What is a Chow dog

What Is A Chow Dog?

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The Chow Chow is the dog world’s dazzling, elegant lion. They are not often gregarious or extroverted dogs. They are wary of strangers and can be violent toward other dogs, yet they are faithful and possessive of their owners.

The Chow Chow is a low-energy dog who can live contentedly in any home, including a condominium or studio. Their exercise requirements will be met by one or two short walks per day.

Chow Chows have a negative reputation for being hostile toward humans, which isn’t entirely true. Early and regular socialization is critical in assisting children in developing the awareness and discrimination required to distinguish between what is a danger and what is ordinary.

Purchase a Chow Chow solely from a breeder who nurtures puppies in the household and exposes them to a variety of people, noises, and situations before they are placed in new homes.

A Chow can be a great family dog if he comes from such a household and remains to be socialized after moving to his new home, particularly with older kids who understand how to treat them with respect.

The Chow is elegant, even stately in its demeanor. It is not extremely expressive, even with its relatives, and is wary of strangers. It is self-sufficient and obstinate.

It is a breed that excels at multiple activities rather than focusing on just one, and its form reflects its capacity to hunt, gather, pull, and defend.

What Does A Chow Dog Look Like?

The chow is a moderately sized dog with a height of 17 to 20 inches and a bodyweight of 50 to 75 pounds (23 to 34 kilograms). The chow is a boxy dog with good posture.  The straight legs lead to a stumbling walk.

Chow chows have upright ears, a large cranium, and a tail that curls up over their back. The blue/black tongue is, obviously, the distinguishing feature.

The chow’s face wrinkles (often covered by hair) give him a scowling appearance. The chow is a powerful, robust dog for its size.

It has two sorts of coats. The coarser or thicker coat is the one we are most acquainted with. Chow chow puppies have a sleek, off-standing coat that gives them a cuddly, teddy bear look.

The silky coat is a shorter version of the smooth coat. A substantial undercoat is present in both coat types. Chow chows are often red or black in hue, however, any solid color is acceptable.

Where Is The Chow Dog From?

The Chow Chow is an East Asian dog breed that was among the first to develop when the dog was domesticated. They are thought to be the inspiration for the marble lion statues that protect Ancient temples.

Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) are the only big carnivores that can flourish in a human-created habitat out of all the animals that have been effectively tamed.

Our overview of the origins of domestication is far from comprehensive, and the origins of domestic dogs’ derivation from grey wolves (Canis lupus) is a source of much disagreement.

Various research comes to differing findings of the geographical origins of dog domestication, with Southern East Asia, Central Asia, and Europe being the most likely candidates.

The Chow Chow, as it is recognized now, is depicted in ceramics and statues from the Han Chinese Dynasty (206 AC to 22 AC); however, other sources claim that it was a far older race that originated in the Arctic Circle and traveled into Mongolia, Siberia, and China.

The Chow Chow arrived in America via England, where it’s been active in China since the end of the 1700s. The seamen returning from the East loaded them into the cabins of the commercial ships.

The Chow Chow was a technical word for the wide range of items carried by these vessels. The word surrounds these canines like a nickname.

Ancient East Asian breeds have significantly more genetic variety than many European breeds that have undergone severe artificial selection over the last 500 years.

It has been proposed that the comparably high variation of domesticated dogs shows that they originated in East Asia approximately 33,000 years ago, accompanied by a global migration of dogs out of southern East Asia approximately 15,000 years ago.

Domestic dog communities arose as a result, with an ancestral slope shifting away from grey wolves.

What Were Chow Chows Bred For?

Early chows fulfilled a variety of functions. They joined their masters on game hunts. Chow chows were appreciated in the field for their power, speed, aiming, and scenting abilities. The canines also served as household watchdogs.

They were employed to herd, pull, and guard cattle and sheep. Thousands of chows might be found in certain Chinese kennels. The chow is depicted as a sports canine in early Chinese Han Dynasty paintings.

Some scholars agree that the chow is the ancestor of Samoyeds, Norwegian elkhounds, Pomeranians, and Keeshonds.

The chow’s fierce will, which is still present in the species today, was highly valued by the dogs’ early Chinese owners. Chows have been known to be aggressive animals such as wolves and leopards while hunting alongside their masters.

It may be challenging to control a chow; early images show a type of leash used to confine the dog while hunting. Chow chows today are still powerful, but they are also affectionate and watchful of their families.

They can be distant and wary of strangers. Chows like to be alone and may be unsuitable for young children whose abrupt motions can scare them.

They are self-sufficient and can be demanding. A Chow is not as anxious to satisfy his master as other varieties, but he is trainable with the right training methods.

How Long Does A Chow Dog Live?

Acknowledging the Chow Chow Dog life duration is vital while looking after these dog breeds if you own one or are considering getting one. We are all aware that these Chow Chow Dogs will not be able to remain with us indefinitely, so it is critical that we grasp the dangers of old age and the life expectancy of Chow Chow.

Genetics, height, and your dog’s overall health are all factors that influence the longevity of a Chow Chow Dog.

According to a US breeding survey, the expected lifespan of a Chow Chow Dog is 13-15 years, with individuals lasting up to four years longer than expected.

What’s A Chow Chow Like To Live With?

Chow chows are loyal to and watchful of their owners. They require a lot of early socialization, particularly contact with children, to become suitable companion animals. Chow chows benefit from training to clarify their place in the household, otherwise, they can become domineering.

Despite the difficulties of instruction, some chow chows participate and perform admirably in training and agility. Grooming differs depending on the fur type.

A rough-coated chow benefits from regular brushing to keep his coat clear of tangles. Smooth-coated dogs only need to be brushed once or twice a week. Since the thick coat can trap dirt and grime, special care should be taken to keep the eyes and facial wrinkles fresh.

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