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How To Say ‘I Love You’ To Your Dog

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It’s true when they say your dog is your best friend. You cuddle with them for hours on end when you’re upset, sick, or just need a buddy to lift your spirits. When you get home from work, they’re always eager to greet you with a jump and lick of your face, and this is their little way of telling you they love you.

Dogs are loyal, they’re always there for you, and they will always show how much they appreciate you, so how do we show our love back to them?

We know actions speak louder than words a lot of the time, and this is why we have written this article to give you a few suggestions of the different ways you can say ‘I Love You’ to your dogs with actions as well as words. Let’s dive right in!

Walking Your Dog

We all know how much you need to take your dogs for a walk. It keeps their mental health stable, helps their physical health, and lets them use the toilet. But what’s more, is that it’s a chance to form a loving bond with your dog in nature.

How To Say 'I Love You' To Your Dog

Walking your dog can be a peaceful and wonderful experience and even just a short walk allows you to show your dog how much you love them and can deepen that bond. You might want to stick to their favorite routes and bring some treats now and then, and even sit on a bench to talk to them to remind them of your love.

When you find a safe area, don’t be afraid to let them off the lead and play ball with them. They will appreciate this and view it as a way of letting them know you trust them and want to have fun with them at the same time.

Talk and Listen To Your Dog

Tell your dog you love them. This might be the simplest way of showing your love and is incredibly important in your relationship with your dog. Simply talking to them during everyday activities will also show this love, whether that is when you’re on a walk, preparing their dinner, or tidying up.

Though they might not understand your word for word, dogs tend to understand us through our tone of voice and this is how they can take your words and know that you love them. You can even try reading to your dog! This has been proven successful when dealing with anxious dogs and as a way of calming them down.

Not only is talking important in communicating with your dog, but you also need to be a good listener. Try and take the time to listen to your dog by paying attention to body language and facial expressions. Once you can understand your dog, you can deepen the bond between the two of you and be able to express how much you love them.

Playing Together

The simple act of play can be enough to tell your furry friend just how much you love them. They will get excited at the thought and enjoy exerting some energy with you.

It does not have to be planned out or a particularly long event, but even running after a ball, or just being with family and friends is enough to show them how much you love them.

You could try a range of different outdoor or indoor games with them, or come up with your own so you are prepared for all kinds of weather. Don’t forget to expand their toy collection if you can too!


Grooming not only makes your dog look great, but a well-groomed dog is often happy and healthy. Spending enough time grooming your dog allows you to show how much you love them and want to care for them.

How To Say 'I Love You' To Your Dog

You can also chat with your dog as you groom and tell them that you love them.

If you struggle to find the time to groom your dog, or you struggle with technique, take them along to a professional groomer. This will again show them how much you appreciate and love them, as it can be used as a special treat. We promise dogs love going to the Groomer as much as we love going to the spa!

Eye Contact

This might sound an odd one, but the eye contact you have between you and your dog is so important in telling them how much you love them.

If you look into the eyes of your dog, they will often give you a lingering, soft look to tell you how much they love you, so why not give one back? Give a loving gaze to your dog and deepen that bond with them in a matter of seconds. The more often you do it, the deeper the bond will get.

You might also want to pay attention to eyebrows. Dogs can easily read facial expressions and you will find they might raise their eyebrows when they interact with someone special to them and someone they love. You could imitate this and greet your dog with relaxed eyebrows and a loving smile on your face. It reminds your dog how happy you are to see them.

Snooze with Your Dog

How To Say 'I Love You' To Your Dog

Sleeping alongside your dog can mean a lot to them as it shows your vulnerability. You don’t always have to let them into your bed to snooze alongside them, but simply having an afternoon nap on the sofa together will not only be relaxing for you both but deepen the connection you have with each other.

Body Language

Do you often notice your dog will lean up against you? This is common in all dogs, but especially in larger breeds, and is their way of showing affection, trust, and love. You can do the same back and lean up against them to show how much you love them. This also shows you trust them too.

Doggy Treats

Lastly, just like humans, dogs love a treat.

Think of how happy you feel when a family member or a friend gives you a present! You are reminded how loved you are, and this applies when dogs are given a little treat or gift too.

Offering your dog their favorite treat is a simple but great way to tell them you are happy they are in your life and is a great way to say ‘I Love You’ to your dog.

You could even show them that bit of extra love and make the treats yourself. Homemade treats for dogs are just like homemade cakes for us, warm, comforting, and made with love.

Final Thoughts

We hope by reading this article you have learned a little more about the different ways you can say ‘I Love You’ to your dog.

We promise they love you as much as you love them and sometimes actions speak louder than words, so take them on walks, take them to the Groomer, and give them as many treats as you want.

Dogs are family after all, and we should treat them just as though they are like any other family member who we love dearly.

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