How Big is a Chow Chow?

How Big Is A Chow Chow?

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If you are thinking about getting a Chow Chow, or you currently have a Chow Chow puppy, you might be left wondering exactly how big they will grow to be. These are definitely not the right match for those that are looking for a small dog, but just how big is a Chow Chow?

Chow Chow’s are wonderful dogs when they are not being stubborn, but even this is a trait that only highlights their strong willed personalities. They are an excellent breed to choose as long as you are prepared to go through extensive training and put a lot of time and effort into properly looking after them.

In this article, we are going to tell you exactly how big a Chow Chow is, so you can be aware of how big you can expect them to be as adults. We are also going to take a look out how tall they will get over time, and how much they tend to weigh on average.

How Big Is A Chow Chow?

The Chow Chow is classed as a medium-sized breed of dog, but they can become quite large. They are tiny, cute little balls of fluff when they are puppies, but this is something that they will quickly grow out of.

While they will still be fluffy and adorable, you can expect them to be much bigger in size when they are adults. 

How Tall Is A Chow Chow?

When it comes to male adult Chow Chows, you can expect them to grow to be at least 19 inches tall. On the other hand, the female Chow Chow will usually grow to be around 18 inches in height.

How Much Do Chow Chow’s Weigh?

Adult male Chow Chows will usually weigh between 55 and 71 pounds, whereas the female Chow Chow has an average weight of between 44 and 60 pounds. So, you can expect these dogs to get pretty heavy on their way to adulthood. 

When Do Chow Chows Stop Growing?

When it comes to their overall height and size, the Chow Chow will typically be fully grown by around 18 months old. However, they will reach their full weight by the age of 2 years old. The small puppy stage doesn’t last long, so you should make the most of it while you can. 

Things That Can Affect The Size Of Your Chow Chow

Their Diet – A Chow Chow that isn’t getting everything that they need from their diet will start to lose weight, even if they have reached their full growth potential. If they are getting a complete diet full of everything that they need to thrive, then they are more likely to stay at a healthy weight.

Obesity – This is a condition that does affect many Chow Chows, and obesity can lead to digestion problems, heart disease, poor joints, and more. This is why it is so important to ensure that you are feeding your dog a balanced and complete diet.

If your Chow Chow is obese, you should contact your vet as they will be able to help you to come up with a solution to the problem. You should also avoid giving your Chow Chow too many treats, and avoid giving them any family dinner leftovers. 

Bloating – This is something else that is relatively common for Chow Chows, who tend to bloat more than other dog breeds.The reason for this is that they have a certain genetic build, and this makes them much more likely to bloat more. 

Hookworms – If your Chow Chow has hookworms, then this could majorly affect their overall size and their growth. Although, once they have been treated for this, they can get back to their normal growth in no time at all.

Gender – As we have already mentioned, male Chow Chows weigh more than females, and they are also slightly bigger than them in size. This is because the males tend to have more muscle, which makes them heavier.

However, they are also bigger in height, but not usually by much. The average height of a female Chow Chow is 18 inches, but the average height of a male Chow Chow is 19 inches. So, although there is a difference in height between male and female Chow Chows, it is only small.

What Does A Chow Chow Look Like?

The Chow Chow is a square breed of dog that features post-like straight legs. Their legs will contribute to their stilted gait, and they often have erect ears.

These dogs have broad skulls and a tail that will curve up over their backs. One of the things that these dogs are most well known for is their blue/black tongues that not many breeds will have.

They have wrinkles on their faces, but they are usually masked by their long fur, but they can give the dog an almost scowling expression. Although, for their size, these dogs are both strong and sturdy. They can have two different types of coat, but the most common is the rougher and longer coat.

The rougher coat is usually straight and is what people recognise when they think of adorable Chow Chows. However, they can also have a smoother coat, but this is usually shorter in length than the rougher variety. Regardless of which type of coat that they have, all Chow Chows will have a dense undercoat. 

When it comes to the coloring of these dogs, they will most commonly be red or black, but any solid color is acceptable in terms of the breed’s standard.


Chow Chows are a wonderful dog breed with strong personalities. They are medium sized dogs that will quickly reach their full growth within just 2 years, and they can become quite large.

Males tend to be slightly bigger than females, but not too noticeably so, and there is only around an inch in height difference between them on average. It is important to note that these dogs can grow to be quite big.

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