5 Adorable Dogs With Disabilities

5 Adorable Dogs With Disabilities

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These dogs have risen above their disabilities and are delivering maximum cuteness.

#1 Dog Who Lost Its Two Limbs Gets Wheels

Meet Daffodil, the adorable pup with only hind legs.

While it seems not affected by its current condition, its carers know that such a situation would have a negative impact over time. This is why they found a wonderful solution, which will eventually make Daffodil’s life normal as it grows older – wheels that will make up for the two front legs this cutie is missing.

Watch the video as Daffodil gets wheels that will be its legs from now on. As seen in the video, it is awesome how technology can actually better the lives of not only people like us but also our four-legged friends.

But it is more awesome to see the happiness in Daffodil’s eyes as it sees this new treat; this time, something that it will be able to use and make its already wonderful life even better.

Daffodil is just one of the wonderful pups in the care of San Francisco SPCA. The volunteers and staff of the shelter love the cute quadruped because of its lovable traits on top of its really calming facial expression.

And while at this time, it is not bothered of the missing two legs, its handlers know that it will eventually feel less when the time comes to mingle with other dogs or even when adopted to a new home. They know that this disability will naturally limit its activities and will soon take a toll on its confidence and abilities.

What they did next is amazing; they provided Daffodil with wheels that will allow it to move freely and without restrictions. Truly, their thoughtfulness is a gift to dogs and other pets in their care who have a disability like Daffodil.

#2 Stevie The Blind Border Collie Receives Rescue Dog Of The Year Award

Dogs with disabilities can still live their life to the fullest when given proper care.

They can become assets instead of liabilities if they get the same love, attention, and care that normal dogs usually receive. And this blind dog named Stevie Wonderful is a living proof to that as he gets the prestigious Pedigree Foundation’s 2020 Rescue Dog Of The Year.

Stevie, a 9-year-old Border Collie, serves as a canine greeter at Cleveland Clinic every Wednesday.

This job is his way of giving back to the community. He hopes to inspire the hospital staff, visitors, and patients and bring smiles to their faces no matter how difficult life may seem.

Stevie’s efforts did not go unnoticed when the Pedigree Foundation decided to choose him as the Rescue Dog of the Year for his significant contribution and “enduring spirit.”

He has been doing this role for two years now, and he has no plans of quitting despite his disability. He wants to show others, especially those who are seriously ill, that as long as there is life, there’s still hope.

Three years ago, Stevie lived a tough life due to his neglectful owners.

He thought he would not make it because his body was covered in mange in fleas, and he was in terrible shape. But the Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue gave him a second chance at life – they spent months rehabilitating him – until a kind and loving couple decided to give him a forever home.

Spending 90 hours as a canine greeter every week is Stevie’s way of paying it forward. He’s grateful that despite being a handicapped dog, a loving family still adopted him. He owes his new life to both his family and the people at ISBCR – they are the reasons why he wants to serve as an inspiration to others.

#3 Deaf-Blind Puppy And Her Guide Dog Sibling Long For A Forever Home

These two 3-month-old terrier mix siblings look perfectly fine. But when you look at them closely, you will notice that one of them is deaf and almost entirely blind. The other dog, on the other hand, serves as her “eyes and ears,” so she can live her life normally.

Star, the deaf-blind dog, and her brother, Denver, are inseparable since they were born.

They have six other siblings, but they are the closest since Denver assigned himself as Star’s guide ever since. He has always been focused and attentive to her blind sister’s needs, and he makes sure she knows that he’s still near her so she won’t feel afraid.

The two love playing together – their favorite pastimes are playing tumble, chewing on stuffed toys, and playing with rope toys.

But their life has not always been this easy. They were dumped in a rural part of Louisiana, along with their mother and six siblings; thankfully, a kind couple found them and took them in until the eight of them finished nursing.

Star, Denver, and their six siblings traveled almost 2,000 miles to transfer to their new home, Helen Woodward Animal Center.

The staff provided them with the care and attention that they needed. But they knew what these siblings needed the most was a forever home, so they put them up for adoption.

All, but Star and Denver, have already found their forever homes. The HWAC is hoping these two will find a loving family to adopt them soon too. The staff has seen how much Star loves her independence, so just like other puppies, she can very much do these things on her own, as long as her brother is near.

The love that Star and Denver share is like no other. They long to share this with the right family soon.

#4 Dog With Facial Deformity Is Given Another Chance At Life

Born with a facial deformity, Beaux was ignored for five years of his life while tied up in someone’s backyard. The canine thought all hope was lost until he met the woman that changed his life.

One of Jamie’s friends took a photo of a yard with the canine in the background. When Jamie asked her friend about the dog, he told her that the owners were trying to get her into a rescue or a shelter because they didn’t want the dog anymore, and they were moving away.

Jamie immediately said that she would happily take care of the dog. She noticed how thin the dog was and how he was neglected during the time spent in that backyard.

The following day, Jamie took the dog to the vet clinic. The vet said that the dog had heartworms and that the treatment wasn’t advisable since he was underweight. There was a 50/50 chance that Beaux would survive.

Beaux had a long way ahead of him, but Jamie fully supported his recovery and visited him every day. Jamie named him Beaux Tox due to his high vet bills that would resemble the amount she’d pay for if she got botox.

Beaux Tox is her pride and joy. Jamie was so relieved when she found out that Beaux was working hard to survive, and the results were positive.

After a month spent at the clinic, Beaux was ready to come home. Since he never lived inside a house, he had no idea how to act. Luckily, Jamie had another dog named Riley, who welcomed him with open arms. Riley and Beaux became best friends.

For Beaux, everything was just so new and exciting. He’s so innocent and pure. This dog almost didn’t see another day, yet Jamie allowed him to live a better life.

It was never a big deal to Jamie whenever kids would ask why her dog was ugly. She’d always respond kindly, saying her beloved canine was just a little more beautiful than regular dogs. Inside her heart, Jamie believed that Beaux was perfect.

#5 Pure Love Between A Senior Blind Retriever And His Seeing-Eye Pup

Chelsea and Adam Stipe made the best decision when they brought home a four-month-old Golden Retriever pup named Maverick.

He arrived at the couple’s home in Mooresville, North Carolina, on New Year’s day of 2019.

Initially, they wanted him to be the companion of their newborn son. However, it turned out that the seeing-eye pup served as an excellent companion for their beloved doggy named Charlie, who lost his eyes to glaucoma.

The two dogs were an endearing match and an Instagram account under their names soon had a massive following. The sight of both Retrievers tied with a leash, always having adventures together, won the hearts of many people on social media.

One could never get enough cuteness overload with the two golden guys. Watchers were always eyes on stalks as the two showed real love and respect for each other.

In today’s busy world, good-naturedness and love are missing. Time and affection are compromised. That is why Charlie and Maverick’s photos and videos were captivating.

The young pooch assisted Charlie in navigating the world with dedication. His pleasant disposition also helped Charlie to cope with his debilitating health issues.

Being the older dog, Charlie also had something priceless to offer to Maverick, and that was good manners. The charming duo got along so well that every day seemed a celebration of life.

Sadly, Charlie, the eleven-year-old pooch, died on July 10, 2019, six months after his young companion entered his life. Such a brief time for their marvelous friendship story.

Our furry friends remind us of countless lessons in life. Charlie taught us positivity while Maverick and his human family showed us the joy of unconditional love and a life of service to others. May we all lose ourselves in guiding others, for we have only one life to live.

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