but also taste great. Each chew contains 5 mg of full-spectrum oil and is manufactured with plenty of ingredients to deliver a product that is full of healthy goodness coupled with a taste that dogs love. These ingredients include pea and tapioca flour, palm fruit oil, flaxseed, chicken liver, sweet potato, carrot, tomato, sunflower lecithin, coconut glycerin, rosemary extract, and mixed tocopherols. Consequently, you can be sure that your dog will be consuming a treat that contains many additional nutrients.

The company offers free shipping for US customers and a 30-day guarantee. Each package contains 60 treats. Despite the many added nutrients and the fact the company is offering a full-spectrum CBD oil, the prices are extremely affordable and among the lowest for a dog chew of this quality. What is more, the product is certified to be organic, with hemp sourced from outdoor farms in Colorado, so you can be confident that you are getting an all-natural product.

Honest Paws

Although this company is dedicated to providing CBD oil for dogs, it uses human-grade ingredients that are also completely natural, organic, and vegan. Its CBD products are also non-GMO and free of soy, corn, gluten, and dairy. So if your dog suffers from a food allergy, this is a great product to try. Apart from CBD oil, the company also produces treats and even peanut butter with CBD.

Honest Paws offer full-spectrum CBD oil in a variety of strengths starting at 125 mg all the way up to a powerful 1,000 mg. Despite the obvious care it puts into its product, it is surprisingly affordable and you can get further savings if you subscribe for a monthly refill. The company offers a variety of CBD oils to deal with different conditions, so you can choose from different blends depending on your dog’s requirements. For example, there are different oils to deal with calming an anxious dog, reducing pain, boosting health, and enhancing mobility. Made from hemp grown in Colorado, the CBD oil is thoroughly tested to ensure that the best quality is maintained.

Penelope’s Bloom

Penelope’s Bloom was created as a result of the real-life struggles of the founders who owned a French bulldog who suffered from chronic spinal disk degeneration. As they worked to find an all-natural solution that would help enhance her quality of life, they ended up with a formula that they realized could help other dogs as well. As the dog’s name was Penelope, Penelope’s Bloom was born.

The product is a CBD tincture that combines organic CBD with chamomile. Chamomile is a natural herb that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties alongside the ability to promote relaxation and healing. It also reduces digestive discomfort by relaxing stomach muscles and soothing sensitive stomachs. Chamomile is also credited with helping to create a calmer mood while enhancing cognition.

Designed to be easily digested for quick results, this CBD tincture contains organic, full-spectrum CBD. That means that it is full of cannabinoids, fatty acids, terpenes, and other natural compounds that can benefit your dog. It does contain some THC as well, but this is tested to be less than the 0.03% limit that is permitted for these products. Penelope’s Bloom CBD oil tincture comes in four different potencies to cater to dogs of all sizes, from less than 30 pounds to over 120 pounds.

Pet Hemp Company

The Pet Hemp Company is another business that began when the owners were trying to alleviate the suffering of a much-loved pet. In this case, it was a family dog called who was suffering from a tumor. He eventually passed away, but his owners discovered that CBD oil helped the dog feel less discomfort and pain and enjoy life more while he was alive.

Pet Hemp Company uses US-grown plants to source its hemp, which must be non-GMO. Superfood nutrients are added to the full-spectrum oil, but no further additives or preservatives are used. This all-natural CBD oil comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 150 mg all the way to a stupendous 3,000 mg, so you have something for all sizes of dogs. The company takes care to remove all traces of THC, and all oil batches are thoroughly tested by a third party. The company offers free shipping in the US but doesn’t deliver internationally at the moment. For an extra fee, you can use priority shipping and get your order in less than three business days.

Nuleaf Naturals

Unlike many companies, Nuleaf Naturals has been providing CBD products of all kinds since 2014. Consequently, it is a highly established business with many satisfied clients in the US and around the world. Its hemp is sourced from Colorado from non-GMO plants on which no chemical fertilizer or pesticides have been used.

The company takes pride in offering all-natural, organic CBD oil devoid of additives, preservatives, and other toxins. Nuleaf Naturals offers a full-spectrum blend that ensures that your dog benefits from the terpenes and natural compounds that are present in the hemp extract. While THC is also present in full-spectrum oil, the oil is independently lab tested to ensure that this is less than the federally mandated 0.3% limit.

Dosing sizes are limited, but there is a wide range of potencies from 240 mg to 1,450 mg. Free shipping is available for US customers, and the company also ships internationally to over 40 countries. For an extra fee, you can get express shipping, which will get your goods delivered in just 1-2 business days. Unused packages can be returned to the company within 30 days for a full refund.

Blessed CBD

Unlike the business listed so far, this is a family-run UK-based company. It offers a variety of CBD products in a range of potencies, from 500 mg to 1,800 mg, so while it may not be ideal for smaller pups, it is an excellent choice for larger dogs. Its CBD products are of excellent quality as they use organic hemp and a CO2 extraction process to obtain the purest oil.

As Blessed CBD’s products consist of full-spectrum CBD oil, they are full of terpenes along with other cannabinoids such as CBDA and CBG, so dogs get all the goodness of the hemp plant. Blessed CBD’s products are independently tested by third-party labs to verify that they don’t contain the contaminants commonly found in full-spectrum CBD oil. The many positive reviews the company has garnered are a testament to the quality of the CBD products. If you are in the UK, Blessed CBD could be the best choice for your dog.


Founded in Colorado, this company is committed to growing hemp ethically and creating pure CBD products, and offering them at affordable prices. It uses hemp grown in Colorado, and its CBD oil is specially designed to be beneficial to pets. Since it uses the CO2 extraction method, the full-spectrum blend is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids that further benefit your dog’s health.

CBDistillery offers its oils in a range of sizes from 600 mg to 1,500 mg. The company believes in transparency and customers can scan the QR code on the packaging to obtain the full report on the chemical composition of that particular oil. This indicates the confidence the company has in its testing process while also giving its customers peace of mind. CBDistillery’s website is full of useful information regarding hemp and CBD products, so browsing through it could be well worth your time.

Joy Organics

This is a family-owned business that sells top-quality CBD oil and treats. As Joy Organics is a member of the US Hemp Authority, the professional body dedicated to best practices in the industry, you can be certain that you are dealing with a professional company that cares about the quality of its products.

The hemp used in these products is sourced from hemp grown throughout the US. From this, broad-spectrum CBD is extracted. While this contains terpenes that are of nutritional value to the dog, all traces of THC are removed, so if you are concerned about the presence of this psychoactive compound in full-spectrum oils, this is a great alternative. Every batch is independently tested to ensure that it is pure and potent, with results being published on the company’s website.

Joy Organics offers beef-flavored treats, so you will have no problem convincing your dog to eat them. US customers get free shopping, and unused products can be returned within 30 days for a full refund.

Vibes CBD

Vibes CBD is based in the UK, making it a great choice for British and European customers who would otherwise have to spend a great deal on shipping from the US. However, it is a relatively new company whose operations are smaller than its competitors. That doesn’t mean it stints on the quality of its products, however.

It uses the CO2 extraction method to obtain pure CBD oil from non-GMO hemp that is free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Its broad-spectrum CBD is available in tinctures and capsules, with a relatively high potency level of between 1,000 mg and 2,000 mg.

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