Are Chow Chows Arrogant

Are Chow Chows Arrogant?

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Chow chows are wonderfully unique dogs. 

They are an ancient dog breed, dating back at least 2000 years ago. With such esteemed lingerie, it is no wonder that this breed pretends itself as noble. 

In this article, we’re going to assess whether Chow Chows are arrogant, and why they’re labeled as such. 

The Traits of a Chow Chow 

Arguably, it is the generic traits of the breed that give rise to the arrogance claim. These dogs are not social by nature. Many people are surprised by the temperament of this breed. They are usually indifferent to anyone other than the family, including other dogs. These are the opposite of an outgoing, outwardly loving dog. 


Chow Chows are known to be distant. They do not require much affection and do not want excess affection. If they want to cuddle, they do so on their own accord. They prefer their own space and do not appreciate any overbearing behavior. 


This is a breed of dog that values its independence. While you should never leave a dog alone for more than four hours, including Chow Chows, this is a breed that will happily relax while you do your own thing around the house. 


Chow chows are a naturally quiet breed. While they will bark and make noises when they need to, they’re not talkative dogs.

Many people take this to mean that they are disinterested in them. While Chow Chows are not social dogs, and likely are indifferent to most people, their quietness is an inherent trait. 


Surprisingly, another reason Chow Chows are labeled as arrogant is because of their loyal nature. They usually make one main attachment to a family member. The other members of the family are secondary.

They are usually either indifferent towards them, or just overall less attached to them. Due to this, many people think Chow Chows are arrogant because they do not shower people with attention. 

Are These Arrogant Traits? 

In theory, there are not arrogant traits. They’re just the traits of a dog who is biologically prone to be more reserved. The issue can often be with the human’s expectation of the dog.

If you expect a Chow Chow to have the temperament of a Golden Retriever, then you will find Chow Chows arrogant.

Ironically, Chow Chow’s have been compared to cats. This is because like cats, Chow Chows prefer to do their own thing, and like attention on their terms. 

For some dog owners, the Chow Chow is ideal. They’re not needy, they have one primary attachment, they’re very loyal, and they enjoy their independence.

Those who find they are not compatible with needy dogs, often appreciate the aloof nature of the Chow Chow. 

Are Chow Chows Playful? 

Another reason people view Chow Chows as arrogant is that they are not traditionally playful. 

They are not the type of dog that will enjoy catching balls, like most dogs. They’re also not very keen on a rough play, nor running. They do, however, quite like jobs and tasks.

Puppies are usually fairly playful and inquisitive, like any other puppies, but this settles down as they grow older. Again, if you’re expecting a dog that will be overly excitable, and want to please you endlessly — a Chow Chow will appear arrogant to you. 

They have been labeled self-absorbed dogs, only giving time to their primary owner and the family. If you’re used to dogs that lick everyone at a friend’s BBQs, don’t count on the Chow Chow.

They’ll be too busy guarding their primary owner, and the family. For some, this is exactly the type of dog they’re looking for. The reliability and trustworthiness of the Chow Chow are strong. 

If They’re Arrogant, Can They Still Be A Family Dog?

The Chow Chow is an excellent family dog. 

As shown above, they are guard dogs and will keep your family safe. They’re known for sitting outside with the family and keeping watch. When it comes to family time, they won’t usually cuddle you. Instead, they’re more likely to lay by your feet, or near the family. 

As explained, if you expect the Chow Chow to shower your family with affection, then you will be let down. That is not how a Chow Chow expresses love. If you instead view the Chow Chow as showing affection by being a protector, and a guardian, then you will feel very loved. 

A Chow Chow might not be suitable for your family if you have young children, or children, who will not accept the unique nature of a Chow Chow. Children are naturally excitable and love to play and cuddle with dogs.

A Chow Chow might be playful in youth and can have playful moments, but compared to other breeds, such as Labradors, these dogs are much more reserved.

If you have family members and friends who are disappointed by this, then they may consider the dog to be arrogant. 


To conclude, Chow Chows are a noble and intelligent breed. They will guard and protect you with their life. All they ask in return is that you give them space and independence to be themselves.

They can be self-absorbed, and generally do not care for anyone outside the family, but is not a fault. It is just the temperament of the Chow Chow, which can be wonderfully compatible with the right person, or family. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Don’t Chow Chows Show Love? 

Chow Chows do show love, but they do it differently than most dog breeds. They show their love through protecting and guarding their family. They do not like to get close to people outside their families.

Generally speaking, they will show a lot of affection towards one primarily person. In certain cases, they will be indifferent to the rest of the family, or they will just show them less affection. However, they will always guard and protect their whole family. 

Are All Chow Chows Like This?

No, every dog is different. You have to remember that all dogs are genetically predisposed to act out certain behaviors. Chow Chows are aloof as a breed.

That does not mean that every Chow Chow will be the same. Some might be more prone to show affection to the whole family, while others will be more reserved. 

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