5 Heartwarming Dog Stories Around The World

5 Heartwarming Dog Stories Around The World

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Dogs are integral part of life for many people. They can be friend, companion, motivation, help in need and so much more. I’ve selected 5 most heartwarming about people and their four legged friends.

Dog Sled Team Helps Deliver Groceries During COVID-19 Lockdown

In northern Maine, a 22-year-old woman named Hannah Lucas is helping her senior neighbors during the global pandemic. Hannah, who is an entrepreneur, is using her dog sled team to help deliver groceries to the seniors in her rural community.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, Hannah noticed the older members of her neighborhood were coming to her Circle-K to buy whatever necessities they needed. She then got the idea of how she could help them.

Hannah said she knew she could help minimize health risks using her team of sled dogs. She posted on a local Maine Facebook group, announcing her availability to deliver groceries to her community.

Hannah runs the Northlane Siberian Huskies and Seppala Siberian Sled Dog Team in Caribou. She knew she could use the same trail system she uses for training also to do grocery runs.

Hannah announced she would do grocery runs and have customers meet her at whichever trailhead was closest to their home. The citizens of Caribou responded in overwhelming numbers, and on Hannah’s first day, she and her dog sled team made two successful deliveries.

By the next day, Hannah’s grocery orders had tripled. She now sends out two dog sled teams daily.

Each dog sled team makes between four to six deliveries per day and travel between 50-75 miles. Hannah said one of the senior couples she helps started to cry when they saw the dog sled team approach with their groceries.

In addition to receiving essential supplies, the community loves seeing the dogs. Hannah said the dogs all love their job and also enjoy interacting with the neighbors.

Her success with her grocery runs during COVID-19 has made the 22-year-old wonder about continuing to offer the service after the pandemic is over. She now plans to extend her dog sled grocery service next winter when snow covers the ground once again.

Neighbors Bought An Apartment For A Homeless Woman And Her Dogs

Two friends, Jennifer and Melissa, saw an elderly woman inside a parked SUV and discovered that she was with her two dogs. They tried to ask the woman about her situation because they thought something was off. The woman inside the van insisted she is fine, but her situation looked otherwise.

By the looks of the situation, the two girls thought that the woman and her dogs badly needed help.

They were bothered and tried to find some information about her.

At first, they only got a hold of the woman’s name; it was Lynn Schutzman. But it wasn’t enough to know only her name, so they tried to dig deeper to find more details. They wanted to extend a little help to her and her furry companions.

After a while of searching for information, they finally found out that Schutzman was once a pharmacist and had a good life. Things started to get worse when her husband died. She got sick, and the medical bill became too much that she could no longer afford her rent. Now, she’s 70 years old with nothing but her dogs and her van as their shelter.

Her two dogs became her only companion and family.

During the hardest of times, her dogs are the ones that gave her hope. They are all she has.

The two girls decided to post about Schutzman on social media. Soon enough, the story of Schutzman and her dogs started to get people’s attention, and help started to overflow.

A couple of people in their community even donated things for her and her dogs. Others who have heard of Schutzman’s misfortune made cash donations through Jennifer and Melissa.

The girls figured that Schutzman needed a place she can call home. So they decided to use the money they have raised to get a place to accommodate Schutzman and her dogs.

Schutzman could not believe the help that came for her. She got overwhelmed by the community’s kindness and is very grateful to everyone, most especially to Jennifer and Melissa. It’s safe to say that Schutzman and her dogs are happy once more.

Dog Joins Neighbor’s Kids For Bath Time Every Night

Meet Aeida and her best friend, Cashew, from Melbourne, Australia. From the moment they became neighbors, they were inseparable.

These two can’t get enough of each other’s company as when it’s time to say goodbye they become restless and they can’t wait to see each other the next day.

Both of their families have noticed their strong bond and found it very sweet that they wanted to make it easier for the two besties to hang out.

Eventually, they both agreed to put a doggy door between their two houses to make it easier for Aeida and Cashew to play together. They go back and forth to each other’s homes. Aeida even spends her time at Cashew’s house to play with the little kids.

Aeida’s mom, Nicole Ackehurst, noticed how close Aeida was with her neighbor’s children. “Aeida is very friendly and loving,” she told The Dodo.

For a few weeks, Aeida’s parents noticed that she was always away at night. Of course, they didn’t think much of it until their neighbor sent them a Facebook message with a picture of Aeida. She was sitting comfortably in their bathtub!

Aeida’s parents were so delighted to see the photo because Aeida typically hates baths! But maybe because she was joining her favorite kids, she was more than willing to do it. Nicole even added that Aeida would join the children for their bath time at any chance she could.

Since then, Aeida would almost always accompany the neighbor’s kids on their nightly bath. It was gradually becoming her favorite pastime. And of course, Cashew and her parents don’t mind her at all! They are always delighted to have her in their home.

This incident has now become a cute little ritual between the two besties and the kids. It just goes to show that Aeida is a part of Cashew’s family, just as how Cashew is part of Aeida’s.

Reunion With Long-Lost Dog Evoked Happy Tears From Owner

Usually, we associate tears with feminism and/or weakness. That said, it is a little rare for us to see grown-up men crying over anything – even when their hearts are broken or physically hurt.

But there are just things that can actually make men emotional, like something or someone they are very passionate about. In this video, it shows a grown man who lost it when he finally reunites with his long-lost dog.

This video is proof that men do cry, not only when women they love broke their hearts, but when they finally get to reunite with their lost dogs! As they say, dogs don’t leave people the way others do, so it seems this man is so into his dog that he didn’t care if he gets caught on cam crying.

Watch the video and see how heartwarming this reunion is and how real the emotions are between the two who have been separated for a while before this wonderful reunion.

Meet the dog who made his owner cry his heart out when they finally get reunited. Looking at this adorable dog, you will stop wondering how it evoked a strong feeling from its parent. Seeing reunions like this one is really a tearjerker and, at the same time, a heartwarming scene.

As seen in the video, the man is so happy seeing his dog once again. Thanks to the good samaritan who took it back home, the two are now together again and vow not to miss a beat ever again.

You can bet that this man’s heart was pounding when he learned that his dog was found. It is not also a far-fetched idea to believe that he hoped to God that this is his dog that was found and is about to reunite with him.

Dedicated Service Dog Has A Special Spot In An Elementary Yearbook

Time and again, our furry companions continue to astound us with what they can do for us humans.

Among all other species, our beloved pooches are the only ones elevated to the status of man’s best friend.

Over time, we have discovered that they can also be indispensable companions and highly trainable for specialized services. From medical alert dogs to working ones, they leave no stone unturned.

Mobility assistance dogs are getting recognized for their unmatched reliability. They help people reach their dreams and work diligently out of sheer love. They are also capable of serving their handlers round the clock.

In the graduation rites of middle-schoolers, a service dog received an award. Linda, a yellow Labrador, was well-loved and respected at the Orange City Elementary School in Florida.

She was the companion of Rachel Watton, one of the fifth-graders who graduated there in 2018. Watton, a wheelchair bound student, lives with spina bifida. This illness affects her spinal cord.

Linda assisted Rachel every step of the way. This dog helped her handler in navigating her wheelchair and opening doors. She also picked things up for her.

In countless ways, this pooch worked lovingly and attentively for her handler. She was also endearing to students because she comforted those whom she sensed were anxious or nervous.

It was not surprising when this dog got acknowledged for her service at a school that considered her ‘family’. Linda got a special plaque for three years of dedicated service to Orange City Elementary.

Apart from that, she had a snapshot in the school’s yearbook, just like the rest of the students. Principal Charlie Bynum said he also graduated with her handler.

As the students walked off during graduation day, Rachel and her mom promised that Linda would continue to visit Orange City School.

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