5 Incredible Stories About Dogs And Cats

5 Incredible Stories About Dogs And Cats

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Fighting like cat and dog!

From our youngest age, we’ve been thought that cats and dogs are natural enemies. But these five stories will change your mind:

#1 Rescued Cat Saved By Loving Husky And Her Pack

Thi, Thoa, and Tram are three sisters who loved to foster stray kittens yearly temporarily. The trio first met Rosie, the kitty when she came in through their rescue. She was a couple of days old and looked lethargic and weak.

The tiny kitten refused to drink any milk and continued to isolate herself. The sisters decided to pair her up with Lilo, one of their pet huskies.

Lilo was good with the rescued kittens. When Rosie interacted with the dog, they noticed how she started instantly perking up within the next few hours.

Since then, Lilo has acted as her mother figure, which leads them to believe that he saved Rosie’s life. The kitty would happily drink her milk and started gaining weight. The two have been inseparable since.

Rosie would always follow Lilo. They ate together, hangout, and played with one another every chance they got. Although the rescue had the rule to find loving homes for each stray, they knew that they needed to keep Rosie and Lilo together.

Rosie officially became part of the family and was introduced to the rest of the husky pack. Infinity and Miko, Lilo’s siblings, absolutely adored Rosie and would go on several adventures with her.

Whenever the dogs would go outside, the cat would tag along as well. Whether it was hiking or long car rides, the group would always have so much fun together.

Rosie spent so much time with the huskies, and she started acting like them. She was able to do dog tricks like high-fives and bring toys to their owners.

Rosie was grateful to Lilo for aiding in her healing. The cat was able to take care of the other rescue kittens as Lilo did for her in the past.

#2 Black Kitten Becomes The Leader Of Her Doggy Pack

Tiny Kitten, or otherwise known as TK, has been the leader of her doggy pack ever since she was a kitten. TK loves bossing around all the dogs in her home, and the dogs cannot do anything about it at all.

TK’s human mom, Anneliessa Balk, recalled that she was driving home one night when she came across a black flash on the side of the road. Anneliessa decided to stop her car and get the cat sitting underneath an overpass because she was worried that the kitty might get run over.

Anneliessa admitted that she was worried that her dogs might eat TK as soon as she brought the cat home. Anneliessa recalled that one of her dogs, Nera, looked so fascinated at the newest addition of their family.

Anneliessa shared that Nera was the oldest and grumpiest dog among all of her dogs. Nera wanted to be the boss, but TK ended up being the leader of the pack.

Anneliessa adopted another dog one day after rescuing TK and named her Willow. Anneliessa admitted that she brought home two animals in a week or two.

Anneliessa’s fur babies bonded almost immediately, and it was evident who was the boss among all of them. Anneliessa shared that TK and Willow came into her home within 24 hours of each other, and they quickly became inseparable.

TK and Willow adore each other and loved nothing but to snuggle and kiss one another all day. Anneliessa shared that Willow is the goofiest among all of them, while TK was the bossiest.

Anneliesa said that Willow is also the most gentle dog she has ever met, and she could not believe that Willow was abandoned in a random housing project. Anneliessa shared that she was planning on fostering Willow for a short while, but she ended up adopting her because she got along so well with her other dog, Fred.

#3 Cat And Dog Showers Their Veteran Daddy With So Much Love

Stephen Simmons is a war veteran who was deeply affected by what happened to him while on duty. Stephen shared that his pet cat and dog helped changed his life for the better.

Burma, the cat, is always beside his doggy sibling named Puppi. Stephen shared that his two fur babies know how he feels at any given moment, and they shower him with love as soon as they think that he is sad.

Stephen shared that he found Puppi sitting on a mountaintop in the year 2004. Stephen recalled that the only time he has been away from Puppi was when he was deployed in Iraq.

Puppi became Stephen’s service dog after he got home from serving the war in Iraq. Stephen shared that Puppi has been through the most challenging times with him.

Stephen recalled that he got Burma four years ago when a homeless girl approached him with a box of kittens. Stephen knew right away that he wanted to keep the cat that the stranger handed to him.

Stephen shared that Burma does not like being held at all. Burma has his way of showing love, and being cuddled is not one of them. Burma prefers to be on the go and does not want to lay around in bed all day.

Stephen shared that her fur babies get along so well, and take care of each other like how siblings would. Stephen said that being with his fur babies helped distract him from the loneliness that he has been feeling.

Burma and Puppi gave him the companionship that he never knew that he needed. Stephen believes that his dog is happy to be with him, and does not care where they are going, or if she feels cold at all.

Stephen described his pets as his best friends, and he treats both Burma and Puppy as his family. Stephen admitted that he does not know what he would do without them at all.

#4 Husky Befriended A Kitten She Found

Being an only child has its advantages and disadvantages. One of its perks is you get to have things to yourself without a need to share.

One of its cons is you can feel lonely and have nobody to play with. That was the case with Raven, a Tamaskan Husky. When she was a puppy, she felt lonely whenever she was left at home.

So, Raven’s mom, Christina, thought it was a good idea to bring Raven to a shelter to pick her own friend to bring home. Christina always had a lifegoal of seeing a dog and cat grow old together. So she brought Raven to a shelter where she can pick a cat best friend.

They were each brought to Raven in a room and observed how they would act with each other. As soon and a small kitten named Woodhouse was brought into the room Raven was in, it was clear to see that they would be the best of friends.

Even Christina noticed the flicker of love that would grow between the Raven and Woodhouse. And just like that, Woodhouse was brought home. As each day passed, Raven and Woodhouse’s bond grows stronger.

Raven and Woodhouse were cute and fluffy, and they loved snuggling together. They especially enjoy their playtime, running around the house. They do everything together, from celebrating their special days to traveling and sleeping beside each other.

Now, Raven and Woodhouse are not as clingy as they were when they were younger, but they are still pretty much inseparable as they were before.

The love between these two siblings is something no one can take away from them. Getting to meet and be with each other as they grow older is probably one of the biggest blessings they could have wished for.

Raven is not lonely anymore; she now has a sister she can rely on. Though, having to share some of her thing things with Woodhouse, Raven doesn’t mind it. As long as she will always have her best friend with her, Raven is satisfied.

#5 Beagle Produces Breastmilk Despite Not Giving Birth

Love will make impossible things possible!

Daisy is a beagle who has been with Jane for quite a while. She has always been a good dog and was also very good to other animals.

When Jane brought two kittens home, she knew that Daisy was going to be kind to them. She did not expect what her kindness will bring her to do though.

Daisy immediately took a maternal role when it came to Fletcher and Dexter. She would take care of the puppies and even groom them.

What amazes Jane is how Daisy nurses the two kittens. The two cats were old enough not to nurse when they were brought home. Now, they just nurse on Daisy for comfort.

Daisy, who never gave birth, somehow is producing milk for the kittens. Jane is amazed by what a dog’s body can do.

Fletcher and Dexter are grown now, but they are still mama’s babies. They are very close to Daisy and would always want to cuddle up to their mommy.

They may not be the same kind of animals, but the love between them made something amazing happen. The relationship between these three has been inspiring for a lot of people.

People see the beauty of motherhood and what it can do. Their relationship also shows people what incredible things love can create.

Jane is very happy to see the cats healthy and see how maternal Daisy is towards them. She never expected this to happen.

She never expected that the three so close. That’s mostly because of Daisy. For Jane, Daisy is an exceptional creature.

She embodies true motherhood despite not giving birth herself. Jane has learned that you don’t have to give birth to be a mother. That’s the beauty of adoption, and that’s the beauty that Daisy is showing everyone!

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